CrossProcess 2.0: Elegantly Messing Up Colors Since 2010

February 20, 2012 - By 

CrossProcess 2.0 for iOS launched over the weekend. We added some new features including a photo history that shows the last few photos taken without going out to the photo roll. Also new is the ability to post directly to twitter from within the app. You can see some of the shots I have been taking with it on my road trip over the last few days over at Don’t use boring filters. Mess up your photos with style.

Lake Tahoe taken with CrossProcess 2.0

Visit The Official CrossProcess Site

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  • Hey Nick!
    Seems a great App!! I can’t find it yet on the Apple Store, don’t know why…
    One other cool thing to have (maybe for 3.0) is the ability to process an entire folder of picture with the app (a bit like an autmoate script on PS). And then be able to publish the whole album on Facebook!!!

  • Thanks for the update Nick! I just grab my phone and buy it and ShakeItPhoto to…
    Greetings form Mexico

  • I saw this in the app store, and was surprised at how few reviews it had. Is the square cropping issue fixed with this new version?

    • Thomas, the few reviews that you’re seeing are for the updated version. The 300+ reviews are for the older version of CrossProcess.

  • Any chance of an Android version in the works?

  • Android please. 🙂

  • Still the only photo filter I use. Fantastic.

  • All sharing functions doesn’t work. Nothing happens when i click on any share button…..

  • am I right in saying that there isn’t an easy way around this situation… 1) Take photo 2) process 3) Oh that filter didn’t work that well with this photo…
    I couldn’t find before a simple way of reprocessing the image, but maybe I’m just missing something obvious.

  • Aww, wanted to see what extreme did.
    But still looking good.

  • Pretty scary of how little snow there is in Tahoe in the middle of February. I am praying to the snow gods to dump an ample amount of fresh powder!

  • This really needs to be a Mac app 😉

  • Any chance of getting an Ipad version ?

  • is it available in UK store???

  • Hey Nick.

    first of all, I’d like to deeply thank you because of not just posting learning content for free, but because you did not go with the traditional way. Instead of just showing how-to tutorials, you enlightened us all with real insight.

    Reading that changed my life forever. I took a completely different path from there.

    So, that’s that. I left my job some time later to make my own project, and after a year from that, here it is.

    best of luck man, big inspiration

  • Great post and video! I’ve enjoyed this app for a while now and as an avid Instagram user, I was curious if there’s a way to keep images that have already been cropped square, square? Thank you.

  • Hi !. Why this app don`t update the effects after i changthe options ? Every time i need to retake the photo, change the setting and so on ? seriously ? It would be great if the effect would change while changing settings, without having to make another picture or chose it again from camera roll… etc.
    Please make an update !

  • Hi~ Nick. Thank you for your awesome app. ^^
    It makes great moods and tone in my flat photos.
    And I’ve some suggestions for fix or update. It would be better if I can crop my pics. and
    keeping GPS data in the result one.
    Those two mentions are most in Korean App Store..^^
    (Sorry for my bad English ..^^)


  • i think instangram copy those looks :P…. and magic bullet….

  • Hey Nick!

    Will be there an update for the iPhone 5?

    Greetings from Germany

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