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I will be a guest on Red Giant TV Live Tuesday, November 22nd talking with Harry Frank, Aharon Rabinowitz and Red Giant co-founder, Andrew Little about doing your best work, minimizing repetitive tasks, and making things you love.

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Watch Live at 10AM EST

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  • i love the new layout!
    Anyways, Nov 22nd is my birthday 🙂
    I’ll consider this a present.

  • honest opinion nick, the site looks cleaner but a little too much like other sites, i enjoyed the older one because it had the greyscalegorilla repeated and the color scheme was much more iconic, now this kinda blends in with a lot of other sites. again on the plus looks like a more simplistic and cleaner slate but i’m not sure if i like, sorry, maybe it’ll take a while to sink in.

  • Hi Nick,

    I dig the new lay-out! Though, I noticed some of the typography is very hard to read on your product banners. The HDRI Studio kit torus for example. Maybe have a look at that :).



  • Hi Nick, I also don’t understand what happened here. It was much more clear before, and much more you.
    Tastes and colors…

    See ya

  • yeah me too on the new layout …. the change is good only the fact that its too bright… the dark one is better for the eyes..all with much love ( :

  • +1

    Dear Nick,
    Please return to the DarkSide. My eyes hurt.
    *reaches for shades*
    Many thanks 😉

  • i really prefer the old layout, i mean, the older layout was one of my favourites layouts out there, i remember my firsts webdesign exercices on school i used to be inspired by the old layout and create something closed to it, this one, looks ok, but it just look like the 10000 blogs out there, is too normal, yesterday i got sad when i came here and saw that you were changing the layout, i didnt like the change… anyways i will be here present everyday to check the news and follow your work.

  • i like this new layout , i have been waited for long time . very clean ,nice job !

  • “honest opinion nick, the site looks cleaner but a little too much like other sites, i enjoyed the older one because it had the greyscalegorilla repeated and the color scheme was much more iconic”

    I agree with this.

    For a split second I thought the CSS file hadn’t fully loaded when I hit the new site, so I quickly emptied my cache, but then I realized it was intentional! Nothing wrong with change, but the new design looks like a straight ahead blog… and strips out some of the bold and iconic things that made the GSG look so memorable.

    I remember when I hit the GSG site for the first time a long time ago, I thought ‘this is definitely something worth checking out’ – it made an immediate impression on me. I don’t feel that way about the new look – – it looks a lot like everything else. That sort of a generic look is fine for sites that don’t really offer anything new, or need to skew conventional/highly professional – but GSG is a one-of-a-kind site, so it needs a one-of-a-kind look.

    The original ‘Greyscale Gorilla Classic’ site design really reflected the fun, creative, energetic and artistic side of Nick’s personality. The sense of a hip indie guy….with a bit of a DIY feel. All of that while still being utilitarian, highly navigable, and professional.

    The new site looks, well… sort of lazy because it feels like a generic wordpress template. Something that you might slap on any old site. It makes the impression that the site and content are generic. “Generic Blah” is the last thing I think of when I think of GSG.

    On a design note; the old site did a great job with EMPHASIS; large bold text for COMMENTS, inviting you to participate, and large GSG/GSG repeated on two lines for the full-width site banner. Clear sharp text against a dark background. The new site lets all these things get rendered more/less with the same weight (Comments, Tags, etc) and the sense of clarity, and direction are lost. No focal points.

    I’m sure this will all get worked out ! Just don’t forget what makes GSG unique….. and not like everything else.

    All with love –

  • Hey Nick you’ve probably covered a small segment on this before but considering your music background and sound engineering background, is there any possibility you might do a dedicated video presentation on sound effects or dynamic sound in your animations in the near future, i read somewhere that bad special effects with really good dynamic sound is much more forgiving than having really good special effects with bad sound that doesn’t sync up very well with your animations.

  • I like the new site, but i have to say i do miss the old one. I kinda became so familure with it over the time. suppose iyl get used to the new one eventually :P. Ahhh nostalgia.

  • nick, i was looking for the red giant live show, but it seems it is at 10 am PST.

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