Pinball Glow: New Tutorial Coming Soon

November 3, 2011 - By 

I loved this splash screen over at so I decided to have a go at it. I had the hardest time with that internal glow feel of their text. It’s almost like there is ambient occlusion from within the inside of the type. Anyway, mine isn’t perfect, but I like the result. I’ll have the tutorial up soon about how I made this one. I love trying out little projects like these. Why not give it a try on your own before my version comes out.

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  • Looks interesting! I can wait to see it.

  • Let me guess ? Luminant object inside blurry transparent outer object ?

  • Wow that looks interesting I’m gonna try it even though I have no idea how its done.

  • We made an object with luminance inside of another outer object to create the effect. We also made an entire rig of lights pointed outward. Thanks for the Love.

  • WOOOW Great effect i can’t waite it … stay in touch nick 🙂

  • Looks like a good one Nick!…bring it on!!

  • indeed, the original holds such a nice presence, dig the tinkering to figure it out 🙂

  • Are you making the still or the whole animation as it is on Nylon website?

  • 2 Text Splines, extruded. Outer Text has large fillet caps, and transparency with refraction. Inner Text has luminance.

  • i’m trying, i’m trying… it’s hard :=)

  • This is a beautiful looking effect. definitely some nice design porn

  • Thank you so much Nick. Nylon has the same aesthetic, and I have always been jealous of how good it looked and couldn’t pull it off

  • Nice. Nick, I think your version needs more of that subsurface scattering look in the middle. Like he mentioned above, it looks like a semi-transparent object with an identical frosted, subsurface scatter object in the inside of it. LOVE that look though, I’ve tried to emulate a similar look before. Can’t remember what I did, though.

  • I saw that you posted the splash screen on Twitter yesterday Nick. So I also took a shot at it. But with the latest tips in the comments I kinda like where mine is going to. It’s not perfect yet. So I can’t wait for the tutorial for those little tips that really finish it.

    Here’s my attempt.

  • Hey Nick
    Just linked to the site and am intrigued by the ‘Who are you’ spot, using soft flowing ink spreads. Any idea whether this is AE or partly 3D and AE. I have a fondness for this type of gfx because the textures make it look so rich but havent a clue how it might have been created. Bryan…?

  • this effect is very nice and impacting

  • Hey Nick, Looking forward to it. Sure it will be terrific as usual.

  • Nice yaa..r cool lighting

  • Wow looks like pretty awesome.

  • WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • my attempt :

    excited to watch the tutorial to see how its realy done!

  • @TheOracle That’s copyright infringement. You DO NOT have the rights to use that soundtrack. That was custom and paid for by us. Please take that project down. Thank You.

  • Looks nice! I think this effect can also be achieved by using a backlight shader on the outer object, and using lights inside to lit it from behind? Then same object over it with some refraction etc… Dunno, just spreading some thoughts 🙂


  • Hi Nick, what I really realy want to see is “How to model a car” tutorial from you :o)
    Love all your work!

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