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Congratulations to French Motion Designer, Yanis for winning the latest Five Second Project, “Nothing But Cubes”. Slick sound design and tight keyframes made this one really stand out in a field of great entries. Wonderful Job! UPDATE: Yanis posted a Breakdown video of his process animating his winning entry.

This Five Second Project has been the hardest yet to pick a winner. There were so many A+ animations that came though this month. I had to pick a ton of Honorable Mentions just to show you all the great work. With 271 entries, it was also the largest Five Second Project yet. Thanks again for submitting. Look for a new one coming very soon. I hope to keep this a more regular thing moving forward.

Honorable Mentions

Breakdown Video

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  • Those orange cubes, were amazing! *-*
    Can anyone tell me how those were textured?

  • Awesome!!! All of them!
    One day I’ll reach this level!!

  • Nice work and the last one was my favourite… super stylish!

  • Great winners again! Amazing what you van do with cubes.

  • thank you very much I am really really happy and pleased to have participated ! this is my first participation ! If you have love, I posted the breakdown on Vimeo :
    Thank you Nick & Thank you all

  • Wow, freaking sick. Nice job to winner and all runner ups. I thought mine was all cool, then i saw all the other entries. Then i went home and cried realizing how much more experience i need, lol. But nice work, the winning entry was dope!

  • To little time,can be extended for about 8-10 second project?

  • Thank you so much for the honorable mention! Fred and I spended more time then what we expected on Cube All Year Round but it was a lot of fun and we are really happy that we participated!
    Thanks everyone!
    P.s. Here is a quick and dirty making of…

  • Congratulation to the well deserved winner und the honerably mentioned!
    See you on the next 5-sec-project – keep on rocking!

  • Gordon Stewart May 29, 2012 at 9:59 pm

    Congrats to the winner and runners-up. This was a lot of fun and a good way to work the ol’ synapses.

  • Great work all round guys. Some proper next level stuff in there. Just a quick question to the collective brain, in Yanis’ anim he uses that folding polygon building technique and I was wondering if anyone could clarify how to do something like this.



  • Great Videos! The only work i made with cubes long time ago was this here.

    Mograph test time 🙂

    Congrats to the winners!

  • Thank you Nick for the honorable mention! My girlfriend is so proud, she will take me out for dinner tonight, so…thanks again. I just canÂŽt wait for the next 5sec project. It would be so cool if these contests would be just a little bit more frequently. Keep on rocking!

  • Great work ! But I guess I will have to work harder! 🙂 Here is mine

  • I didn’t win? It must be a fix. Seriously though, some great entries. I liked the one where the cubes were kissing and the big cube came up and frightened the boy cube to do a little cube poop. Not sure who made that but it made me laugh and I thought it would at least be in the honourable mentions but there a was a lot of tough competition. Well done to everyone.

  • I’d love to see a breakdown of the Hugs one. The mix of live action with what I’m guessing is a mograph dynamics thing was very cool.

  • No disrespect intended, but to be totally honest, I felt a bit disappointed when I discovered that Yanis’ dope animation is in fact relying on a (great) script for the most part…The first time I saw Yanis’ entry, I immediately thought about ways to reproduce such a cool unfolding effect, and started experimenting on my side….I really wish it had been done 100% “by hand”….Does anyone feel the same? Again, the end result is great so maybe the end justifies the means after all…

    • The script is the reason my result was so similar

      In his, and my, defense the script is in German and never seems to work. The script just informs you on where to put the axis and then I hand animated the movement, rotation and scale on every one of the polygons . If the script was so easy to use you would see this technique EVERYWHERE.
      I can teach anyone how to do this with NO script but its slow and monotonous

    • Hi guys ! you can download the project Files on my Website
      THE FILES:

  • I’ve gotta say, of all the 5 second shorts Mr. Campbell has hosted, the entries for this one have impressed me the most..

  • They are all greeeaaaaat! The one with the cubic oranges is my fafourite. COngrats!

  • Hi all,
    thank you so much for all your messages from around the world. You can download the source file (C4D) on my Website. !!! Congratulations to all participants !!
    Again thank you for your support, do not hesitate if you have any questions!

  • Its funny, everyone used text

  • I posted a breakdown of my entry here

    Thanks to everyone, I’ve never gotten so much awesome feedback!

  • When will be the next Contest?

  • thx, always, nick

  • Hey Nick,
    I recently started to do some real stuff with c4d (was only playing around with it before) and I want to join the five second projects. I see June didn’t have one, I hope July will :P.
    Will there be one this month?

    Also, everyone, please take a look at my reel (click on my name) and please critique it! I tried to follow the 5 tips at the Reel Critique page, which were very helpfull, but if I failed, please say so.

    I hope there will be another five second project and some feedback on my reel :P.


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