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After Effects is a professional tool by any measure, but it is designed for a broad user base. So an artist who plans to push it hard will want to tune the application accordingly. Here’s what I do to a default installation of After Effects to prepare it for my special kind of abuse. – Stu Maschwitz at Prolost

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  • what with the cliff hanger…..Also do you know Cesar from “rise of the planet of the apes “?

  • No cliff hanger, click on “Stu Maschwitz at Prolost” Get your AE pimp hand strong!

  • “After Effects is a professional tool by any measure”

    of course anyone waited for some negative replies on that topic, but let me say you guys one thing: Ae is shit to the bone, even more if you get used to it.

    Product managers had a tough time at Adobe and they’ll ever will have. Why? Because they measure an application only by sales metrics and not what the user really needs.

    I do not believe that ANY of the programmers nor any mofacker at Adobe are using their applications for real, in their 24/7 packed Adobe business life, so how would they ever be able to judge about the quality of the products they sell every f+++ day in their sad office life?

    Explain that!?

    I believe those guys are on drugs, seriously and some of them are terribly addicted to the f+++ed up iPad and Tablet devices.
    Man i tell ya, i’m glad that Adobe and Apple will fade away in the close future. They are to nasty

    • You sound very angry about nothing. I use After Effects every day on big projects and it’s awesome. There are definitely things I’d add or change, but overall it’s pretty good.

    • No, he just sounds young. Hahahaha.
      But thats about all the time I have. I gotta get back to my “Shit to the bone” piece of software that makes me good money.

  • Thanks for the post – I am definitely looking forward to incorporating After Effects into my videos…

  • Hello,

    thank you GSG – u are my god!!! And to the lil boy that called Ae i shit to the bone prog – why you don’t get back to celluloid and make ur specialFX analogue? Maybe AE is not the best programm but the difference between the programms are so little relative to programms 10 or 20 years ago – who cares? And like our Photograph teacher always said: its not about the tools – its about your talent/knowledge/whateva! Maybe he can make a better Photography with a cardbox than u with your canon 5d Mrk II SpecialEdition F/0.3 ?!?

    MUCH LOVE! Don#t be hatin 😉

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