What’s New In Cinema 4D 13

August 5, 2011 - By 

Here is a quick tour video of some of the new features in Cinema 4D r13. It’s definitely not comprehensive, but it’s a look at some of the fun things that get excited about the new version. You will see in the video, that it’s the new Physical Renderer that has my heart right now. It’s a very beautiful new way to render GI that is more stable for animation and much more fun to tweak with in the interface with the new Progressive Mode. I will have videos on 13 with way more detail in the near future. But, for now, hopefully this will get you as excited for the new version as I am.

New Physical Renderer

New Sub Surface Scattering

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  • I just tried the new things in C4D R13, thanks for the post Nick!
    The physical renderer is a nice thing thanks to progressive mode which is nice for quick-peeks of how the render looks like, but I have to say the standard renderer gives me better renders in less time (considering really tough time limits). Nevertheless, given some additional time, the new render engine really is a sweet thing especially considering new DoF, motion blur and chromatic aberrations, not to mention steroscopic images (anaglyphs), which I had to do manually with two cameras in previous versions of C4D. Tough deadlines – stay with standard; when got some time and want better looks or quick previews – physical is the way to go!
    Anyways nice video, showed exactly what I was interested in 😉 cheers!

  • hey guys I have specific problem !!! didn’t know where to ask or post on your site …..
    I hope its ok …..
    I’ve downloaded a few animal models from the this website
    from thefree3dmodels.com ….. this one in particular
    most of the animal texture come this way
    I import it etc … then I create a new material etc ….
    when u try to tag it to the model, the texture doesn’t fit properly (like normally dragging it)
    I tried the repositioning it with the texture axis tool … but no luck …. selected the texture tag …> properties –>also tried switching of” tile” and select flat … but also without luck …. I basically ran out of option searching online etc…
    I know theres a way to make the texture work … can u guys help me with that !!
    highly appreciated !!!!

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