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After months of work, Transform is finally out and ready for you to play with. This plugin is very exciting for us for a few reasons. First, it’s the most powerful plugin GSG has ever made. It really became much more than we ever thought it would. It all started as an idea to easily shatter text, and it turned into a fully functional animation tool for any object, text, model, or cloner system you throw at it. Second reason we are excited? This is one of those plugins that has so much potential, we can’t even imagine some of the uses you might come up with for it. In short, we are excited to get in into the artists hands (that’s you!) and see what you make with it. Anyway, check out the videos below and see if Transform is a good fit for the way you work. I will have more tutorials and training coming soon for the Plugin. I really can’t wait to see what you come up with. Happy Rendering!

Visit the Transform Page

Transform Demo Video

Existing Parts Mode Example: Burger And Fries

One of my favorite Effects: Fireworks

Visit the Transform Page

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  • To be honest Nick, I’m probably going to buy this… Amazing job! Congrats! =)

  • Congratulations for this new plugin man looks like amazing.

  • They’re great. I’m having so much fun already. Thanks, Nick!

  • Bought this earlier tonight. Time to have a play!

  • Hey Nick

    I noticed in the cloner section that Transform sort of effected the cube grid in a “Floor by Floor” pattern. Is there a way to access each clone individually?

    • Not individually, but if you turn up randomness, then you won’t get a “Floor by Floor” effect.

      • Farhad Sepahbodi May 19, 2012 at 6:11 pm

        Great tool!
        From time to time my scene disappears, my objects are still in the object browser, but my preview window is empty. Happened a few time already. Undo’s don’t do anything. Any ideas?

  • First Congratulations for this new plugin nick..

    But i wonder how can i get this amazing plugin?
    I waana buy this.. but my country didn’t allow master cards or so , even Those things not allowed in country by economic punishment problems !!!

    I think maby these problems will not solve forever!! ๐Ÿ™
    anyway Thanks alot for shearing knowledge with the world nick..
    Have a nice day..

  • It’s great plugin! Nick is SUPER MAN !!

  • I have a question, is it possible to have 2 transforms in the one project. I have a chunk transformer and an object as is transformer but for some reason everything in this object goes massive when I select it. Should I be able to use multple transforms as this would kind of essential for a number of projects? Having great fun with the plugin and if you have any ideas how to make objects appear more solid (apart from thickness) please let us know (I guess there are quite a few plugins out there to chop an object up). But again some great work and cool features. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • HI Jeremy, Using more than one Transform is key to a lot of effects. For example, to literally transform from one object to another, use two Transforms. One set to IN and one set to OUT. I will have a tutorial for that coming very soon.

  • Congratulations Nick! After City Kit this one looks promising as well. I spend hours this week finding a nice way to present stage names in a festival promo video and I ended up using a CSTools Xpresso spring/bounce effect. Nice, but not so spectacular.
    I’ve tried several shatter/break apart plugins but none of them very satisfying. Looks like we finally have one with balls! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • I have a question, how would you go about adding dynamics to the chunks that are generated via transform so that they don’t intersect and interact with each other, because if you got that working that would just made this plug-in all the more powerful.

  • Is it possible for the particles that are falling down to the floor on Collapse mode to have a Dynamic Body tag so they can stay on the “solid” floor instead of going through it? I tried without any success

    • Great idea, Joss. We are working of a way to do that now.

      • will one way i think and its the easy way is to try to make Particle Geometry and put the Particle Group that bin used for the Pieces in the Particle Geometry or whatever you wanna call it! and put Dynamic Body tag on it and done!
        if the plugin uses TP this most work!


  • wat hap for veimo?

  • Thank you and pow … works just fine ๐Ÿ™‚ (paypal)

  • Great work Nick – this full-featured awesomeness will soon be added to our arsenal!
    I can’t wait to see what people come up with when they push the envelope with this one.

  • Hey Nick,

    Excellent job. I am having fun already, I specially like the custom effect and the pre and post effects it had really power to the plugin. What I am missing is the Dynamic part, I mean when you can collapse geometry it should act as rigid body…I hope its an idea for the next release ๐Ÿ˜‰


  • FraLLaN-Studios May 19, 2012 at 4:59 am

    What about collisions?:)

  • very cool plugin!
    Just got 2 observations:
    1) the fact you did not mention a way to avoid intersecting of the pieces puzzles me though…kind of makes one think it wouldn’t work with dynamics.
    2) One thing I don’t fancy too much is the poly shape of the chunks… the possibility of a more “thrausi” chunk look in addition would take it to another level, I think.

    anyhow…great job.

    • this was my thought as well with the thrausi comment. Something a bit more natural/organic so you dont see thousands of greyscale style transformations popping up in the next few weeks with the same telltale poly chunks. great product regardless

  • Attempted the dissolve without using the plugin Its only 30 min of work in cinema but whatever

    I used thrausi but if you want the polygon look than take your object and an explosion deformer, group them together and put that group into a fracture object. Now mograph works so use the plain and random effectors to create the look you want. Random(keyframe the strength) plain(keyframe the movement of the falloff)

    Relatively easy and nothing was made editable! But its takes 30 min to an hours of tweaking so this plugin makes life easire and you can get more work done

    • Can you use thrausi to break the object then put the parts in a fracture and then use the transform plug in animations?

      • I did it. It works, but it’s a little unstable in the editor view. I added dynamics tags to all the ploys and a colider tag for the floor. So it works with all that plus dynamics. I have a thrausi shattered cube (you don’t see that yet) landing and exploding organic chunks using transform and all the pieces fall on the ground. Link soon, i have to finnish it.

    • Lol you overused twitch there

  • This looks like a fun plugin and it looks like a lot of hard work has gone into it but I’m not a fan of plugins like this. I’m sorry if I sound a little critical but I don’t think things like this do anything to inspire original creativity. Knowing how to use a drop down menu and move a few sliders doesn’t make anyone an original artist no more than knowing how to press the ‘sepia’ button on Instagram makes somebody a good photographer. What I like about the tutorials on this site is that you can learn how and why things do what they do and take that knowledge away to apply to your own original creations. Plugins that do everything for you not only reduce a sophisticated program like Cinema down to a mere toy, but over time everybody starts using them and as such, everybody’s work starts to look the same. Learning how to break up and shatter objects from scratch doesn’t only teach you how to break up and shatter objects, you learn a whole lot more about how Cinema works along the way which you can apply to other projects and you may even discover a new and exiting technique that nobody has thought of before. I’m sorry if my comments sound a little harsh, especially given the amount of work that has obviously gone into this plugin, but I’m very passionate about original thought, ideas and creativity, and I just don’t think plugins like this do very much to inspire people to really push their knowledge forward.

    • True for creative work.
      But what if you are working for a client on a tight schedule?

      • Allways the “time is money” argument.
        With plugins like this… clients will say: “hej, i know a dude who can explode 3d text in 1h mintes for 100 dollar.” I’m with Adam. This plugin reminds me of those Text Explode Plugins for Flash 10 years ago. Its fun. Nothing more. But i don’t think its good for the design comunity.

        • I disagree. Tools are built to make MORE things possible. Not less.

          • I agree Nick…as with everything else, this is a tool…everyone will use it the same way they currently use everything else…the “real world” (for lack of better term) designers will design amazing things with it, adding their own twist…others will continue making video’s of their call of duty screen shots, but now they can transform em…it’s kind of the ol’ “if everyone was given the same amount of money, eventually all the rich will be rich again and the poor will be poor again” scenario in my opinion…which no one asked for…Just because a person can now more easily “shatter” extruded text doesn’t mean they automatically have the ability to make it look good, or sell it for that matter……

          • They make it look good by using GreyscaleGorilla’s LightKit Pro and HDRI Studio. Just like everybody else does. I’m certain these plugins kill original creativity rather than inspire it but we’ll just have to agree to disagree.

  • Can you combine the plugin with dynamics?

  • Cameo by Jack!

  • really powerful plugin, we will see this being used on commercials soon

    i am surprised as everyone else you didnt mention anything on dynamics. please post a note about it ๐Ÿ˜€

    congratz nick!

  • Hi, Nick!
    What if the particles of the object intersect?
    Is there a way to use the “Rigid Body” tags?
    It seems that this question is interested in almost all customers.

  • Great job Nick!

    One only thing I honestly do not like is that the chunks don’t really look ‘realistic’.
    You can actually say it’s a 3D render.
    Other than that, I love all the controls!

    • Right now, Transform breaks up your object based on it’s original geometry. But we have some plans soon to make more realistic breaking techniques.

    • Hi Marty,

      try using the knife to cut everything, then divide (‘unterteilen’ in german) and then use existing parts in transform ;O)

  • Thanks Nick! I am really excited about this plugin and I just bought it. Keep up the good work.

  • Hey there Mr Gorilla,

    Nice work on this plugin. Its going to be a nice tool to help out on those tight deadlines (and for a bit of playing about).

    I’ve spotted a few issues however which I thought I’d flag up for you. I’ve installed the plugin on v12 and it appears quite a few of the effects don’t really work in the way I imagine they are supposed to. To give you an example, I compared your intro movie where you use an ‘explode direction’ effect. I tried this effect and found that it explodes generically then dissolves away, but does not act in the same way you show in your movie. This appears to be the case with quite a few of the effects.

    Also, the post effect button does not bring up a new tab allowing for effectors to be applied.

    I was just wondering whether these were issues you are aware of. Or simply something I may be missing and doing wrong at my end.


  • Well worth the money Nick.

    Keep the development coming!

  • hay nick graet work i think this is the best plugin ever seen

  • Iv testing with xbreaker (break object, connect and delete) and go very well. It run in Existing Parts too (without connnect and delete) I miss to can apply dynamics to the result parts. It there anyway to do that? In any case, it provides a lot of possibilities. I like it.

  • Great job with the plug-in, but can you make a rule that nobody uses it on the next 5SP? LOL
    If not, that’s all you’re going to see.

  • Any one else having issues with the R1 and C1 selections on text bevels? As soon as I turn on “chunk” they disappear, or render weird…

    • …specifically on “1 Step” Fillet Type…

      • Yeah…I am finding that C1 using 1 step fillet is only rendering out on some of the letters. Any ideas?

        • Yeah, I’ve had that too…if you add the 1 step fillet and C! it seems like it won’t render on “I’s, E’s, T’s” and I’m sure some others that I haven’t used…also, if you have both an R1 and C1 on the same text, it stops rendering the C1 completely after it is chunked…turn it back to model and it seems fine…

          • I found one quick workaround for this:

            After adding your textures to your text via C1, etc, select the text and hit “C” (make editable). Then, select these newly-editable components, right click, and choose “Connect Objects + delete”.

            Then, add Transform.

            So far, this works without negatively affecting the textures applied.

  • Is that the bad guy painting from Ghostbusters 2 leaning against the wall in the background?

    Plugin looks awesome.

  • HI nick!!!!!!
    Plugin looks awesome!!
    very creative things just happened day by day!!
    what a cool plugin..

    I’ve bake the animation with ” capu..” and play with littel things just more and more in mograph!
    great tool man!!

    • What do you mean with “capu” ? I try to bake the animation with NitroBake and that doesn’t work I tell you.

      How to bake Transform? It’s eating up my machine while rendering and the times are very long, so a baking option would really speed it up I think!

  • Hi Nick,
    Thanks for your awesome plug-in!!!!!!!!! I had a quick question Im having problems when using Transform on a logo .I subdivided it like you say in your transform text tutorial put it in a connect set phong to manual and lowered the phong on my object , im using a scratchy metal texture on cubic projection and whenever i hit refresh i get a lot of texture errors is there any way around this or am missing a step?

  • As with all of Nick’s work and plugins this is another example that will inspire work and creativity. The “kills creativity” theory only applies to those who wouldn’t have been creative in the first place.


  • Nick,

    I’ve been using the transform plugin for a couple of days now and I’m trying to figure out if there is a way to make the tracer object trace the paths of the ‘chunks’ as they move. I’m having some trouble but don’t know if its possible using the transform object. Any thoughts on making that work?

  • can we save our own presets?

  • Oh….so cool! Please onemore sale! I missed seeing your mail!

  • Hi Nick !
    I’ve trouble with this pluggin : when i’m changing the effect in the “Transition” tab, nothing happen : it’s always the same effect… I clicked “Refresh” but it’s the same… Any idea of what’s going wrong…?

  • Hey nick, i dont know, how to morph any objects? maybe a cube morph to a sphere !?

    where i can find this in transform?

    but! awasome plugin !! great! :>

  • Hi Nick just want to say that your tutorials are very usefull and i hope to be able to buy some of your kits soon. Tanks for this teaching work , very nice stuff….regards from Brasil!!

  • Hey Nick, really like the plugin, bought it in the first 24h ๐Ÿ™‚ One question: Would Transform be able to do a kind of polygon unfolding/folding effect. Im sure you know what i mean. The effect where polygons by polygons fold/flip out one after the other. Maybe in the future? I really would love that!

  • It will not work if you choose to chunk the MODEL in the transform is displayed as “Poly Count Too High”, Is not this only changes the object?
    Why do very much in the object polygon data from a large flower with hyperNubs ยท ยท
    PC WIN7 coreI7 3.2GHZ
    Quadro4000 memory 12GHZ
    I have a break but with Japanese translation because Googl

  • .
    Nick i think this is too expensive man and a friend o mine got this plugin for 200 (dont want to say his name ) and we were testing it…And it looks like its a Cinema 4d TP preset loaded in a normal project and is saved as a Cinema4D plugin!! The preset default is located in Cinema4D library and you put a string in python to hide the old interface .
    if you Go to Layer, and if you turn on all levels will appear throughout the project exploded. Am sorry man but if we r wrong lets us know . Yes it is very good and handy but dont you think is too expensive????????

  • Great plugin, as always if y use it whith thrausi or nitroblaste u can make more real chunks
    JUSTE DEMO nothink fancy

  • This is for free in cinema 4d. WHAT IS GOING ON HERE MAAANNN….

    does anyone now thinks that 200 is too much ???? ok look am not gona say anything anymore , this is just my opinion , i know nick worked hard for this , but i feel that there are some loopholes in this situation and in this matter, lets just say am not getting this plugin, there are some other plugins like Nitroblast…….. IS just am a little bit disappointed because this plugin is not so clear from where it came from and what is really under the hood.

    • There are tons of cool plugins to shatter objects for sure. We think that Transform is WAY WAY more than that. Chunk mode is only one of many modes that help animate your scene. I have been using Cloner and Existing Parts a bunch lately. We have huge improvements coming for animating text and cloners. Think of it as an animation tool and not just for shattering. Truthfully, we don’t know what Transform will become, exactly. For now, all we know is that it’s a blast to play with and we hope it helps others make great work.

      • …erm, Nick? Hello.

        CHUNKMODE in actual practice is simply an explode object dropped within an instance. Into the instance one references ones parametric obbject – be that either shape, cloner or text – one drops the two inside a fracture object (apply a mograph tag) – drop the lot into a connect referencing the fracture and B’jingo:

        I just saved every one $200 bucks and actually taught them how a thing works.

        Please. No need to thank.

        R ๐Ÿ™‚

        • If all you need is breaking pieces apart, that should do fine. There are other great plugins that just break stuff apart, too. In fact, Chris made a while back that is exactly the technique Rayne mentions.

          However, we think Transform is way WAY more than just making Chunks. Transform takes those chunks, (or clones, or text, or individual objects) and allow you to animate them easily by using our built in effects, or custom mode where you can build your own effect. Think of Transform not as a simple break apart tool, but an entire animation tool that gives you the ability do DO something with those pieces without keyframes and without setting up your own rigs.

          Transform isn’t for everyone. No plugin is. But we have put a lot of work into this to make it do complicated effects yet still make it easy and fun to use. I really love it and think others will find it useful in their work, too.

      • so is this a plugin or not ?

  • Hey Nick !
    I didn’t have any answer to my problem… Any idea to fix it, please ?

    • Wahou ! New strande thing happened : C4D crashed using Transform. I forced to quit, c4d quit…ans i still have c4d interface on my screen !!! Little bit freaky, isn’t it ? Please Nick, what’s wrong with my transform Plugin ?

  • …Nick, the Transform plugin is not working good. could you please help me to fix it….?

  • Nick can you please help me? I am using text or squares and it does not break up the object! it just moves around randomnly or comes together or it’s really buggy, the refresh button doesn’t show up in the middle but only in the little boxes in the settings. Please help me I really want to use this plugin it looks amazing.

  • Nice tut Nick really inspiring, I’ve a problem using transform with text, I don’t know where the problem comes from, but cinema starts to slow when I put the motext under a connect object and transform lags, it’s very stressful, do you know what’s causing it…

  • Hello Nick !
    This is my fourth message without any answer… Why ?
    I understand that the very first version can’t be totally efficient, but this one is crashing my C4D every time ! An answer from you would be nice…
    I’ve paid a plugin that is not working… ๐Ÿ™ You can understand i’m a little bit disappointed…

    • Glad you found the Support page. If you run into any more problems, contact us there. It should be a much faster response than the comments. Did the support page help?

  • Ok, i’ve just found this link to ask my questions :

  • Just looked under the hood. Looks as if TP object fragmentation is being used in this “plugin.”

    Hmmmm………………….. $200 dollars for an already existing C4D preset?

  • Is there a demo I can download to try this out folks?

  • Hi Nick, love Transform!… i’m wondering how to make the broken up pieces, done by Transform, to bounce off the floor,,like an explosion and the chunks land on the ground…i put a collider tag on the ground,,and rigid body tag to the Mograf text…and even tried the rigid body tag on Transform…but the broken up chunks just fall off screen,,they do not bounce on the ground… how can we do that? is there a tutorial that shows how to do that?

  • how can i open letter like this?

    Can i use transform to do this? please help me

  • Working on a VERY tight budget to make a few film titles and you SAVED us! WELL worth the money when it either comes down to a deadline or wanting another tool to increase creativity.

  • From watching this. Is it possible to only do a section of an object. Like say Collapse, you want a building to break but only a section of the building is affected (which is possibly more realistic). Is it possible to do this or does this plugin only affect the whole object?

  • Would it be really hard to update this plugin to make use of some modynamics? It would be neat to seed an animation with your plugin but instead of the pieces fading away, have them affected at an arbitrary point by modynamics so things could fall back down/bounce/interact with each other. Also, trigger on collision would be great if you wanted an object to affect your transformed pieces on collision and trigger their animation. I guess I don’t do enough hardcore mograph to make use of this as of yet, but if it had dynamics, this would give a great toolset for people who’d like to incorporate your plugin for more realistic sims etc. I’m loving the possibilities here. Nick you are truly awesome. But it seems you probably know that already. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • So big Problem when i try to add thickness to the normal ” Text ” type i am able to add only 1 % or 2 % thickness percent and u cant add more than this percent .. as if u add it more than 2 % thickness u will note that thickness will start to get over your text … even when u apply weld option in chunk mode u still see some over polygons … is there are any solution for that !!!

    Thickness only works perfect with cubes and street lines .. and with curves it start to make polygons over your object or text ..

  • need Cd4 transform plugin…plz paste the link…;(

  • HI ALL
    I have problems…

    i install plugin


    then select transform in menu plugin

    added layer T in layer panle

    But when I add Text(in mograph) and Drag text to Ref Object in transform

    Text Does not move..

    PLEAZE HELP ME !!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hi Nick,

    I’m in a bit of a pickle at the moment. I’ve created a frame via curves and cloned cubes around using the spline effector. I then added the transform plugin with the cloner mode and all the necessary effects and it looks great. Btw the spline effector is plugged into the post effectors window. Everything works until I start rendering. The cubes just pops on and there’s no transformation in between. The preview looks great but it wouldn’t render at all. It just pops on. Please advise.



  • nick, I’m new to cinema4d and curious about how to get TRANSFORM plugin freely?.
    I am enjoying most of your tutorials here and hopefully i will be able to understand the software asap . ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Promblem,

    i got the GSG Version for the c4d r13 studio and nothing?

    no transformation no nothing!


  • Is there any way to use multiple Transforms for one object? For example to make both an In and an Out on the same object (text, etc).

  • Arrr! Help please!
    Loving TRANSFORM on small projects but hit a stumbling block.
    I’m trying to use TRANSFORM to transition between two quotes.
    1st quote – 3 lines long – 14 words
    2nd quote – 4 lines long – 18 words
    The problem I’m getting is CHUNK COUNT TOO HIGH
    That’s with a subdivision of 2 and for immediate points >uniform>2
    Using a 2.4 GHz Intel Core i7 8gb memory
    All help would be very gratefully received!!
    Thank you!

    • Hi Jimmy.

      Try turning the global chunks down, or going into advanced settings and upping the chunk limit if your computer can handle it. Hope that helps.

  • Hi Guys, just made a composite of a 3D can sitting on a table in a photograph. Everything looks how it should apart from the shadows are being projected past the table into thin air! The can is sitting on a plane with a compositing tag attached. Any ideas??? Thanks in advance, Paul

  • Hello. The plugin breaks my texture. I looked through all the lessons on the plugin on your site, played with all the settings, but nothing helps. I can send a screenshot with all the settings that can help you with a solution to my problem.
    Here are two links to images “with” and “without” plugin.
    Thank you!

  • I have been using the plugin from Greyscale Gorilla called transform.

    The tool is very cool, but as the scene may increase in complexity, the system bogs down very quickly. My system is no weakling either, 24gig of ram with a core i7.

    My question – can I do some kind of cache on the transform animation just as I am able to cache dynamics?

    Any suggestions welcome.


  • Great plug in Nick ! but unfortunately I am a victim of not learning this properly. I have a good configuration with 24 gb ram, 8 mb cache of processor , 3rd generation motherboard and 2gb gpu. I was working with GSG Transform and put it on a high poly text. when i was playing with the high parameters my pc was choking. but i was mesmerized by the greatness of fracture. i didn’t stop. suddenly my pc shutdown directly without blue screen. it responded to frequent restart. yet i can’t do work with that pc because the pc restarts now and then and gradually it restarts frequently within seconds. i checked that it’s not a problem of windows. Can i know ,if it’s not your business policy, that which parts the GSG Transform use while breaking the polygons in a massive count and transforming those In and Out, using effects like chunk? can you give me an idea that which part can go wrong with an overdose. is it processor or mainboard or gpu. I used C4D about 4 months. I rendered files that took 10 hours at a stretch using the CPU 100 % continuously but never shut.

  • hey people,
    looks like a great plugin!
    does it work with Vray for c4d?

  • Strange, having a small issue in r15 when rendering to picture viewer, it’s blank.

  • Hi I just reinstalled transform plugin on my cinema 4d r16 software.. But I can’t see the the ref object option. What can do to find it?

    • You now just put the object in as a child of Transform. Watch the “What’s New” Video and you will see the more changes.


  • Is it possible to combine C4D R19 Sound Effector + GSG Transfrom?

    Please see examples.

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