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February 14, 2012 - By 

Introducing HDRI Studio Pack Version 1.5. It includes 17 more HDRI Studios you can use to light your scenes and renders. It’s fully compatible with Cinema 4D v13 and the new Physical Renderer. But, I’m most excited about the new animation presets that make it easy to render flicker-free animations using global illumination. If you have ever tried to get GI working with animation, you know how tricky it can get. I built presets that I think find the balance between render time and quality for your next render.

What’s New?

16 new HDRI Studios to choose from
GI Animation Preset for flicker free GI renders.
Fully Compatible with R13
R13 Physical Render Presets

Animation Preset Examples

Renders made using the Animation Preset Studio

17 Brand New HDRI Studios

Learn More about the HDRI Studio Pack

Existing HDRI Studio Pack Users

Existing users will get an email sent to the email account that was used to purchase the HDRI Studio Pack. If you haven’t got it yet, send us an email and make sure to include the original email that was used to purchase the Pack and we will send you a new download. Be sure to download the update within FIVE DAYS from now or the download will expire.

I think you will love the new version. Keep rendering.

  • I don’t get this “flickering” issue because the QMC Full Animation setting always renders nice & smooth
    It just takes forever to render, so I might be checking out what you came up with 🙂

    • Seems to be more for people who only know how to use presets and don’t actually look in the settings, help or you know… Google.

  • Looks cool nick to bad I don’t have the money to buy it

  • looks great.

    the only thing i m wondering is the animation preset. its fast yes, but i see a lot of grain. do i see it because of the screen resolution? is it meant to be seen because its so fast?

    thanx Oli

    • There is a bit of grain, but I think it works ok here. Sometimes it won’t look as good, of course, but then you can turn the settings up a bit. There will always be a balance between render quality and render time. Especially when it comes to animation. I think I found a good balance for these new animation presets.

      • I also see a lot of grain, so much so that I would argue that its not a good balance between render time and quality. I feel like maybe im missing something or have something turned on that is creating more grain because in your examples there isn’t nearly as much grain as I see when rendering on my computer.

      • well ok. does the grain comes from gi or ao?

    • I don’t like the grain man it a turn off.Shouldn’t we try other renders such like Vray or Octane Render.Why should this forum be stuck on a package render?There alot of followers here and I think we should try at least a gpu rendering.

  • Looks nice. I’m curious to check out the Physical Render features.

  • Very nice Nick. Lovin’ the HDRI gumballs

  • Got a nice email today with link for a free update, much obliged and had some fun testing it out for a bit, can’t wait to use it in a project. Really nice treat, thanks!

  • So is this not setting the GI setting to “full animation” Cause I hate all the prerender crap. And how does this work with the NET RENDER? Only one machine will need to have the presets correct?

    • The Animation presets are based on the Sky Sampler and do not cause any pre-render time. It also means it works great on NET render. Although, with net render, you will need a multi-user license. It’s $199 for the entire farm. Less than the cost of 3 copies. Let me know if you want to upgrade.

  • I would like to hear more about these flicker free render Presets. How can I load it to the rendersettings? I mean did you work it out how to load rendersettings via the contentbrowser?
    And how does it work with Netrender, same ol precaching the GI pass on the Mastermachine?

    • The presets are not render settings, but instead they are scenes that you merge with your existing scene. You could also open the preset and save the settings as a preset in your render settings. Never thought of that idea, but it should work.

  • It would be cool if the car spinned around like in a showroom

  • it would be great to see the scene file for the HDRI gumballs–or a quick tut. I did something similar a while back–separating clones of the same color into different shapes– and it would be really helpful to see someone else’s approach

    great stuff as ever!

  • Thanks Nick 🙂

  • would be nice if this had a new version number, like maybe 1.5.1, so the IT dept at work wouldn’t say we already have 1.5 and refuse to update it on our computers…just a thought…

  • Nick:

    Thanks for the free bounce and looking forward to digging in! I do have a question for you that perhaps you could address in a future tutorial…

    I noted vividly on your Vimeo, “What’s New In HDRI Studio Pack v1.5,” when you changed the seamless floor to a dark appearance. You can see on the vid a severe step in the gradient… and so that brings up a question and issue I deal with in dark scenes (lit by HDRI) as well as other situations… how does one post an image in Photoshop, or avoid it entirely in the render when you want to light a dark scene, but end up with a gradient background with severe stair-stepping instead of a smooth dark background?

  • How did you get the mograph to form the letters? and how did you make only certain colors do it thats amazing!

  • Nick – awesome work! For those of us who want to figure out the hdri anim technique without a tut – can you give us 4 to 5 one word clues on how you did the HDRI anim? I’ll start you off with ‘MoGraph’…! Thanks

  • Great update Nick. Used it already! Thanks.

  • Great stuff!
    Are you just supposed to overwrite the old version?

  • Amazingly helpful stuff!
    Is there any chance we could maybe get a tutorial for the ‘HDRI’ gumball video, I’d love to see how it was set up! cheers and thanks again

  • R12 installed as per email instructions, when I double click the animation preset i get this

    Several plugins used in this scene are missing.
    Saving may cause loss of plugin data!
    Plugin ‘Physical’ (ID 1023342)


    Any Ideas Nick?

  • animation preset works amazingly, worth every penny! thanks Nick!

  • Hi,

    Can you tell why I would want to get this if I have Light Kit Pro??

  • 50kb/s – 100kb/s feelst like: buy today – use tomorrow

  • NIck ignore me. I didn’t copy over my seamless floor into the new preset 🙂 the fefault one is a little dark.

  • Here is a split screen showing the difference in quality and time :


    More noise but thats to be expected but it halves the render time.

  • Great update. Never noticed the presets before. Perhaps you can provide some instruction about putting the preset onto the project? Not sure if you are supposed to select a preset at the beginning, open one then save it as a render setting, merge your project into one of the settings… none of them seem to be good ways of doing it. Some help?

  • Hey, Nick! Great stuff! Will download from the office tomorrow. What I want to know is what music did you use for the animations? Love it! Where can I get it?

  • Hey man where did the Model come from its pretty awesome?

  • thankYou so much,
    i love those new studios, i made a couple of tests yesterday — looks great and also those sky samplers renders very very fast — thanks again

  • Hey Nick,

    Just out of curiosity, what music did you use for these videos (and many of your videos). I just LOVE all of it! Great stuff! I raise an Alley Cat brew to you and your peeps!

  • I never got an email with the update. Is there an official email that I should contact about this? It’s strange because I have always received email updates in the past. Thanks!

  • Nick, Do you think you can do a quick tutorial on how you did the HDRI intro with the flares, streaks etc.? I really like some of the effects (look) that you achieved there… Thanks!

  • Nick…… the music for these demos…..where did you get them?

  • Hi Nick, what kind of a machine are you using in the intro because everything renders very fast. Could i get the same result with my iMac end 2011 with a quad core and 16Gb of ram?
    Secondly I have a macbook pro and an imac, could i install the hdri pack on both machines with just one license?

    Thnx for your mind blowing tuts by the way.

  • Hmmm, kind of wish I had bought HDRI studio pack instead of Light Kit Pro. Seems like this update makes LKP obsolete.

  • Hi Nick,
    Love the new pack, but concerning the flicker issue. I have a scene already built. My camera is attached to spline. Everything is already been set up, but my final render could use your flicker free preset. Can I still use my camera that’s attached to the spline and just import the light rig or do I specifically need your camera too?
    Thanks and look forward to some great renders!

  • Nick, I’ll throw my hat in the ring with the following question: the music you used is amazing, and works seamlessly with your animation. Really fantastic stuff all around. I know you’re a musician — did the music come from you, or from another source? I would love to know. Thank you so much Nick for all the work and time and inspiration you’ve shared with us!

  • Can you make a tutorial for the video of the balls which form the word “HDRI”?

  • Hi Nick,
    I’ve a little problem when I use a transparent material
    if I disable “seen by camera” I always see the hdri background in the transparent material…

    How can I do?


  • you are the best…………… but i am so sorry that you work so hard and produce such a quality products and ppl just share them on torrents and………….. well great work man

  • Thanks for the update Nick. Let me add my request for a tutorial on the gumballs to HDRI letters animation. As a newbie to Cinema 4D I would sure appreciate seeing it all broken down.

  • Hey Nick, awesome site you got here!
    As I’m learning C4D and After Effects with you I just wanted to say thanks for your awesome tuts and point out a small glitch in the product shots slideshow on this page: https://greyscalegorilla.com/hdristudio/
    (it seems shots are off-by-two, at least for me in Safari and FF /Mac ).
    Hope this is useful.

    Keep Rockin’!

  • Its amazing how many lame comments this site is starting to attract.

    Keep up the research, the sharing and keep getting paid for your products!

    If you dont like, dont buy. No need to bitch.

  • Is there a tutorial to how to make that Animation Preset Examples

  • does someone knows how can i make the particles hit the ground, and then getting attracted by the spline effector? if i don’t touch on follow position, the balls don’t get attracted by it (unless its 10~) so if i animate the follow position before i animate the “Strengh” it pushes back to its source if i animate it after animating the strengh position it goes all wierd.
    So i don’t understand… how can i make this happen?

    i already watched the 7up tutorial, but on this tutorial, the particles doesn’t fall in the ground, which is kind of the effect i want, the balls hitting the ground, and then raising up to the letters, can someone try to explain a little better how do i animate this?!

  • Made a 3D model of my guitar and decided to pick up the pack for some nice HDRI lighting.


    Nice product Nick!


  • Just did a 30 models in 30 days project. Most of the weren’t textured, but a few of them just had to be. This is where a collection like this can come in handy to very quickly kick out some decent renders.
    I’m pretty sure I could have gotten an even better result by setting up the light myself, but there is absolutely no way I could have done it so fast.

    Here are the models where i used some of the tents from the studio pack;

  • I have a issue with my seamless floor and the physical render animation settings. I’m getting a gray background. I’m using the Physical Sky for some sunlight colors and shadows but otherwise I’m using HDRI Studio Pack 1.5 seamless floor and physical presets. I followed your tutorial but I’m still getting that background. i’ve tried the comp background tag, the background with the color material, the color material on the physical sky. I can’t seems to get a seamless image. Help…

    using r13

  • Hi Nick,

    I just recently noticed that u updated the hdri kit, with I bought some time ago. I never received notice to update. Can I still update the package?

    Grtz Moshe.

  • Charles E. Turnbull March 11, 2012 at 8:14 pm

    Nick great stuff as always!
    Just wondering, love your HDRI pellets animation, with the changing color depending on the letter used… How bout a tutorial on this? I for one would love it!
    Thank you very much for all your time spent, most of your stuff is great and I use it as bases for my 3D class at the university where I teach… a big “HOLA” from south of the border.

  • Nick Hi, I look like a freak, you know, I know you’ll have a lot of requests over a day, but … I would love, if you did the tutorial HDRI balls … I wanted to make a home video, and well, I loved the idea of the balls, … It would be a real pleasure and pride, you could do it … Thank you very much.

  • Hi,

    I post you an email but no answer….
    “First sorry for my english, i’m french . I bought this studio, but i didn’t see that you make an evolution (1.5), i’m a sailer and i’m not at home very often. Or now the link to have the new studio is dead ! Could you help me please.

    I bought the first studio with this e-mail : js.desmarets@free.fr, by Paypal.

    Have à good sunday,


  • Nickk!! how manny cores have, 32 cores????!
    From Argentina.

  • This looks like a great product Nick! I’m interested in the animation preset particularly, would it help reducing flicker with moving camera animations?

  • Nick! Mind sharing that scene?

    I just love the materials on that truck!!

    BTW, awesome plugin, hope to buy it soon!

  • I know this post is a couple of years old but in the two weeks that I’ve started playing with CINEMA 4D, I’ve already learned a ton from Nick and his team. Combining techniques that I’ve picked up from his “Cherry 7up” tutorial and his “Luminance Textures” tutorial, I created this fun, little piece. I’m very happy with the results and I hope you guys are too. 🙂


  • i’m facing problems with the browsers its not showing up in cinema 4d with the new studio rig update but the studio rig showing up but when look for the
    browsers its not there i install it correctly

  • i love this studio but i got problem with my car paint. i always get some dot on car paint, in some cases almost possible to use as like rain drops but it is so anointing when now am trying to nicely render my car. would be nice to know what causes it 🙂

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