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Welcome Chris Schmidt to Greyscalegorilla

September 27, 2011 - By 

It is my honor to announce that Chris Schmidt is now an official contributor to Greyscalegorilla. You can expect more of his great tutorials and training on the site. His enthusiasm for teaching and Cinema 4D always shines though in all his tutorials and I’m so excited to have him be a part of the team. Chris’ deep knowledge of Cinema 4D and fun attitude when teaching will be a great addition to the site. Chris will also help develop new Kits, Products, and Plugins for GSG, giving designers and 3D artists even better tools to make great stuff in Cinema. Please join me in welcoming Chris to the site.

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City Kit Version 1.2 Released Today

September 26, 2011 - By 

We are very excited to announce City Kit Version 1.2 featuring Shape City. Adding a city to any shape is the number one requested feature for the City Kit and we are happy to deliver it in v1.2. This is a free update for existing customers. Existing City Kit customers will get an email with a link to get the new version. Of course, all future customers of the City Kit will automatically get the new version starting today.

So, What’s new in City Kit v1.2?

City Kit 1.2 is updated and optimized for Cinema 4D R13, but of course it still works great with verison 11 and above. It features the new “Shape City” rig which allows you to place a city on any shape creating city-scapes never imagines in real life. v1.2 also features a new “Blue Sky” lighting preset and the new City Shape Presets that are ready-to-render versions of the new City Shape rigs. Some of the new presets can be seen below.

Thanks as always for using and checking out the Greyscalegorilla Kits and Packs. We design these products to help you build Great looking renders in Cinema 4D and to make lighting and modeling more fun and easy for 3D artists.

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“Shape City” Coming soon to City Kit

September 21, 2011 - By 

We are very excited to announce City Kit Version 1.2 featuring Shape City. Adding a city to any shape is the number one requested feature for the City Kit and we are glad to finally have it ready in this upcoming version. This will be a free update if you already own City Kit and should be released early next week. Stay tuned to GSG for the official launch day and video showing all the new features of City Kit 1.2 coming soon.

City Shape Examples

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Cinema 4D R13 Compatibility with Greyscalegorilla Products

September 18, 2011 - By 

I wanted to give you a quick update regarding the transition to Cinema 4D R13 and the Greyscalegorilla Kits and Packs. We have been doing some testing and everything works exactly the same in R13 as in previous versions. Just install the .lib4d file as you would with previous versions and everything will work exactly the same as in previous versions.

HDRI Studio Pack and Physical Renderer
We did encounter one issue with the HDRI Studio Pack in R13 when using the “Seamless Floor” with Physical Render. There is a rendering issue where the shadows disappear. This will be fixed in a free update of the HDRI Studio Pack very soon. Hopefully in the next few weeks. If you are an existing user, keep an eye out on the blog and in your Email inbox for the download to the free update


Finding Hooks: How To Follow Your Obsession Into Creative Work

September 8, 2011 - By 


How Default Folder X Helps Me Find Files

September 6, 2011 - By 

I’ve been asked about the border that surrounds my open and save dialogs when I do my tutorials. It’s called Default Folder X and it saves me so much time and headache when messing with files and figuring out where I save them. Highly recommended.

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Fisheye Camera For Cinema 4D

September 2, 2011 - By 

Andrew of Yratof made a Fisheye Lens rig for cinema 4D for his Candy Skulls Project. Now, he is offering it for download for use in your project. Cool!

Download the Fisheye Lens for Cinema 4D