Threadless Fuzzy Type using Cinema 4D Hair

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Mig asked me to render some fuzzy type for a Threadless page he was working on. Of course, I said yes. I rendered out the type in Cinema 4D using the Hair module. Then, he colored it and made it work with the design. It was hard to keep the Threadless logo readable and still fuzzy looking. But, I think it turned out pretty well. Mostly because of the great design work of from Mig.

Here are some renders and a few screen shots from the project.

See the final design on Threadless

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  • Will we ever be getting that new hair tutorial you mentioned a couple of months back?

    • If you are a member over at Cineversity they have a VERY long series on hair that just came out. Really lets you know the ins and outs. I even learned quite a bit from the series and I am quite fluent in hair to begin with. Patrick Goski does a excellent job going through the core of the hair module. Gotta say I am enjoying that membership and it wouldn’t be available for that cheap @ss price unless I dropped by here and snagged it for the 99.

    • nick,
      i am also waiting on that hair type tutorial!!!!!!!

  • Brilliant, like always! 😀

  • great renders…looks great in the final comp

  • Why is it that every time I use hair it comes out clumpy? I have bold spots that I can’t get covered. I followed an earlier tutorial on using hair but I never get nice even coverage like this.

    Anyone have an idea on how to get this great results?

    • The problem is that the hair is set to grow on the “verts” of whatever you are adding it to. I am willing to bet you are extruding a text off a spline or creating a polygon object from motext. When doing this the text won’t have any verts in the faces. You can either set the mode to quadrangles in the motext or extrude settings. But if you want equally spaced hair you need to set the root in the hair object to “polygon area” and not “polygon vertex” which is the default. This will solve your problems with bald patches….

      • Thank you so much. I know I’ve tried quadrangles with a little success but still didn’t look as good as this. I’ll work on your other suggestions and see if I can’t get it all figured out.

    • I am having the same problem. It look fine in the viewport render. But when I render to file it is all weird, bald and clumpy.

  • Very nice. The Threadless logo makes me think that rendering out type in a Christmas tinsel style would be way workable.

  • Great work! …I love all things threadless and it’s neat to see you collaborating with them, seeing as I was just turned on to your site 🙂

  • I like your work! It’s seem’s hard to do something cool and readable. Could you teach us how to hair? 🙂

  • Would be nice to see a tutorial on this!

  • Hi,
    i try to make this without tutorial.
    Some kind a test for me, i make like that type effect with Nick’s perfect teaching and guiding 🙂
    Thank you Nick.

  • Tuesday came and went where’s Chris?

  • Hair tutorial from Nick would be super!

  • This looks really great! Would be nice to see a tutorial on this!
    Been messing around with hair (especially hair animation) bit always end up with problems. And I cant really afford Cineversity at The moment.

  • Fuzzy hair tutorial please!

  • reminds me a lot of the colors that Rob Redman of Pariah Studios used in his hair tutorial =)

  • WOW, this is Amazing.
    i think hair was always my problem….

  • Tutorial? This is awesome!


  • People show as the text, hairy

  • People show as the text, hairy?

  • Do a tutorial with this, pls.

  • My text keeps rendering in clumps/patches. I’ve set the mode to quadrangles and “polygon area” and not “polygon vertex” but it’s still balding in places?? Amy help greatly appreciated.

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