Introducing Transform – A Build and Destroy Tool for Cinema 4D

April 17, 2012 - By 

Whew! Chris and I have been working months to get our new plugin ready for NAB this week. We were so excited to introduce it yesterday on the show floor at NAB and I wanted to share it with you on the blog, today.

It’s called Transform. It’s a procedural build and destroy tool for Cinema 4D. Shatter, dissolve, destroy, build, morph, collapse, shard, and beam your text and objects procedurally in Cinema 4D without needing to make anything editable. The video above shows just a little bit of what this plugin can do. We are still working hard on adding more features and getting this ready for a big launch very soon.

Watch a Live Demo of Transform at NAB All This Week

Head over to to watch my presentation live at NAB where I will be demoing Transform and showing off some of what it can do. Check the schedule below and don’t miss it. Trust me. 🙂

Monday: 10:30 AM Pacific Daylight Time
Tuesday: 12:30 PM PDT
Wednesday: 2:30 PM PDT
Thursday: 11:30 AM PDT

  • Shut up and take my money!!

  • Wow!!! Fantastic!
    coming soon? how soon? tomorrow?
    It´s free? really?
    ja ja je je

    greetings from Chile

  • A.W.E.S.O.M.E !!!!!!
    Can’t … wait… any mooooore….!!!!

  • wow ! that’s a lot of work

  • Look really fun even if i fear a “destroy-everything era” again, like we got bored of “sphere with sub poly displacement”, fluxus and all the easy tool that make things looks cool but are way over-used.

    Any idea of pricing ?

  • Pretty awesome examples !
    Epic comeback !

  • Wow, That’s the Hotness. I do fear that everyone will be mimicking that effect, but hey… that’s the way it goes, and i cant hate on it because im sure I’ll be blowing stuff up too 🙂

  • There is any way to see the video presentations if we miss them? Thanks!! (excuse my english)

  • Looking forward to Transform.. I havn’t been able to watch the live broadcast do to work, I hope that there will a re-airing of it somewhere.

  • Can’t wait…It is the greatest plugin ever made..

  • Oh, the fanboys!

  • You guys are sick in the f$cking head….. Love it! Ill take it.

  • what!!! dont have to make it editable……is this going to be python?

  • Looks great Nick. Lots of ideas buzzing already. Can’t wait to see all the things it can do.

  • You guys suck so bad!! I hate you and everything you guys do! Your plugin makes me sick!…. BAZINGA!

  • Francisco Garcia April 17, 2012 at 8:43 pm

    I am surprised, not surprised you guys came up with a new tool to destroy things. Hee haw. This is looking like it has some double barrel potential .

  • holy crap! this is exciting! 😀 I can’t wait!

  • what is rayfire and how doesn’t compare?

  • You sir are my hero. Top notch!

  • Want. Can’t wait to play with this.

  • wow! all my respect from ARGENTINA!

  • Wow i need this plug in right now!!release it already

  • Woow Nick, you really have impressed me by doing the collapse in the city, Wow…..

  • by any chance this plugin is used in linkin park’s new album living things intro?. because it looks similar to the albums animation and most of all……… this plugin is really cool

  • Those transformations look very sexy!

  • Brace yourselves…. Showreels are gonna be ‘transforming’ and ‘destroying’ all over the place.

  • Where do I sign… want it now!

  • awesome~!
    love it!!!

  • wow
    holly Shit
    What’s That? It is wonderful !
    I look forward every day to get this tool !
    Thanks Guys

  • This going to be free or a paid?

  • All the stuff I couldn’t get it to do! I want this!

  • Can’t wait to try it out!

  • make some tutorial for “HOW TO MAKE C4D PLUGINS” that viewers can also try to make some new plugins:-)

  • Hey Nick, can’t wait for this one. Dave

  • Amazing results! Funny thing is that I wanted to make this kind of effects soon, tried to figure it out etc.
    After the plugin release I will still try to make it manually 😉

  • Cool cool plugin!we’ll see it on tv very soon i bet! 😉

    Nick I cant find an archive of all C4D NAB speeches…I’d like to see your presentation and royale too and all other rock stars…:)

  • You’re the man Nick. You’re a 4K “game changer”

  • So cool! This is going to be used in way to many videos when it comes out!
    Can’t wait!

  • Is it wired that I’m not happy with this tool? I mean everybody’ll start to do the same stuff.
    It won’t be creative to use this effect anymore. Just saying

    • Yes, the fx is always the same,but i think it’s up tu us to build original scenes/animations involving the effect in a creative way…the trick it’s not to do only the type disappearing on a back…:)

  • ʇı pəəu 🙂

  • Nice stuff! On a sidenote, i like the music/audio effects in your clips Nick. Do you produce them by yourself?

  • Hmm.. I might be going against the grain here but those effects in the video look very similar to anything anyone with a mediocre knowledge of C4D could do. The way the text breaks up in the unilateral square chunks in the way it does has a hint of a basic LoftNurbs with a regular grid applied to it and some dynamics involved. It doesn’t look that complicated to me and I’ve always assumed I’m a bit of C4D novice. Watching the promotional video has lifted my spirits a bit in that I probably know more about C4D than I thought I did. But well done on the plug in. If it makes life easier I’m all for that.

    • I agree. Being GSG I’m sure it will be nicely made, and I’m sure it will be great at what it does. However, I get the feeling that this is a plugin that just does something that can already be done in C4D. Making things easier to do can be great, but it’s nothing particularly new. I feel the same way about the texture pack, of which many (but not all) were all rather basic. The user could actually learn a lot more by making them themselves a few times.

      • I agree this looks just like pretty basic stuff…However, what got me impressed, and I think I may be right is the fact that this works with PROCEDURAL objects without having the need to make editable.

        From that standpoint, this is impressive programming, as you will be able to adjust the procedural properties of the shatter object

        then again I may be wrong

        • totally agree, take a PBlurp, and a couple of PolyFX, and you will have very similar effects. I hope this plugin does not fill the same EFFECT internet again and again. Nick, I love your plugins, but this gives me a feeling that does not bring anything new. Sorry

  • I have a feeling we’ll be seeing this a lot in the up-coming months. Movie trailers, TV promos, etc.

  • Day One Purchase!! , But how many amateur Call of Duty Clan intros are going to be made with this D:


  • Gorilla in disguise? Release with haste… my mind just imploded and exploded simultaneously!

  • Cool. I used Thruasi last time I needed to do destruction modelling and it was quite painful! Look forwards to getting my hands on this 🙂

  • Looks epic!!! I use C4D to make animations and I can see some practical uses for it, looks so much simpler than previous shatter/explosion methods. I could have a character running across a crumbling bridge or something! Would look awesome!!!

  • This is too sick.

    Will it work with all editions of R13?

    • That’s my question as well. It looks similar to the old Thinking Particles pBlurp effect, and if it requires TP, then my poor broadcast edition is left out in the cold.

      Then again, if it does not require TP, it will be a nice addition to the arsenal!

  • Hi. Great stuff!
    But… Look at the collapsing pig. All those fragments doesn’t look natural.
    What do you think?

    • I agree, maybe it’s only a way to show all different kind of chunks; me too i think the wall typo isnt breaking like bricks with all that spiky chunks instead of little bricky chunks…but i bet this plugin it will be very useful in many projects…:)

  • WHAT??! This is sickening! Congrats guys and thanks for sharing your knowledge 🙂

  • Wow! This is mind blowing! Even without changing making objects editable? I especially like the transformer mode where you can change object ‘A’ into object ‘B’. Can’t wait for the launch! Well done guys!

  • Nick and Chris, this looks spectacular. Just got into C4D and this site has been bonkers for me. Thanks for all the effort, and for having the moxy to so candid and open. I salute you!

  • Looking forward to release?

  • So will this be “Rayfire” for cinema 4d? I dunno, It doesn’t seem like it from the demo…

    • You must be new here:

      No, seriously, they’re not even in the same category. Looks cool though.

      • Yeah, pretty new, haha. I was just trying to find some kind of comparison to this plug. haha!

        • Nah.. I guess I’m just pissed off because cinema will always be light years from the 3D heavyweights, even though the gap between motion graphics and 3D/vfx is getting narrower.
          This one could take advantage of the mograph capabilities and dynamics and be cool in a more graphical way (like the new FRINGE logo), and definitely faster to process. I don’t think it will take over destruction plugins or anything, looks more like an advanced fracture but let’s not get ahead of ourselves before trying it!

          • Yeah! I see, thanks for the reply by the way! Can’t wait too see all of the possibilities I can get out of it anyway haha.

  • My showreel has been destroying text long before Trasnform.

  • tic tac tic tac…… 3.2.1…. I cant wait mooooreeee

  • The Transformers effect looks really cool and time saving. Can’t wait to see this one, Nick. I have to say Light Kit Pro has been by far the most useful of anything I’ve added on to Cinema 4D.

  • Looks like a smash hit plugin
    Great work Nick & Chris

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  • Hey Nick,
    Have you ever checked the Catastrophe plugin Nitroman2010 is working on?
    Check it out…

  • ???????? ??????. ??????????? ?????-?? ??????! ????, ???? ?? ??????????…

  • Supa Dupa City!! ouhhh!! Nice Job Bro! you da best.

  • Awesommmmmmeeeeeeee!!!!! You guys are great, i gotta have this awesome c4d Tool…. This blog is simply impressive…

  • Let us know whenever it’s availaible,saving money for this…

  • cant get enough of that wonderful duff! and your plugins dude! 🙂
    how much and when is what we need to know pls gorilla?

  • I didn’t realize that my jaw could drop to the floor before watching this.


  • Isn’t blowing up text etc. a little ‘old hat’ now?
    The plugin itself looks amazingly well crafted however.
    I’m hoping it gets put to use on something other than type.

  • Enjoy your time now 3d artists….. all special effects will be easy like this for amateurs, novices and hacks. It was a good ride for a while huh?

  • Nice!!

  • There is a lot of criticism that everything will be samy, but isn’t the joy of GSG plugins that there are so many things that can be tweaked easily. We don’t have to just blow up text, this could be used for so much more… we just need to use out imagination.

    *saving up.

  • Great Teaser. I want it. I want It NOW!

  • When will this plug-in be available? It would be perfect for a project I’m working on TODAY! lol! Please let us have it TODAY!

  • Waiting for its release…. when its out…?


  • for the uninspired, more art in a can!

  • usually i really dig your work guys but this looks like a fairly cheap attempt. i mean c´mon ! look at some of the other destruction plug ins out there….cross platform ! and then tell me that this is good


  • Will there be controls for the particles? like could I tell my text to turn into bubbles or flowers or teapots or something?
    This plug-in looks so awesome by the way.

  • Looks great, Nick. Judging form the overwhelming positive interest in this, I think you have a “winner” here! Will this work with R12 Broadcast?

  • Hey Nick,

    Great stuff.
    Wil this work in Cinema R12?
    Also: Can you combine this with Mograph physics?


  • This reminds me of my date last night….. Would you please quit teasing me and give it up already???

  • Yeah, I have to agree … simply awesome!

  • your plugin looks spectacular, when is it going to be available, I need to destroy something, anything!

  • Amazing tool.
    You guys are my favorite artist :v
    Used it here :v

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