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May 24, 2012 - By 

I will be heading to NYC in early June 7th – 9th to speak at the Vimeo Festival + Awards. I have two (that’s right) TWO presentations this year at the festival. First, I will be presenting with Philip Bloom and Blake Whitman about building an audience and how to show off your creative work. Then, I also have a How To Make Titles in Cinema 4D tutorial just for beginners to 3D.

Discount Code!
Vimeo gave Greyscalegorilla readers a special discount code to make it easier for you to get to the festival. Use the discount code “gorilla” to get $40, 2-day all-access passes. It’s about 25% off. It’s a good excuse to get your butt to the festival, give me a high five, and learn some cool stuff. Hope to see you there!

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  • Do you ever speak in Los Angeles?? LA has almost no festivals NY has a bunch i dont get it!!!

  • would come if i could pay a flying ticket

  • Philip Bloom also speaks at the festival. Man, why do these things happen always overseas… 🙁

    Are you recording your presentations, Nick?

    • Vimeo might be recording them. I’m not sure though.

      • I hope so!
        Coz i’m with Niels .. i can’t see or came to your place in vimeo festival..
        it’s far a way ( i’m in the other side of the earth..)
        and kinda difficult to be there!

        i like your presentations nick.. it’s full of energy and creativity..!

        for all.. have a nice day!

  • would also be interested to see you in person in Los Angeles

  • Do you also have discount codes for a flight ticket: Lisbon – NY – Lisbon?? 🙂


  • Bummer. I’ll be in Tennessee for Bonnaroo. Would really love to see one of your presentations Nick.

  • Already got my tickets! Looks to be an awesome lineup of workshops and presentations. Can’t wait!

  • Davion Lawrence May 27, 2012 at 2:20 pm

    I’m not attending because i’m in London but i wanna say Nick your simply inspiring.
    I’m sure vimeo will be posting your presentation

  • Would be good if GRAYSCALEGORILLA could organise a WORLD TOUR…. Take 6 -7 month of work and go around the world touring and showing WONDERS of motion graphics to people everywhere in the WORLD.
    I’m sure with the right advertising there will be full house everyday…. Nearly everyone I know in the industry dream to meet the GRAET Nick of GRAYSCALEGORILLA…. I would be in the first row…

    – Andy Smirnov of Sydney Australia

  • I’m there! IAC here we come!

  • Hey Nick,

    What day/time are you presenting?!

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