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Great demo reel. I love the 2D stuff. Superb key-framing.

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  • Is all/most of that 2D animations done in After Effects or Cinema 4D?

  • Superb!!! All that can be done in AE no need for 3d apps.

  • I wonder how does he get all the masks and smooth transitions….

  • Dudes got talent. The lion logo looks so clean with the warehouse being swallowed my light in the distance. His 3d and 2d skills are legit and I CANT get that organic to jerk/stop style of animation down. Its smooth and strong and he does it very well.

    Congratualtions Sander, you have made my job that much harder and I accept your challenge.

    Who the fuck am I talking to?

  • Amazing reel! Every time I see this style of 2d (/3d?) animations makes me wonder how the **** is it done! People who do this kind of thing already gone bald, uh? Any chance we can get an approach to techniques and workflows of projects like this? Thanks.

  • sweet! would like to learn the particle stream effect in the scene with the bouncing balls

  • Amazing.
    Just. Freaking. Amazing.

  • Sander uses SolidWorks for his 3D animations. Great Reel!

  • I can’t say that I like it. It’s kind of annoying. The music makes you want to turn it off. Like rap crap music but more annoying. We’re all entitled to opinions right?

  • Nick,

    Can you make a tutorial on those smooth 2D motion?
    I really like to learn more about that looks really cool!


    • Yeah. It would be great!

    • Try to recreate it by yourself! Don’t be lazy my friends,this is most effective way to grow and self-improvement. Sorry no offense.

      • No offense at all, and you’re right, that’s the way. But tutorials and its discussion in communities like this make this business much more interesting. don’t you think so?

        • Tutorials are fine but: its like 99% of the visitors here have no intentions/ability to learn anything – only copy and paste like lemmings. (remember “cherry7up” or “bevel”?)

          Imagine you hear an awesome tune on radio and the very next day your favorite radiostation is spammed flooded full with cheap crappy copies made by numbnuts. This kinda ruins it doesn’t it?

          Ye i know everyone starts small… but then guys just make it at least a BIT DIFFERENT. Ok here is a tutorial for you: use your NAME instead of “BEVEL” – you couldn’t think of that – could you?
          Or another tut for ya: maaaaaaybeeeeee use a different COLOR – woo hoo it isn’t that hard, is it? Brain cells activated? No wonder why we are called united idiots of america.

          Bottom line: the more you use a calculator the more you won’t be able to solve 1 + 1. Make sense?

          • Yeah I totally agree with this. People are so quick to ask for tutes rather than learn themselves.

            A more effective way to learn is by getting someone (colleague, friend, classmate) to design you a storyboard then try and work out the animations, transitions etc yourself. You’ll learn how to problem solve rather than just follow along with someone else doing the work.

            I spend lots of time dissecting videos I like by going through frame by frame and trying to see how something was done rather than just looking at tutorials.

            I often work with freelancers who have great reels but when I get them on the job, they sink. I think you get figured out in the long run.

            Don’t get me wrong, I like doing the odd tutorial but they are few and far between.


    • Much of the key frames may have smoothing on them. I bet he used a lot of curves to get those so smooth!

    • Hi Remy, I have one tutorial about colors:

    • yes please do! i think he uses echospace a lot here….would be some cool insight to find out. Also wondering how he makes the sphere peel on effect (or like its filling up with liquid or something) really cool!

  • Very good work indeed! I like the use of the abstract to serve an actual purpose.

  • Nick, there´s a bug on Firefox (mac) that causes that your blog don’t show right, i can see images, or video on post´s…. its only me?
    By the way, great work!

    • Same here, having this issue too. If you double click the image the video pops up full screen for me, but when I exit full screen its a white image again.

    • I had the same trouble (but it was on all web sites with embeded videos, not only Nick’s blog). I solved it by uninstalling last version of flash player and installing an older one. I hope that will help you.

  • Nick, there´s a bug on Firefox (mac) that causes that your blog don’t show right, i canT see images, or video on post´s…. its only me?
    By the way, great work!

  • Super nice work!

  • and here’s a useful color tutorial from Sander van Dijk

  • The thing that always blows my mind about this kind of work is the logistics of having to wrangle that many animating vectors and masks. It would be interesting to get your take on how you approach this kind of project, Nick.

  • Woo! Glad this made it up on your blog! The animations are just wicked! Plus if you go to his page you can find this awesome color thing he has set up as a free download!

  • I love Sander’s stuff. The piece he did for PauseFest is one of my favorites. I know he posted this tutorial about his expression based color stuff. Just a question, how is he getting his colors to look like the shading gradualy changes, like on the edges… is that adding textures, or just putting a light in there. Love how his 2D stuff looks just as dynamic as most 3D stuff. As the others have said, I would love a tutorial on how to approach such a project, workflow, and all that. Maybe even have him do a guest spot. Would love that!

  • few things, great result…this is a motion designer!complimenti!

  • Awesome work, just really well thought through, and super clean and polished. Have to add my voice to the others, can we see a tutorial on this 2D technique Nick, please! Its super popular right now, and I just can’t get my head out of 3D :s

  • ditto
    copy/paste: can we see a tutorial on this 2D technique Nick, please!

  • You can do everything in c4d, turn off specular and just use the color channel (with no light, ambient occlusion, gi, etc…).

    For nice easing in AE, there’s “ease & wizz” plugins & duik tools.
    I prefer ease & wizz but duik tools can produce some really nice shit.
    Basically, ease & wizz bring 6 new easing to AE (and a nice elastic, rebound & back easing).

    You can learn more here
    I can never thanks enough Riccardo Albertini (rocketpanda) for posting this, it sparred me hours and hours of tweaking my curve in AE.

  • inspiring !!! and i accept the challenge

  • Wow, cool. I had the pleasure of hanging out with Sander during Pausefest 2011 in Melbourne which we were both a part of. He is a great dude. He also shared a few secrets on how he achieved some of these projects 😉 Hes doing some more great work as we speak.

  • I’ve got an idea what might be missing. Honestly, I think it’s a bit of design thinking. True Nick has lectured a bit about this, but I think for some it’s helpful to be given a bit of focus.
    I don’t mean recipe, but actual problem & problem solving skills. Depending on ones starting point, it may be necessary to start really small too.

  • Not only can this man dutch it up with the key frames, he is a beast with a table tennis racket. Keep up the good work.

  • I’m spending hours to understand and try to reproduce this shape layer animations, how to reflect them, how to give the sense of extrusion (at 1:04), the shadows, to understand what kind of expressions are behind this 2D animations and what is keyframe animation…ther’s a thin line between them…but i cant, i cant understand this alone.

    Nick…this is, i think, THE challenge for a tut about this techniques, only you can figure how to make this…

    Sander you made me crazy…XD

  • right is this just me or are other experiencing problems playing these latest vids? basically cant view them on either of my macs, just grey boxes. any ideas?

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  • Dutchies are awesome in everything 🙂

  • This is really inspirational. How he does the transitions and masking is mind boggling :/
    A really great motion designer indeed.

  • It is very easy?!

  • whats going on with gsg these days, barely any posts, then when there is one its a showreel!?

    feels like the sites going downhill.. i used to check this site out every few days…..

    now im drifting…

  • “generation y” in general needs a slap on the face and be taught design thinking, i work with a few motion designers that are 20-27 year olds that have been in the business for a couple of years and fully believe they deserve better when it comes to the type of projects i give them, but then when i sit them down and get them to brainstorm… duh… they have no idea, all the people that come out of uni with “kickass after effects and cinema 4d skills” dont seem to be getting taught how to think, lateral thinking, understanding and breaking down a brief. this next generation is giving us pretty pictures with a complately dead concept.

  • hey you still alive???

  • I think we’re seeing the beginning of the end of greyscalegorilla. I don’t blame Nick at all. He’s served us well, and I’ve learned so much from his site, but I don’t think he has the the time to continue with it anymore. The beginning of the end began with the fantastic tutorials from Chris Smhmit replacing Nick’s tutorials. Again, another great tutor for the C4D community, but I think they both have other commitments now and considering they don’t make any money from this site, who can blame them for pursuing other avenues?
    I hope and pray that this site doesn’t die as it’s my favorite website ever, but if it does, I understand why, and will always be indebted to Nick and Chris for the time and trouble they’ve taken to share their knowledge.

    • “…considering they don’t make any money from this site…”
      Believe me, they do. Texture kit, City kit, Lighting kit, etc… all cost money.
      I don’t see any advertisements, but he sure gets money by selling his products.

  • and then out of nowhere…..he announces…
    the GSG cloner fresnel pack! :0
    a cube within a cloner with a bevelled edge and a fresnel texture
    a sphere within a cloner with a bevelled edge and a fresnel texture
    a torus within a cloner with a bevelled edge and a fresnel texture
    and many many many more!

    also includes a 12 second tutorial on how to put the cube within a cloner and add a bevelled edge.

    all for… $69 dollars!

    come on nick we are bored! 😉

  • check this out ! with bonus project files all about keyframes

  • Yes yes yes! transition is perfect and holds are breathtaking! Truly very awesome Sander! A finest Pro!

  • Is that nice!

  • looks like Nick is busy doing some Nab 2012 demos for Maxon:

    “CINEMA 4D will be at NAB 2012 in a BIG way with jaw-dropping presentations and nearly $15,000 worth of raffle prizes.
    Watch/interact online and register for the raffle at
    Presenters include: GreyscaleGorilla, Eyedesyn, Royale and many others.”

  • Love it when motion artists like Sander van Dijk stick to their own style / animation / design, it’s fresh and original, something i never saw anything like. Nowadays there’s a lot of motion stuff i watch and get myself wondering “i already watched something like this”.

  • Impressive on many levels.. everything seems to be considered..

    Inspiring, eh!!

  • Where is a good place to start if you were looking to hire someone really great to make a motion graphics music video?

  • It’s really great work …..nice composition

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