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Cinema 4D and AE Animated GIF Tests

December 26, 2011 - By 

Chuck Anderson posted this site called DVDP in his twitter feed and I have been obsessed with it all weekend. I have been learning how to make things loop properly in Cinema 4D and how to make Animated GIFs using Photoshop. It’s been pretty fun.

I love the short turnaround time for something like this. Not a huge project or big render times. Just a way to try something fun and make it cool with as few frames as possible. I hope to do more soon.

Watch OrangeCubes GIF

Watch Puffy Sphere GIF


Cinema 4D Holiday Tutorial Round-Up

December 22, 2011 - By 

Happy Holidays everyone. Things have been slow around the Greyscalegorilla office lately. Like many, we are preparing for holidays and enjoying friends and family. I hope you are doing the same. But, I figured I would put this list of holiday related tutorials and downloads together for when you just need a break from all the food, family and holiday action.

Happy Holidays from Greyscalegorilla!
Keep learning and having fun!

Holiday Tutorials

How To Make a Candy Cane Text Animation In Cinema 4D

Free Cinema Models: Holiday Pack

How to make Snow in C4D

Make a Black Friday Door Buster Ad using Cinema 4D and After Effects

How to Create Christmas Tree With Cinema 4D

Use Bodypaint and Cinema 4D To Make A Unique Snowflake Texture

Create a Christmas Tree with Xpresso

Magic Snow Plugin


My Favorite After Effects Plugins From Red Giant

December 13, 2011 - By 

Here is a list of some of some of my favorite software from Red Giant and how I use it in my work.

Trapcode Suite 11

It’s everything Trapcode. If you work in After Effects, it’s the first plugin set you should get. The developer is also a pinball fan and a great guy. So, there is that, too.
Learn More About Trapcode Suite

Trapcode Particular

If you can’t get entire Trapcode Suite, then get this one. It’s my most used Trapcode Plugin. I used it for the snow from yesterday’s tutorial and used in many of my After Effects presets.
Learn More about Particular

Vintage Film for Looks

I made this one. It’s a collection of Vintage Film looks for use with AE,Photoshop and more. I’m pretty proud of it. (Requires Red Giant’s Looks)
Learn More About Vintage Film for Looks

Guru Suite

Of course I would be honored if you got my Vintage Film for looks, but there is also a Guru suite that includes my pack and packs from artists like Nando Costa, Harry Frank, and Stu Maschwitz that you should take a look at. It includes hundreds of templates, presets, and scenes from real motion designers and artists.
Learn More About Guru Suite

Also, check out my post from last year with more examples and videos.