New HDRI Studio Pack V1.5 Coming Soon – With New Flicker Free GI for Animation Presets

February 13, 2012 - By 

I have been working on adding flicker free animation presets to the upcoming HDRI Studio Pack V1.5. Many of you have asked how to get clean, fast rendering HDRI renders, and I’m excited to finally get this out soon. I’m hoping to launch it tonight or tomorrow morning. In the mean time, take a look at some animated Lego carnage lit and rendered with HDRI Studio Pack and the new Flicker Free GI Presets.

  • looks really really cool. i hope you release it soon.
    happy b-day from germany <3


  • Was this your 48hr render? Excited about the new Studio Pack

  • what is the flicker in cinema 4d ? when i rendering with GI i got a very ugly shadow … it will be fix that ?

  • Awesome !, love the new intro (yes, I look at those details).

  • Daaaamn i could watch that all day.

  • Wooooo!!! Counting the days…

  • Flicker-free gi?? yay!!! looking forward to that!!!
    And thanks for making it a free update!

  • Is this a free upgrade for people who have already purchased the HDRI Studio pack? Or do does this pack cost extra?

  • Excellent!!

    I was hoping the Lego men were going to explode right near the end. As if that first Lego man had dynamite strapped to his body.

  • Thanks Nick. Can’t wait to make good use of this update.

  • Seems awesome Nick, looking forward to it!

  • You are a Godsend. This is just in time for us. We’ve been struggling all month with the Flickr issue thinking we were doing something wrong.

  • Looking forward to this release!

  • This is both flicker-free and hilarious. I especially love the quicksand-like nature of the Lego men sinking into each other.

  • Haha…. I purchased the studio pack a while ago and started to do my first project (animation) in january, where I used the Studio Pack. I was wondering why the textures were flickering and didn’t found a solution…

    So.. thank you very much for this information. Can’t wait to finish my thing… 🙂

  • Brilliant!
    Although I work at a company doing 3D animations, I bought this (in the full bundle) myself cause I didn’t think I could convince the company to buy it for me. But yesterday when my boss saw my new lighting renders he insisted our other artist get a copy too, so all our stuff is that nice. 🙂

  • Very cool, Nick…well done and thanks for taking time to do this for us! 🙂

  • curious, what was the flicker fix you did?

  • Trying ever so hard to recreate this but cant the lego man physics right. They’re bouncing all over the blooming place!

  • Hey GSG! I am faisal and i am a school student just 17 and i made a Special Heart Wallpaper for all the people @ GSG.. Its a Lovely Wallpaper for all of ya..(NOT HOMO) 😛 .. I am from India… You guys teaches us alot of things Especially Mr.Nick ..and i am thankful for that…I would be really happy if u accept my gift and post it on your blog 😀 Thank you very much….

  • Hi nick,I have bought the HDRI and your full package 4 months ago ,So what about somebody like me?
    We must purchase again?or you inform us about upgrade?
    Thank you.
    I am waiting for it impatiently.

    • From what was said before, this will be a free upgrade for people who’ve bought a previous version. But it’s not released yet, so we’ve got to hold on a bitty 🙂

  • Looks very cool – AND I simply love the goofy, almost, but not quite porn music…

    Keep up the good work fella!

  • I loved watching those Lego men fall. I could watch that all day! Thanks for all the awesome info you so generously give and helping me be a bad a$%

  • Funk Yeah MAN!
    Whis will be something that i have been waiting for a looong time!


  • Cant wait for the new preset!!!

  • Just got my update downloaded and installed.


  • Thanks Nick.. I tried to recreate the lego guy scene, but I can’t seem to pile them up like the vid. They keep sliding away, I even surrounded the scene with a static object.. I’ll keep playing around.

  • Oh wow. I love this so much! Do you have a model of the lego figure for download or a link? I could do it myself tbh but its usually quicker to get a free one and modify it! 😛

  • Nick,
    What music library did you use for this sample?


  • GSG please can i be your friend?

  • Hi Nick,
    Lego animation you use which kind of dynamic setting please share us? I’m thinking but i couldn’t figure out setting you use use i need just one clue for that.
    By the way i’m also bought your pack and you make really good improvements,
    Thank you very much…

  • Hi Nick,
    Thank’s for the great update! I’m also struggling with recreating a similar pile of objects like the Legopile you made. Just can’t get the dynamics to look as realistic as yours. I think many of us asking here the same question about the dynamics don’t need a whole tutorial of it, just a clue 😉


    BR, Kasimir

  • I to could watch forever. Good work. I am new to c4d and i have given exactly the same thing a go but my objects are bouncing and spinning all over the place. I’ve tried to dampen them down but there are still a few that go spinning out of control. Any suggestions/tutorials. Cheers.

  • a very good work

  • Do you have hair in one?

  • I’m having problems with flickering and texture bugs using HDRI 1.5. I’m pre-caching GI and using NET Render. I’m starting to wonder if this studio pack works with Net Render. Has anyone had any success using Nick’s HDRI studio kit 1.5 with Net Render? I love the still results, I’m just not having good experience rendering animations (I’m using the presets in the Studio pack).


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