Five Second Project “Behind The Scenes” Winner

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Honorable Mentions

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  • Hah! The Winner is so clever!!! πŸ˜€
    Congratulations to all, the robo-Nick made me lol! πŸ˜€

  • OOh!

    Thx Nick πŸ˜€

  • I was thinking of doing something like the one by TimmD. Don’t know why I didn’t… Great job TimmD!

    And the winner one is quite brilliant.

    • Man me too… I have a feeling that alot ppl actually had that idea too… i was going to put a gorilla in grey controlling his actions and stuff. I diddnt know how I was going to reveal the gorilla though…owell

  • Killer entries this round!

  • The winner fairly must be the winner and he is πŸ˜€

  • Wow … its really nice to see people pushing their creativity to the maximum. Congrats to everybody

  • Nice idea of the winner and great work of Alex, I like it!!!

  • man great entries…i had to watch to the winner a few times to really take in the concept…really good

  • the winner definitely deserved it. Very clever

  • The entries are wicked good on this one! πŸ˜€

  • I love the first one!! *O*

  • I enjoyed all of these. Great work everyone!

  • Cool stuff… Just love the winner one! great job.

  • You guys absolutely amaze me.. I just started with Cinema 4d not too long ago. I’ve learned alot from Nick.. but watching your guy’s videos make me realize how little I actually know.. Great job everyone.. They all impressed me!!!

  • Great job on picking the winner. Good stuff.

  • Amazing. The 4th one down by Joshua Thorpe – I really like this style of motion graphics, is there a name for this style?

    Im new to animating in c4d and ae but this looks like it could be done in flash so why is it better to do in ae?

  • YEAHHHHHH!!! Thanks to all of you! And thank you, Gorilla!

  • Wow, I’m honored. Congrats Xeppepo! Great work everyone.

  • broadcasting Nick Motion.. best of best

  • thanks nick for the mention! all the entries were great!

  • I dont think this should be the winner but i loved it.
    It also gave me an idea…
    If someone was making videos like the first one It could give a visually idea how to make realistic 3d…

    For example normal map for the wrinkles of the bag. Motion blur is what is missing from the balls, and also white plastic tends to become yellowish after time…

    1 video 2 wins πŸ˜› thanks

  • What it also shows Zizos is that you don’t always have to do things digitally πŸ™‚

    Great entry’s! I love the intro for a program one and the 4th one with “god”. Winner is clever as well. Great inspiration!

  • “TimmD” totally nailed it, HAHA!
    Nevertheless, all animations are awesome!

  • I looove this Horse Ninja Stuff by Niklaus .

  • Yeah,
    this Round was pretty tough.
    A lot of good entries. Think I worked a week on mine…

    congrats to the winner and the mentions!

  • Congrats to all! Great work…

  • Sweet, Nice job by everyone. Need to step my game up, lol. TimmD entry cracked me up.

  • There’s a making of ‘behind the scenes’ (or behind the scenes of behind the scenes if you will) on his blog. It’s kinda cool

  • For me the winner was timmD, sorry Xeppepo yours was very nice but timmD was technically challenging and creative.

  • Maybe next time the callange will be “reality” or “real animation” or “realistic animations”. I hate to death abstract animations.

  • Want to see a “making of” of the robo-Nick!!!

  • Hey nick my idea made the honorable mentions!…well I mean instead of a robot controlled head, there was supposed to be a Gorilla in Grey using strings to control your mouth and stuff and him talking to the mic… Im definataly going to try the next 5 second project!(btw im the guy who tweeted you “@DerrcikPeachey”)..I did try it but I diddnt have the confidence to send it in and it was not complete lol

  • wow, really amazing ideas. xeppepo and timmD

  • …jus’ sayin, Nick looks like a Soul-Singer on the the second thumb from below….
    awesome!! XD

  • gratz:) winner is really great

  • Great bunch, but TimmD made me lol the hardest πŸ™‚

  • Wow… The quality level is off the roof, this competition has become a talent magnet, congratulations everyone!

  • Cool stuff… Just love the winner one! great job

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