City Kit Version 1.2 Released Today

September 26, 2011 - By 

We are very excited to announce City Kit Version 1.2 featuring Shape City. Adding a city to any shape is the number one requested feature for the City Kit and we are happy to deliver it in v1.2. This is a free update for existing customers. Existing City Kit customers will get an email with a link to get the new version. Of course, all future customers of the City Kit will automatically get the new version starting today.

So, What’s new in City Kit v1.2?

City Kit 1.2 is updated and optimized for Cinema 4D R13, but of course it still works great with verison 11 and above. It features the new “Shape City” rig which allows you to place a city on any shape creating city-scapes never imagines in real life. v1.2 also features a new “Blue Sky” lighting preset and the new City Shape Presets that are ready-to-render versions of the new City Shape rigs. Some of the new presets can be seen below.

Thanks as always for using and checking out the Greyscalegorilla Kits and Packs. We design these products to help you build Great looking renders in Cinema 4D and to make lighting and modeling more fun and easy for 3D artists.

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  • You are doing super cool stuff! I’m a C4D user too and switched from Maya long ago. Really like it…


    HDRI Kit Pro + shape City Kit = Win

  • yaahoooooo! awesome!!

  • Really like the rendering with the simplified buildings. Has a cartoon feel to it. Nick keep up the great work! You are a great guy.

  • Chris Schmidt is a rockstar.

    * throws panties on stage *

  • Great update! I tried putting a city on a letter, but couldn’t figure it out. I wanted the city to be on the top of my text.
    It would be a killer tutorial for the future!

    • Was already thinking about that!

      • That would be cool, I saw someone do something similar on youtube but cannot find the clip/link now

        It works really well with the sound effector.
        I’m going to see if I can get the sound effector or xpresso to animate brightness of window/lights in time to music as well.

  • you are awsumm mann!!

  • Awesome, Nick.
    Great Update.
    Combined with the HDRI Light Kit, that Thing just blows your Mind.

    Greetings from Germany,

  • I love this kit but this is not realistic you know! In this city there is no any grass or tree 😉

  • Mainframe? INCOMING GAME.

  • very cool! but my computer will explode if I try to load this in C4D

  • awesome…great update to a an already impressive product…

  • having trouble getting the tutorial videos to load past the password screen on vimeo. Anyone else?

  • Nick, you’re the man!!!!

  • i don’t know whether to be excited or mad. I’m torn between the two! Now I have a faster way to create a small world, that’s the exciting thing. The mad part is if I don’t use this, now everyone will think I did use the city kit. blast you for making great things! in a sarcastic kinda way!

  • Would it be possible to do a death star type fly through using this kit?

  • Good stuff nick, big fan. Can you apply the city kit to text objects?

  • love it, thanks for this free update…

  • looks really interesting 🙂 this opens a lot of new possibilities!

  • Did you already send out all of the update links for previous costumers? Did not get any ’till now 🙂

    Cheers! Keep it up!

  • Woooo, Looks amazing!

    A quick question, i used an old email address, that doesn’t exist anymore,when buying the city kit, is there a way of swapping email address?

    ive got all the details to prove that i brought it!!!


  • Also did not receive a download link so far…

  • Will this now be included in the Ultimate GSG C4D Bundle currently advertised on your site for $249?

  • Inception….!
    Will i work on animated shapes/surfaces?
    Thnks 🙂

  • will *it* work (instead of “will i work”) 🙂

  • Okay nevermind, i was on my phone and couldn’t see the demo video … looks great 🙂

  • Do you can tell me whats the name of the Intro-Sound?

  • Looks super sweet… will have to check it out 🙂

  • Hey Nick!

    Great update, been looking forward to this.
    Here’s a question:
    Take a look at this bending city Inception thing (which is probably the first thing everybody rendered once they got your kit ;))
    and tell me, can I stop the city building geometry from changing as the bend takes place?
    I assume the kit is calculating downtown buildings and so forth and adapts to the changes in the base mesh (ground mesh) and so scales and changes the building geometry accordingly.
    Problem is that with an example like mine is that I’d like to keep the city intact throughout the animation.
    Does that make sense?
    I think making the city editable would probably help, but would it screw up the xpresso used to keep the buildings attached to the base mesh?

    I know, I’m being a smartass right away 😀 Sorry!

    (As to the animation, it’s a test done on my office machine that lacks Frischluft tools, so be gentle with the depth map ;))

    All the best, mate!

    @ LOMA Graphics Ltd

    • Hi,

      I think I know what is happening. The “Downtown” section of the plugin tells what buildings to be big and small. I think that the placement of that downtown area is causing the changing of the building. Try moving that and turning up random buildings instead. I will do some tests here too. Sorry about the problems.


      • Hey, Nick!

        Thanks for the reply, I appreciate your taking interest in the solution.
        I played around and tried the downtown width/height options and got it to work. Thanks!
        On another issue, though… Sometimes I can’t get the preview or the high poly city visible when I’m using a custom shape. It renders okay, but the viewer stays empty. Ideas?

        Thanks, mate.

        @ LOMA Graphics Ltd

      • Nick,

        Can you be a little more specific about this workaround. I am animating the city around a shape and have run into the same problem where the buidlings keep changing. I’ve messed with the “downtown” settings but to no avail.


  • Demystifying inception : )

  • So cool !!!!

  • Looks Awesome! Minor correction; in the post you say “allows you to place a city on any shape creating city-scapes never IMAGINES in real life”, when it should be “never IMAGINED in real life”. Keep up the great work!

  • Hi Nick,

    I tried to find the tutorials when the City Kit 1.1 just came out. I found 2 tutorials which are “City Kit Demo” and “Tips and Tricks”. However, I remember few months ago I watched more then 2 tutorials about City Kit. Maybe 4 or 5 tutorials and some of them are really talked in depth of how to use it. Do you still have them? If yes Where I can I find it? I really want to watch it again?



    • You bet. There is an HTML file that came with your download of the city kit that had links to all the tutorials and the password. Let me know if you find it.

      • Hi Nick,

        I know you are a very busy people but you reply my post so fast !! Thank you so much. Yes, now I remember where did I see those tutorials.

        I have one question and hope you can help me out here. From the city kit tutorial, I feel that your computer must be a very fast Mac Pro with custom graphic card. Am I right?

        My company gave me a 12 core Mac Pro with a Quadro FX4800 card. For my opinion it supposed to be a good setup. However, when I pull out the city kit I found it is kind of hard to just control the camera or move / rotate the whole city. From the tutorials it seems you can move / rotate or do whatever you want without any hassle.

        I don’t understand where might be the problem, especially in the “city text” rig, it really hard rotate a single inch. Would you be able to tell me where might be the problem or how I can improve my speed? I am very appreciate your kindly help or input.

        This is my computer hardware:

        Mac Pro 12 core with latest OSX
        250G SSD Hard drive with 1TB backup hard drive
        NVIDIA Quadro FX4800
        ATI 5770 HD
        24G RAM

        My computer is currently installed C4D R12

        again, thank you so much, with my best respect

  • Hi, I just wanted to how can i use this city kit in maya. i mean once i created one city in cinema 4d. how to import that in maya 11? is it possible?

  • Hi, I just wanted to know how can i use this city kit in maya. i mean once i created one city in cinema 4d. how to import that in maya 11? is it possible?

  • Is there some sort of kit for a london city?

  • I purchased City Kit last week and have had a chance to play around with it over the last couple of days. I was really happy to find that with a little extra work I was able to add my own buildings to match the character of my scene, bake my cities down to polygons for manual trimming, and figure out the rig controls fairly easily. Great job GSG!

  • I’m trying to add City Kit to my scene. I already have objects scaled to a size I’m happy with. The problem I have is that the city is coming in far too small in relation so my scene. I tried grabbing the city null and scaling it up but the buildings scale up individually. Is there any way I can scale the city up as a whole?

    • This went by without an answer so I’m hoping this will bump it. I’m having the same challenge I had back in October. I have a city built but now I need to scale it down (a lot). How can I go about scaling the entire city up or down?

  • Hey guys,

    just started using the city kit and im not sure if i have done something wrong but when i load up the city shape presets the buildings are on the otherside of the object, ie they dont point up they point down… Does this make sense?



  • Sorry dude but I don’t like the kit much. Well I do like lots of things about it but the rigid grid array kills it for me. Even if I create large tiles of buildings by hand, and use the kit to clone those my eye is drawn straight to the grid pattern. And to be honest that’s easy to do without the kit.

    These limitations are easy to see after viewing the videos tuts but you don’t get to see those until after purchase.

    Paul Everett did some nice work on CityGen 2 but I think it has been abandoned
    Esri City Engine is cool but the basic version does not support instancing and the advanced version is aimed at the GIS market and is far too expensive for visuals.

    Your site is top notch & all the training you provide easily covers the cost of the kit – so hopefully no hard feelings.

    • Thanks for the feedback, Brian. We are trying to make the City Kit better with every release. We hope to make more random cities that aren’t on a grid in future versions. Let me know if you want a refund. I want my customers to be 100% happy.

      • Thanks for your generous offer.

        As I said, I don’t feel out of pocket as what you do is such a valuable resource for people who use Cinema 4D. Whilst the kit is not very useful for me right now I’m sure it will evolve & I’m pleased that you are working on making the plugin produce more organic results.
        I knew before purchase that your products are more broadcast centric than for visualisation etc but was kind of desperate as CityEngine is generating too much data for Cinema to handle well.

        Best regards

  • I want this! … however render time is a consideration.
    What computer (size) are you using, since your images render so quickly. I have a dual core (purchased maxed out), and at school we have a quad cores – still the renders are lengthy. Any advice for the best value for power rendering?

  • Simon Spencer-Harvey March 29, 2012 at 6:58 am

    Hi Nick

    Thought you would find this interesting from a developer point of view:
    Your kit is way cooler though

    If you ever develop a 1.3 version I have a small wish list:
    -Some short of simple street texture, perhaps park/green are for larger gaps
    -More control on style of buildings even if only a limited selection of presets (traditional building, scifi, etc)
    -More control over city grid (
    -Animated traffic procedural material or even better a xref emitter where cars/trucks that follow paths and can be swapped from xref proxy to actual model if required



  • Has anyone tried using the GSG City pack to create a tron, mirror’s-edge or a pixel-art-style version?

  • I made this with city kit v1, but didnt really know where to post it on your site…would be great if you could check it out..

    Thanks, love your work Nick!

  • Is it possible to have the city on color, like white? But also have the lights on all buildings? How would I do this?

    Thanks in advance. Great Plugin!

  • You really make it seem so easy with your presentation but I to find this topic to be actually one thing which I feel I would never understand. It seems too complicated and extremely broad for me. I’m taking a look ahead in your next publish, I will attempt to get the hold of it!

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