How Default Folder X Helps Me Find Files

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I’ve been asked about the border that surrounds my open and save dialogs when I do my tutorials. It’s called Default Folder X and it saves me so much time and headache when messing with files and figuring out where I save them. Highly recommended.

Learn More About Default Folder X

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  • It saves a lot of time for those who use multiple folders with over a zillion of archives over the computer – Like me.

  • Thanks again for the link. I’ve been a fan ever since.

  • Cool, to bad is not for Windows to. Do you know any alternative for this that works on Windows?

  • I’ll try it!! thanks for the recommendation

  • Thank you Nick. Amazing Plugin.

  • Default Folder rocks- it’s a requirement on all my machines.

    Very annoying to work without it, mac or PC.

  • Has anyone used this with files saved on a server?

  • another one, a work friend suggested after i sent this around. Great find Nick..

  • the function is awesome, but it really looks like shit! they should update the looks and im sold..

  • Interesting app, thanks for that. I normally just drop the folder I’m using in the PLACES column under DEVIES on the left.

  • Thanks for the tip, I tried it today at work and really speeds up the workflow, the hotkey to a project folder is awesome, thanks again.

  • Nice. But Lion has it built in. So why pay you know.

  • Is it available on Lion? What is it called exactly? And where can i find more info?

    • On Lion you have “All My Files”. Where your recent files appear. Ok, no “favorites”. Big deal. I only use recent files anyway (as Nick does by the way).

  • Pretty stupid people at Apple and Adobe, don’t you think?

  • Any good app like this one for Windows?

  • I used this thing couple of months, and found a lot of good functions what i wanted long time in Finder. It’s very helpful in Cinema and Illustrator.

  • Hey Nick 😉

    At first your products are amazing and you are a god of 3d animations 🙂

    I have a question, can you tell me or do a tutorial for all how i can make an animation like transformers. I mean the transform part.

    Okay thanks you for the answer and keep on animating 😉

  • Really usefull! I always thought about the time I spend searching files but never wondered that a software like this exists. I’ll get it for home, but at work we use Windows. DOes anybody know some software similar for WIndows????

  • Been using this back in the ‘classic’ OS days. Real time saver. You can also send stuff to the trash from open/save dialogue boxes, very handy for print work say if you need to convert an RGB jpeg to CMYK tif, you can delete superflous files without having to dig through lots of finder windows. Very useful on a big server.

  • Great App. As a freelancer i work at different agencies and for this you can save different sets for your favs (like in the osx network system preferences “Locations”) for different agencies!

  • Forgive my lack of excitement at Default Folder X…..something called R13 is a bit more interesting right now 😀

  • Interesting! There needs to be a Windows alternative 🙂

  • Hi Nick

    Great tip on Deafult Folder X.
    Now, that flame icon in your menubar, whats that??


  • there is recent files or recent places in Windows 7/ Vista

    you can also add your favorite folder as a shortcut

    so is pretty much the same, and is built into windows…

  • Idk about you guys, but mac osx has recent Folders built in… it’s faster, too!

    google it!

  • Hey, gorilla, your webpage layout is displayed incorrectly on the newest version of opera. Don’t know what exactly is wrong, everythings used to be fine before.

  • Funny thing…I actually freeze framed one of your tutorials to see what it was. Once I found it, I bought it and it is awesome.

    The main thing I use it for is the hot keys to automatically open finder to the exact folder that I usually navigate to the most. what a life saver. I highly recommend checking out the HOT KEYS!

  • Hi Nick

    thanks very much for this amazing piece of software. :0)

  • Sounds nice. OSX Lion partly solves this problem by having added an option in the Finder’s Favorites called “All My Files”, being first on top by default (over the drives and other things.
    That acts like a folder with all your recent files in there, that you can either open directly or open their Enclosing folders.

  • been using default folder x since the OS9 days; it’s great. to everyone saying that the stuff built into Mac OS X and Windows is the same as default folder x, sorry, but you’re wrong. DFX does loads of stuff that mac os x/windows don’t/can’t do. but yeah, if you have a mac, go buy default folder x 😉

  • It doesn’t work with Nuke.

  • I totally missed this thread. Default Folder is one of the first things that gets installed before I work on a project.

    I have been adamantly against 3rd party system that augments the native OS. They usually hog RAM/CPU unnecessarily and in the end take away more than they give.

    DefaultFolder is one of the very few programs that I have found to co-exist with OSX. I’ve been using it for the last 3 years.

  • Hi all

    I recently came across a post in someones blog, might have been video copilot, grescalegorilla or who knows…

    Anyway it had a download for the set of folders structured and named to keep you projects, anyone know where I can find that post with the download


  • Nice Tip, Nick! But what really bothers me, are the black boxes keep appearing as soon as you klick outside the saving or importing box. Any chance to change that? It is very annoying and doesn’t make any sense at all.


  • Neil Hinrichsen July 11, 2013 at 9:15 am

    For all the people wanting something like this for Windows:

    Auto Dialogues is brilliant!


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