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I answered a few questions about how I make stuff from a student named Dale Williams for a school project of his and I thought I would share some of the answers here on the blog.

How would you describe the type of work that you produce?

I try to make stuff that I find interesting. I often see great work from others and ask, “How did they do that?” Then, I sit down and try to figure out my version of it. Other times, I set simple and strong limitations for myself and try to work under those rules. I love the process of things.

What methods and processes did you use to complete your work?

Trial and Error. I take an educated guess on how something is done and I give that a try. If that doesn’t work, I tinker and play or search Google for an answer if I get stuck.

What or who influenced you?

MK12 is who got me interested in Motion Design. But, it’s Thomas Edison and Buckminster Fuller type characters I really admire. I’m usually influenced by other people that love the work they do and are willing to talk about it and share what they learned. People that share a bit of “Behind the Scenes” are way more interesting to me than “artists” that try to make you think that all this stuff is mysterious. I also work well with strict rules, simple ideas, fun, and short deadlines.

What are your aims and intentions when creating your work?

To have fun and to share the results and process with others who want to learn. I pick apart things and build stuff because I like doing it. Then, when I think I figured some of it out, I flip on the camera and try to record it so others can learn too. I learned many of the things I know because other people were kind enough to share it. I figure, the least I can do is share back.

For example, as I learn how to use Cinema 4D, Take Photos, build pinball machines, or make iPhone Apps, I make videos and posts to show some of my problems I run into, and what I learned in the process in the hopes that it helps someone else.

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  • “People that share a bit of “Behind the Scenes” are way more interesting to me than “artists” that try to make you think that all this stuff is mysterious.” —–Fantastic line.

  • This stuff is absolutely motivating. Thanks!

    • I think this speaks to the core of quality creative thinking attempts.Sooner or later you have to use what you know. I think that that’s the crucial point of transition, where you —begin– figuring things out or begin making new cool stuff that makes other say, “hey how’d they do that.”.

  • Please, can you give us The basics that you should know to be a motion designer

  • please, give us books, websites…….etc, we can learn the bascic

  • can you give us how to transfom object to another in cinema 4d
    (like trasnformer movie )
    I think the transformers movie made by 3d max but i did not use it so if you know how we can make transform technique in cinema 4d please share that with us.

  • Shouldn’t it be “Why did they do that?” not “How they did that?” haha just kidding but I remember you saying that once. Great questions and answer though.

  • Many thanks I might be able to use this for my school projekt as well.

  • FirstYearInGraphicDesign January 9, 2012 at 4:04 pm

    *random idea*

    Nick, it would be awesome if you could do a workshop in your old school/wherever (maybe even online throughout a week or something) and document it

    Students could do everything from an idea to final product with your help and guidance. I think that would really focus on the “why” rather than the “how” and would open up a lot of new ways and maybe even techniques on how to come up with good ideas.

    I’m in first year of Graphic Design at the Academy of Arts, it’s a place where they teach the black and white roots of GD, nothing really motion related, but the one thing they’ve been teaching us so far is that the idea of a project is 99,9% more important than how it looks or how it was made.

    Anyway, my whole point of the post, I guess, is that I loved the workshops that have been going on at the school, they make connections with other people while brainstorming, creative juices flow like crazy, in the end you have cool poster or whatever that you can be proud of and most importantly, it is way more fun to create together with other people than staring at a screen in a dark room.

  • People that share a bit of “Behind the Scenes” are way more interesting to me than “artists” that try to make you think that all this stuff is mysterious. – WHAT A FUCKING GREAT COMMENT.

  • “it’s Thomas Edison and Buckminster Fuller type characters I really admire”. Spot on! If you’re in the mood for some laughs, give the Atomic Robo ( comics a try. He’s an action scientist created by Nicola Tesla; it’s knida stocked with “Edison type characters”.

  • hy!! i just wanted to write, because of your first answer. “I often see great work from others and ask, <>” That is exactly why i started after effects, and today i already have a blog about after effects and a special section which is (still) in progress about “how did they do that?”
    it’s funny how designers are so creative in so many different ways, but the all start from the same question…

  • hey… the quote doesnt show up in my last reply… anyway i wanted to quote your first answer: I often see great work from others and ask, “How did they do that?”
    … now the whole “how did they do that”-thing makes sense…

  • [love sequence]You’re definitely a really great guy, a daily source of inspiration for nerds and ambitious dudes like me! Thank you so much for sharing your mistakes and your success with us, it make the whole thing get bigger and better much more quicker than it would without you. [/love sequence]

  • As an extension of my last comment its heartening to know mindsets like Nicks have influence in today’s world.

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