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I came across Matthew’s work today though a twitter link and I loved the way he seems to be learning while playing (the best way to learn, really). His Cinema 4D Experiments” video above is like his own Five Second Project reel. It even has a real five second project in it. Also, be sure to check out his tumblr page that features some of his work in lovely GIF form.

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  • whaat that was awesome that gif is kinda weird 😀

  • Wow, Nick I can’t tell you how honored I am to be featured on your blog. When I started working with Cinema 4d a little over a year ago, this site was and continues to be my main source for great tutorials. And yes, the 5-second projects were absolutely my inspiration for the video above! Glad you like the gifs too, they’re pretty damn fun to make!

  • yawn…anyone with a different style?

    • Apparently “rude” is more your style.

    • There are plenty of animators with different styles. But, on this site, I will feature people I like.

    • get some sleep Jason

    • When students are in process of learning academic portrait all works in class are looking very much identical, but at some point when students are comfortable enough with basics they eventually add their own personal twist and this is where Style is born. In this particular example it might be too early to talk about style but it will be there in no time.

      I say good work GSG, you need to encourage your students and featuring works like this more often!

      GG GSG!

    • Jason, If you were attending a live C4D presentation and this piece was shown, would you raise your hand and make that comment. Don’t think so because you’d look like a jerk.

  • I enjoy looking at this kind of work and hope you continue to post inspirational videos. It is always nice to see others peoples work.

  • Man, I hope you keep up the posts. They’re inspirational, even when not stylistically of my interest. The philosophy is what keeps me going: do your thing and keep exploring. Figure out what you like & make it happen.

  • “Creation” with the swirling cubes is very impact-ful for its basic simplicity. Great work in Cinema.

  • Really dig the “finish” on everything. Spent some time polishing in AE.

  • This is very inspirational! LOVE the gifs! Thanks so much for sharing this Nick 🙂
    I was definitely in need of motivator!
    This may be the one website (besides facebook 🙂 that I am on every single day.
    Love from Toronto! <3

  • good choice Gorilla, great job mr. DiVito, clean, nicely choosed the mixture of C4D skills on every animation.This is motivational and a great mografh portafolio idea.

  • Hi Nick? I would like to ask you a question?how to make clone objects animation time is different? thanks:)

  • That Jason McDouga is a D-Bag,
    Nice work Matthew

  • I like the whole approach of making the video. Especially music is a good choice…i think it’s from the 80’s 😉 …btw…somebody knows who’s the artist of this “song”?

  • Do you have an email to which I can address a few questions about purchase options?

  • love the consistent style.

  • That is definitley 3d, congratulations good idea!!

  • In my opinion there is nothing special about this video – everyone who has some knowledge about C4D could pull this off – and it’s nice to know everyone of us could do that, if we would take the time. And that is truly inspirational.

    It’s important to concentrate on small things to play with, instead of trying to pull off a massive animation that is never finished.

  • 🙂 : ) 😉

  • I reckon leave out all the over-done abstract glitch stuff – we really don’t need any more of this stuff.

    However I loved the Ghost, Dive, Fall. More of that stuff please!

  • I came across Matthew’s work today t(R)hough a twitter link and I loved the way…..
    Small typo reporting that’s all
    Good job

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