Tiny Animations Collection Week 1

January 2, 2012 - By 

Visit the Tiny Animations Page

Yep, I have been making so many of these GIFs, I started a page to collect them all. Sure, this obsession with Animated GIFs might be a bit silly, but It get’s me playing with Cinema 4D and AE in a more simple way and it gives me an excuse to make animation without all the overhead and render time. Not sure what it is quite yet, but something “Clicked” in my head while playing with this new format. More to come.

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  • Funny that you mention it “clicking”.
    The same thing happened with me after trying it with live action / DSLR / Timelapse.
    I need to start posting too. Thanks for sharing!

  • I like ’em. Car looks weird bended over like that though.

  • well done dude ! i’d like to do the same things but don’t know how ;/
    Waiting for a cool tut 😉

  • i like it a lot.
    BTW: if you wanna have eye-cancer this page is a nice way to get it started 😉

  • u know who cares how low the truck is its hot! this site has helped mold some of the best up and coming artist and motionographers. needless to say this is beyond sound advice for those of u who have alot to say but dont know how to do it… this is my first post on this site but ive been a religious viewer for 2 years the gorilla has never let me down… i dont have any thing to say but thank u Nick… you are more than appreciated in more than a million ways…. i hope to enter for the firt time in this years 5sp.

  • youre totally crazy nick and i love that…!!!!
    keep that crazy side, its awesome.

    i just listen to some electroswing and wonder how a few of these gives would look like when theyre sound driven, i would love to test it but unfortunately on my machine at home i cant do it very smooth.
    maybe some extrahours at the company:

    btw happy new year nick and chris

  • Hey Nick,

    Did you model the truck yourself?

    It’s got a really nice ‘chunky’ and ‘oversized’ feel to it – puts me in the mind of Cars without being too photorealistic.

  • Nick, shame on you for doing a hypno-ball. I got lost in the screen. Ha, ha. Happy New Year!

  • very nice 🙂
    how did you do that?do you have a video tutorial?
    if possible can u share with us?
    thank you 😉

  • Hey Nick,

    Perhaps a tutorial about modelling the car?
    Nice site btw and a happy New Year. May it be a very creative year for you.

  • Hi Nick,

    You’ve created some really cool animation loops there! Looking forward to seeing what you come up with next!

    I too have a passion for making loops and have been doing it for some time using C4D and AE.
    Loops can be as simple or complicated as you wish and the creative possibilities are infinite.
    I love the challenge of making the loop seamless whilst keeping it short so that filesizes don’t become too large.

    My loops are made mostly for skinning or customization purposes. The best use of loops for me is in creating Deskscapes (animated wallpapers). You can check out some of my examples @ http://www.skinsector.com and http://chaninja.deviantart.com/ . Unfortunately Deskscapes is only for Windows, I really hope there will be a Mac version or alternative soon.

    Keep up the great work Nick!

  • Nick,
    Why you have been choosen a frame rate of 33.33?
    And where did you compiled this stuff, AE or Photoshop?
    c u stevie

  • Awesome Nick! (as usual 😉 )… Will there ever be a tutorial on this? BTW: Thanks a lot for all the inspiration you gave me and for all the things I learned from you (and some of the others) 🙂 … greetings from Germany

  • Any plan for a tutorial to get us going? 😀
    thanx a lot..

    • You know it. What one is your favorite?

      • Hi Gorilla!

        I personally think the Orange Cubes would be a nice one to do a tutorial in, it has a really nice effect. I owe you and the others a big thanks for all your tutorials, its so great of you all to make such brilliant and easy to follow tutorials, my problem is being creative and thinking of ideas! So thanks again!


  • What?? No tutorials for that??

  • I worry about you’re bandwidth Nick.

  • Hey Nick I’ll like to have a tutorial in the hypno-balls because I think that knowing how the textures moves into the object should be a good beginning to try new motion experiments, I do 360 Panoramas and I’ll like to use that as hotspots.
    Thanks and keep the awesome work!
    Happy New Year! Gorilla.

  • Hey i really want to know how you made those hypno-balls….

  • The principals of looping are quite simple, sometimes playing the frames forward to a certain point then reversing them minus the last frame works quite nicely but some of these (the rotating car) seems a little more complex and its got nice smooth movement. How have you done that one?

  • Hey Nick,

    Sorry to post this question here, but what kind of graphics card are you using? I’m looking to upgrade.

  • that truck is so cute ^_^

    please make a tut and give us the projectfile (i would pay for it!)

  • You should make a tutorial on this PLZZZZ!!!!1

  • I’d like a tutorial about the orange cubes and the “hypno” ball. The material animation looks like a very interesting thing to play with. The orange cubes have a vary fluid animation and I’d like to know how it was made.

  • Cool idea. Its funny how many people don’t recognize a dynamic wide view and think the truck is distorted.

    The biggest downside I can see is the initial hit of the large file size loading on a web browser. I noticed the truck was nearly 1mb and circles was nearly 200k which is kinda hefty and thus makes the use of the .gif limited as it is just too much for most online advertising platforms such as Google and Yahoo for example. If you were to place it on a website as a movie clip, the initial load is minimized as it only loads the whole video on demand.

    Don’t mean to sound negative, I like the idea but just trying to figure out an application for it.

  • wooo, niceee, i was working in a similar project, but my images are in wireframe… here is the link: http://www.behance.net/gallery/Graphics-Interchange-Format/1004157

  • You’re so silly Nick! Way too silly. Pff… these are super lush!

  • How about this one? made with excerpts of movies REAL NICE !

  • I`ve tried it several times and as my computer is not good enought,I dont have much time for developing those effects. Apart from that, I dont know the frames needed, and the time between them.
    A tutorial please!
    Thank you for your inspiration!

  • Well, when someone as talented as you feels something clicked while making/watching these
    gifs, I’d say go for it, there’s been a GIF revival lately in several blogs I visit, mostly working around stills trying to achieve a 3d effect, something like this: http://i223.photobucket.com/albums/dd120/hipsterrunoff/photographs/07.gif (which I think you might like, kinda reminded me of the pan on your truck)
    I’m really looking forward for the tutorial on this, mostly to learn how to set things in order to make them loop so seamlessly in C4d.

  • Check out my coworkers gif site. Some quality animated gifs in here.

    FYI, you can make some killer animated gifs in Flash

  • Bit out of context since it’s not on this post, but you know your tiny animations?
    The crazy orange balls, how do you get them to collide with each other? Are they particles or just spheres with rigid bodies and no gravity? was just wondering lol.
    Couldn’t really get my head around it.. Was messing around with something using particles and it wouldn’t go right.

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