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Yep, it’s time for NAB again. I know I know. Odds are you may not be going. But, this year there is something pretty cool going on LIVE from the show so you can stay tuned to all the action. Maxon is live streaming all of the presentations from the Cinema 4D booth this year. Visit their C4DLive site and see all the incredible Cinema 4D artists that will be presenting at the show. Be sure to check the schedule to see when I am on stage and either stop by, if you are at the show, or head into the chat room and watch from there and ask me some questions. I’ll try to give a goofy wave to you, too. 🙂

Prizes? What?

Yep. First time ever. (I’m pretty excited). Enter your e-mail over at the top of and you will be entered to win a bunch of great prizes including software and plugins from Trapcode, Red Giant, Motionworks, Maxon, TurbulenceFD, Pixel Lab, and Greyscalegorilla. That’s right, Light Kit Pro, City Kit, HDRI Studio Pack, and Texture Kit could be yours. Just head over to the C4D Live page to sign up and you are entered to win.

New Plugin Announcement

Greyscalegorilla will also be announcing a new C4D Plugin we have been working hard on over the last few months. We will debut it on Monday at NAB, so be sure to watch the live feed and blog to get a sneak peek. It’s something that Chris and I are really excited to show. We love it and hope you will too. See you at NAB or on the live feed. Happy rendering!

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  • So I filled in my name and picked my country (in Europe) and before submitting decided to read the terms: “2. Contest is valid only for residents of North and South America.” – why are all the countries even listed then? Oh well…

    Looking forward to your new plugin!

  • yes it did record it 😀

  • fucken screen savers
    was wondering what you wee looking at on the screen

  • Nice!! Love livin’ in Vegas, I’ll be NABin it all day Tuesday at C4D booth, eye of the tiger baby

  • Did you move? Or are you visiting a friend. If thats a loft apartment and is yours I’m jelly. Also, totally down for the raffle.

  • Oh my. I’ll be watching it on Livestream even though I’m supposed to pay attention to my morning lecture. This is something that can’t be missed.

  • F*ing screensaver, I wonder if that recorded…

    Nick you’re awesome, and I really hope to see you at NAB.

  • nice to see you back. I miss the podcast ramblings.

  • haha epic “f”ckin screensaver” hahaha.. are you going to Siggraph?? it would be awesome too!!

  • Hi nick !
    that sond good .. cant wait to play with the new plugin !!

    ah .. take it easy with the screensaver :p !

  • Maybe you should meet up with Andrew Kramer lol

  • Hey Nick I’m really excited about the new plugin…I’m sure this is gonna be great… Will be watching NAB on livestream…

  • haha, goofy wave, u rule man! 🙂

  • The C4d lineup at NAB looks great and I’m very interested to see your new plugin. Personally, I love the funky lighting : )

  • “F*ing screensaver, I wonder if that recorded…” hahaha was funny to let it 😀
    thanks for live news and all great infos ! i stay tuned 😉

  • Your on the NAB2011 Rewind right now!

  • Whats the name of the font you’re using for the title of your posts ?
    It looks so amazing.

  • “Contest is valid only for residents of North and South America.”

    I saw that to late. Stinks, as you can select different countries via drop dwon menu. Why is that? Downloads can be down worldwide, so why only those two countries?

  • Hi,

    I will visit you in Vegas, actually, in writing monemt, I’m watching the sun rise and shine over Vegas City. What a town and what an exhibit (NAB)…looking forward to meet you in live and in person!


  • Thx for you presentation in NBA.

  • Good presentation on Nab and what a good plugin

    The new plugin. Looking really awesome Nick 😉

  • Hi Nick,
    I was the one who asked you a question on on NAB 2012 about updating your plugins with Vray light and materials setups, which you kindly replied that it is on your TO DO list. I very much appriciate your presentation and i have to say that i’ve learnt a couple of tricks even that the presentation was focused on a basics. Following your and Chris’s tutorials on GSG, we are demanding more in-depth lessons, but…. i also understand that you are doing it without charging us a penny (which is noble thing) and this is a kind of a charity. You can consider me as a poor guy under the bridge asking for a donation but you are also advertising your products so i can be your potential customer. And I have to say with full responsibility that i’m convinced that : GSG Lightkit Pro is a proffesional product that i will buy within a very short time…. but it would be just amazing if You and Chris can change a little bit with Expresso code, lights and materials settings and after update i can apply HDRi enviroment or softboxes with Vray setup… without manualy changing AR to Vray textures or adding Vray light tags. That would be awesome.

    I am also very excited about your new plugin you presented on NAB 2012. You could add a feature where all the polygons or triangles (after exploding) are gathering in the point where i want to (target, null object or something).
    Once again, thank you very much for your and Chris’s hard work and i hope to see GSG tutorials every 2 – 3 days from now on 😀


  • your new plugin smokes, will it work with R13 Prime?

  • hi Nick,
    I liked your blog template!! its simple and stylish. I was searching for such a wordpress template for my blog. can u mail me the template used? please? or suggest some wordpress template which consist of popular post,twitter/facebook button,RSS,recent posts,related posts.
    Oops i forgot to mention ur tutorials are amazing!!

  • Any links to the see the new plugin for those that missed the presentation?

  • i know u r busy with some projects.but when u r free please kindly reply for my comment. I’m waiting to hear from u

  • Hey Nick, great presentation you made the last day in NAB, it was very inspiring, thank you

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