Polygon Reduction Deformer Tutorial Coming Soon

May 21, 2012 - By 

This animation idea went from inspiration to finished rendered tutorial in less than an hour. It’s days like this that make me love Cinema 4D so much. The ability to try ideas, iterate, and make something cool in minutes instead of hours is so fun. I’ll launch the tutorial soon, but do yourself a fun favor, and try to match it before it comes out.

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  • Exciting, this looks really interesting! When do you plan to get up the videos from the 5 s project by the way?

  • Pretty cool! Especially for the amount of time taken.
    Though a different amount of time it reminds me of this…

  • Jhonattan Rodriguez May 21, 2012 at 10:47 pm

    En poco tiempo Nick C. Se volvio en una de las personas que mas admiro… Buen Trabajo… 🙂

  • I figured it out, what’s the prize? JK – I’ll post a vid in the morning for proof though. Thanks Nick, learned a ton from your site.

  • I took a stab at it for a few minutes. I came up with this,….
    Not too sure how you made yours, since there are many ways to create things in Cinema4d, but
    they process I used was fairly simple.


  • I messed around for a couple minutes

    blam blam


    Did you use a pyramid with 8 segments? An octahedron with 20 segments? I had issues with the sphere and the pyramid so said f&*k it and just started extruding a polygon.

  • Cool, did you do the music as well Nick?

  • very nice.please tutorial.

  • Arrrgh… thought I should have a crack!
    Got a little frustrating there. I’ve probably over complicated the process… I look forward to the tutorial!

    Here’s what I came up with:

  • PS, there are some JPG artefacts on the preview frame of the video that give the red a nice texture, almost a shame the red is nice and smooth in the video 😉

  • Hey Nick,
    I love the videos but what really found interesting was those weird uhm… drum n bass? dubstep?
    soundtracks that people nowadays use… What’s the keyword to find some of them? and where?

  • that´s another advanced polygonal example with a similar technique,i guess. maybe with sound effectors applied.

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