Vintage Film For Looks is Now Only $69

October 21, 2011 - By 

Yep, if you have ever thought about ever getting my Vintage film for Looks, now is the time. It’s now only $69 down from it’s original price of $99. What’s more, you can now get ALL 17 of the guru presets from Red Giant for only $499. This includes Vintage Film For Looks and tons of other hand made presets, templates, looks, and training from industry-leading designers with decades of experience.

We are talking about really REAL designers here. Not just a nerd with a blog like me. Great artists like Harry Frank, Stu Maschwitz and Nando Costa have Packs that are included in the Guru Bundle.

What is Nick Campbell’s Vintage Film For Looks?
Red Giant asked me to create a set of looks for their Magic Bullet Looks, Quick looks and Photo looks. I have been creating different color corrected looks for photos, video and iphone apps for years, than they thought it may be a good idea to share all of those looks with you with a full set of presets that you could use in your projects. So, I did. Now, I use it all the time. Here are a few videos of it in action.

Every Filter From Vintage Film For Looks

Color Correcting 3D Renders

How to Color Correct Your Footage Using Vintage Film for Looks

Recent Video I Made Using Vintage Film For Looks

Learn more about Vintage Film For Looks

Learn More About The Guru Suite

  • Damn, that House text at ~4:30 in the color correction video is sexy.

    Anyone know how to do it in Sony Vegas/Photoshop? :/

    Great stuff Nick.

    • Reduce the contrast, lift the blacks a bit, tint them slightly blue. Then add a green adjustment layer/color solid over your footage in screen/add/overlay mode depending on what looks better and turn the visibility way down. Do the same for the orange shine, mask the layers with a soft edge where your want them to be. Finally add a vignette et voilá!

      @Topic: Really like that last example video. It really catches emotions and there is some beautiful lighting going on!

    • still a bit on the pricey side for me dude. Seeing as you can do all this crap in after effects and photoshop anyways. Get good. Fast

  • Mmmmmhmmm Andrew Bird. Good choice, sir.

  • “Related videos: F*uck you pay me!” <— made me lol

  • Hey nick! What camera did you use shooting that last movie?

  • Holland is amazing, isn’t it? I was there for Labor Day Weekend; moving back to Michigan after 7 months in the Chi.

  • Jean-Seb (French) October 23, 2011 at 2:46 pm


    Je trouve toujours vos films très bien tournés et très bien montés. L’effet vintage y ajoute une touche de poésie vraiment sympa.

    Bravo et merci.

  • Dude, it’s like you’ve got the perfect life! Very nice video, awesome soundtrack… bravo.

  • Fuck yeah Jimmy John’s that’s some Midwest Shit!

  • Is that a Vw Golf?:) Nice video btw.:)

  • I love that you got your CCs into looks
    But I have to admit that I would also love to see your modern side of you Nick.

    Im pretty sure you would come up with some cools looks for modern videos.

  • Hey Nick , i want to ask you , how do you make those Plugins ??

  • Hey Nick,
    My name is Tyrone I followed quite a few of your videos and was very impressed. I recently started a independent record after I returned from duty from Iraq. I would like to discuss having you work with me on some projects I have for my artists. If your available can you contact me to discuss more details about the projects I’m trying to put together.


  • Awesome…. really nice looks here Nick, I’m sold.
    Also just wondering what font you used on the SPIN word in you video… ?

  • wow – really like the vintage tones in this video

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