Cinema 4D R13 Compatibility with Greyscalegorilla Products

September 18, 2011 - By 

I wanted to give you a quick update regarding the transition to Cinema 4D R13 and the Greyscalegorilla Kits and Packs. We have been doing some testing and everything works exactly the same in R13 as in previous versions. Just install the .lib4d file as you would with previous versions and everything will work exactly the same as in previous versions.

HDRI Studio Pack and Physical Renderer
We did encounter one issue with the HDRI Studio Pack in R13 when using the “Seamless Floor” with Physical Render. There is a rendering issue where the shadows disappear. This will be fixed in a free update of the HDRI Studio Pack very soon. Hopefully in the next few weeks. If you are an existing user, keep an eye out on the blog and in your Email inbox for the download to the free update

  • Thanks for the heads up Nick. Greatly appreciated.

  • No excuses for not buying the Light Kit Pro any more?

  • Thx Nick … Same as Miguel, I APPRECIATED

  • Thanx Nick!

  • Hey Nick, i have a question about the new physical GI.

    I think the results combining the “old” GI with physical GI ist much more faster and gives cleaner results with lower settings than the new physical GI alone ..

    Is there any reason not combining those two GIs ?



  • Hey Nick,

    can you please upload your new GSGWindowLayout R13??

    Thank You!!

  • Thank you very much Nick.
    You always help and support us that’s AWSM.
    I’m waiting for your AWSM updates and the new products.

  • does anyone remember when you rotate in r12 you can hold shift and it will rotate in 5 degree, it does not seem to work in r13 is there a setting i have to check to make it work?

    • The usage of Shift key has changed slightly in R13 (have a look at the news section in the docs). It still works for 5 degree increments (and same for movements and sizing), when you press shift _after_ you started the rotation.

  • I tested it with the adjustment of the seamless floor, I wrote you about a few weeks ago. Just put in the diffusion channel an ambient occlusion effect and you’re done I guess. This works with the physical render too….
    Best regards

  • With NVIDA graphics card when I have open GL on it always has blotchy spots on the floor, this has been in there since 11

  • Hey there, just discovered cinema 4D recently, and your website at the same time, very cool stuff, thanks ! My question is, what’s your computer configuration ? I’m planning to change, I like the speed you get when I compare with my cheap laptop ! cheeers

  • ouch !! thanks for the answer, don’t think I get this big boy. Got’a sell a kidney then, thank Gorilla !

    cheers 😉

  • and the spheres is back 😀

  • Hi Nick, i know you said to submit a ticket for help with my missing textures issue; I’m a bit perplexed but at the same time glad to that the textures issue has been resolved, I continue testing so far I can’t recreate it which is a good thing…

    Above is the link to the screen shot of when the texture start happening,

    If I continue to experience errors then I’ll do as you instructed me to do.

    Thanks again for looking out!


  • Nick-You mentioned that you were releasing an update for City Kit that allows city creation on a mesh or object. May I beta test? If not, what’s the timetable? I am in a crunch to do exactly that, and would love to get an update sooner than later.

  • am I the only one who gets extremlely long render times with physical render with simple scenes?? How can I set when the progressive passes should stop?? (I’m not talking about the gsg kit, just general r13 renders)

  • Who’s “we” 😀 ?

    Either way, great stuff man. Really excited to get my hands on R13 with all these compatible features.

  • Plz, remove the bg and have some thing interesting like black background or have a really cool gorilla face,or may be even have just a shiney hdri reflective balls,or just a good looking balls,or have notthing at all, or just a balls…how about a city filled with balls and faces of dead people who were crushed with those shiney looking good balls of gorilla, we will call it “THE GORILLA BALLS”.Why not Platonic??? why always balls?…
    Actually i was comenting on previous post.
    The latest city cit looks amazing.
    Wish i was Gorilla; a hairy one (e=mc2).
    Luv ur tutorials.

  • How many cores doe you have? 24 or something? or 12 with 2nd gen intel

  • Sorry, actually please respond to this post, as I didn’t click “Notify me of follow-up comments via e-mail in the last one.

    Once again, my question is: Is the installation process for CS tools the same in R13 as it is for R12?

  • Hey Nick,

    I bought the HDRI pack yesterday and it’s lovely – thanks! But I have a problem straight out of the box. When I open the GI Animation preset, the seamless floor doesn’t work. I’ve even tried a reinstall.

    As I said, straight out of the box, is there anything I need to change in the compositing tag or anything? Help would be much appreciated 🙂


  • hey Mr nick its me vajayjay. i have issues with cs tools in my cinema 4d r13. the 3d stroke thing doesn’t work the only thing responding to changes in thickness. the offset and other stuff doesn’t respond at all. please do find a solution for this as soon as possible. thank you

  • Light Kit is great. However I keep having issues with banding. In fact I can’t seem to get a render without banding issues. I’m rendering in 32 bit OpenEXR. Has anyone else had this problem?


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