Cinema 4D and AE Animated GIF Tests

December 26, 2011 - By 

Chuck Anderson posted this site called DVDP in his twitter feed and I have been obsessed with it all weekend. I have been learning how to make things loop properly in Cinema 4D and how to make Animated GIFs using Photoshop. It’s been pretty fun.

I love the short turnaround time for something like this. Not a huge project or big render times. Just a way to try something fun and make it cool with as few frames as possible. I hope to do more soon.

Watch OrangeCubes GIF

Watch Puffy Sphere GIF

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  • Fun ! 🙂
    I love your tuts !

  • Very confusing – I want to do that to 😉

  • Guys I have a question. How can I render with this kind of good quality,animation?I want to make animated banner for my web site, but when I render in GIF it renders with bad quality.Is there any options to render it in good quality with After Effects?or maybe I have to render it with other format, like SWF?Tell me please.

  • ive been obsessed with gifs since i got gif shop on my iphone, pretty cool to see them in c4d too!

  • Tell me – why videocopilot with no updates for month have so many views and coments, and so great GSG on the contrary. Please Nick keep goin, and happy holidays!

  • I too have been obsessed with cinemagraphs for the past while. Strange that you posted your gifs, as I have been playing around with the same thing lately.
    There are some very inspiring examples at
    Keep up the great work!

  • Hey Nick,

    could you tell us something about the secrets of properly looping in C4D?
    Would be very interesting, since looping infos are very rar in the tut-scene.

    • Loop to round numbers,

      say 36 frames and you are animating through 360 degrees?
      – each frame would be 10 degrees, so you would only render out to 35th frame (350 degrees at the keyframe) and it will loop properly.

      – or in other words, have the animation complete 1 frame after your last rendered frame.

      Also use linear key frames.

  • Awesome Nick!
    Expecting a good tutorial, keep it up man.

  • Nick, could you make a tutorial for this? Its very interesting and i would love to see your workflow!

  • Wheare is tutorials ? 🙁

  • Rockin’ the animated GIF’s like it’s 1995! Bout to throw on some Kriss Kross.

  • Must be an Xpresso thing?? (the looping)

  • I see a CGI forum full headache inducing avatars on the horizon.

  • i agree, these loops are pretty fun to do… especially to make it really seamless.
    if you like, check out some anims i came up a last year (…eye-cancer guaranteed):
    menger madness
    smooth donut
    inside out

  • Fantastic Nick.

    DVDP is a very clever dude. I stumbled upon some GIF’s created by Iain Acton the other day. Some of them are Cinema 4D I think.

  • My first try:
    A little bit strange…any advice?

  • Greetings GSG, 1 question, where is the Learning Links section from the old site sidebar?

  • plisss make a tutorial of thiss nick, when i see, the first thing that came out of my mind is thatt cinemagraph is the future of photograph,dont you think?

  • Now i will wait for the tutorial about this to come up 😛

  • Very nice inspiration guys even though it’s not good for epileptics 😛 . Have tried to do it my self and I think I was successful. Thanks 🙂


    Your demos are subliminal messages.

    I found myself logging on to your product page and reaching for my credit card 🙂

  • Hello, i,m having problems uploading this gifs to web…after made my own one i tried to upload to my tumblr that i know that have support for gifs…No matter what i tried the animation doesn,t display only the first frame.i thought i was doing something wrong in my process of creation, so i decided to upload one of your gifs to my tumblr only to test…well the gift ddidn,t move….had anyone the same problem?
    I tried with safari and chrome,no lucky.

    • Rather than uploading it, You can test to see if your animated gif works by simply opening it with a browser (right click, open with). If that doesn’t work, you may have missed a step in photoshop.
      Best, Steve

  • This is my gif, work in this web but still don,t be able to upload to tumblr…weird

  • exellent compoition. Fantastic work

  • Solved…Tumblr doesn,t permit to reproduce gif with more than 500 Kb…i made a small one and it , what a jorney…;)

  • looks sexy. hope we hear more from you experience with this in the coming days or week

  • My 13th try:
    Can someone tell me something about color reduction in C4D and AE? I always get this grainy shit! My AE CS4 offers only Millions of Colors for animated gifs.
    Look at this:
    The gifs are using only 256 colors but it doesnt looks like 256 colors.
    c u all

    • try to compile the animated gif in photoshop, because there are tons of options to get the look you want. make sure to load in the full 24bpp sequence beforehand, adjust the framrate/looping etc. and then head over to the “Save for Web & Devices” dialogue. Max out “Dither” with “Diffusion” selected, uncheck transparency & interlaced, matte to none, color = 256 ofc, Lossy = 0 and Web Snap = 0.
      Hope it helps =)

    • Looks like you have too many colors to begin with. Try simplifying and getting rid of gradients.

  • Oh, thank you Sir!

    I will give it a try later. You saved my life. Like in the 90’ties, now I can’t live anymore without some animated gifs. It’s to boring without them.

    c u stevie

    • Comment:
      Do not forget to choose the right channel settings in C4D or Photopot…otherwise “Save for Web…” is grayed out!


  • matière dégradé
    interpolation Sans
    Cycle à programmer sur la ligne temporelle

    bonne journée

  • Try 24 rendered with Photoshop:
    Better but not perfect ;-);-);-);-);-);-);-);-);-);.
    Question A)
    Does somone knows some kind of golden rules for choosing the right frame rate?
    DVPD uses diffent frame rates for different motives. I would believe it could have to do with some sophisticated algorithm thinking.
    Question B)
    Is there anybody out there who can tell us how to loop fluffy pyrocluster or TP clouds on/in a sky object material? I’m not afraid of Xpresso.

    c u guys I love you all.

    • You would be safe working in the standard frame rate (30fps) within C4D, then when you composite in AE, you can cut than in half. Cartoon/Animation standards used to be 12 and 15fps. You would generally be safe using one of those.

  • Nice ! , .here is another cool giff blog

  • WHAT THE HELL! I was making something JUST LIKE THIS with stripes right before you made this.

    Damnit. Good tut anyway…

  • LIKE Till tomorow 😀

  • Animated gifs…. don’t forget my old site 😉

  • Please nick can you do a tutorial on how to make a animated gif in c4d. Thanx

  • I Am Not Getting Save For Web Option in C4d V12 So I Can’t save it As .GIF Please Help

  • Can we get TUT of this one?

  • Good morning everyone,

    I love these black n white gifs and loving C4D.

    Are there any tutorials to do the same gifs.

    Kind regards

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