3D Lighting And Render Challenge: iPhone 4S

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I saw the new intro for the iPhone 4S and I thought it would be fun to try to recreate it. Then, I thought it would be even more fun if we ALL tried to recreate it. So, with that in mind, I invite you to join the first Greyscalegorilla Lighting And Render Challenge.

How Do I Enter?
Watch the first 11 seconds of this apple iPhone video and try to recreate the animation as close as you can. Try to be as pixel perfect as possible. The lighting, the reflections, the animation, everything should be as close as possible to the original. Upload your video and submit the link in the comments. Then, get ready for critique. Everyone is welcome and expected to give good critique to animations posted in the comments. Critique is based on how close to the original you get. Helpful constructive criticism only. You don’t have to pander, but don’t be rude.

Copy Stuff? Really Nick?
Absolutely. Of course, this isn’t for your reel or anything. Consider it a homework assignment. I have always learned a ton when I try to recreate somebody else’s work exactly. Especially lighting techniques. It’s why many of the tutorials here are based on existing work. I find it challenging and I always learn so much in the process. I think you will too.

But, I Can’t Model
Don’t worry, I can’t either. You don’t have to model the iPhone from scratch, though you can if you want. Feel free to download the iPhone 4 model Here as a starting point and alter the model or its textures as much as you need to to make it look as close to the original as possible.

Are there More Rules?
Not really. Just try to make it as pixel perfect as possible. If you are an iPhone user, it could also be fun to use your own home screen in the render. There are no official winners or deadline for this. It’s just a good excuse to try something new. I will be working on my version as well and hope to make a post about my solution eventually. In the mean time, good luck and have fun! Can’t wait to see your renders.

Watch The Original Video (first 11 seconds)

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  • Thats freaking awesome!

  • Anybody interested on posting his/her scene files for learning purposes? that would be great!

  • when i render its says texture error how do i fix it

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