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Nothing But Cubes Winners

May 29, 2012 - By 


Congratulations to French Motion Designer, Yanis for winning the latest Five Second Project, “Nothing But Cubes”. Slick sound design and tight keyframes made this one really stand out in a field of great entries. Wonderful Job! UPDATE: Yanis posted a Breakdown video of his process animating his winning entry.

This Five Second Project has been the hardest yet to pick a winner. There were so many A+ animations that came though this month. I had to pick a ton of Honorable Mentions just to show you all the great work. With 271 entries, it was also the largest Five Second Project yet. Thanks again for submitting. Look for a new one coming very soon. I hope to keep this a more regular thing moving forward.

Honorable Mentions

Breakdown Video


Greyscalegorilla at Vimeo Festival + Awards

May 24, 2012 - By 

I will be heading to NYC in early June 7th – 9th to speak at the Vimeo Festival + Awards. I have two (that’s right) TWO presentations this year at the festival. First, I will be presenting with Philip Bloom and Blake Whitman about building an audience and how to show off your creative work. Then, I also have a How To Make Titles in Cinema 4D tutorial just for beginners to 3D.

Discount Code!
Vimeo gave Greyscalegorilla readers a special discount code to make it easier for you to get to the festival. Use the discount code “gorilla” to get $40, 2-day all-access passes. It’s about 25% off. It’s a good excuse to get your butt to the festival, give me a high five, and learn some cool stuff. Hope to see you there!


Polygon Reduction Deformer Tutorial Coming Soon

May 21, 2012 - By 

This animation idea went from inspiration to finished rendered tutorial in less than an hour. It’s days like this that make me love Cinema 4D so much. The ability to try ideas, iterate, and make something cool in minutes instead of hours is so fun. I’ll launch the tutorial soon, but do yourself a fun favor, and try to match it before it comes out.



May 18, 2012 - By 

After months of work, Transform is finally out and ready for you to play with. This plugin is very exciting for us for a few reasons. First, it’s the most powerful plugin GSG has ever made. It really became much more than we ever thought it would. It all started as an idea to easily shatter text, and it turned into a fully functional animation tool for any object, text, model, or cloner system you throw at it. Second reason we are excited? This is one of those plugins that has so much potential, we can’t even imagine some of the uses you might come up with for it. In short, we are excited to get in into the artists hands (that’s you!) and see what you make with it. Anyway, check out the videos below and see if Transform is a good fit for the way you work. I will have more tutorials and training coming soon for the Plugin. I really can’t wait to see what you come up with. Happy Rendering!

Visit the Transform Page

Transform Demo Video

Existing Parts Mode Example: Burger And Fries

One of my favorite Effects: Fireworks

Visit the Transform Page


More Renders And Presets From Transform

May 15, 2012 - By 

Here are a few new renders from our upcoming plugin, Transform. We have been working our butts off the last few weeks trying to get this thing out and into your hands. It has really become a more powerful tool than we ever expected. Stay tuned for the launch and pricing. It should be very soon. If you want to know day one when the plugin is ready for launch (and maybe even get it a day early) be sure to sign up for the Newsletter Here.

P.S. Everything below has been animated with no keyframes using Transform.

Burger And Fries Animation (No Keyframes)

Explode Preset

C4D Text With DOF

Fireworks Preset

Simple Cube Spin Example

Original Demo Video


GSG Flag: Free Customizable C4D Flag Scene File

May 9, 2012 - By 

Download the GSG Flag Scene File Here

Just a quick video showing a quick animation I made yesterday. I was playing around making a flag animation and found a pretty simple, stylistic way to do it. It renders super fast and is customizable. Just change the PSD file attached and you can make it whatever you want. A Fresnel on the diffusion is handling all of the shading. I show a bit of the compositing in After Effects at the end of the video too if you are interested. Drop a link in the comments or on the Facebook Page if you make anything cool with it. Enjoy!

Sample Renders

Based on This Current TV Logo Animation.