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Hot Wheels and C4D!!!! Chris and I have been working on a Toy Car rig the last few days using Xpresso and Dynamics. Here are some of the test renders. They show a lot of promise. We want to make the cars look more realistic and, of course, add more tracks, jumps, obstacles and stuff. Maybe we can have inter-office obstacle course battles soon. Next up, monster trucks. So fun.

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  • They look great, the first one is awesome

  • Geeze must be nice to play all day. Wonder what client your working on this for.

  • God damn, will you be doing a tutorial on how to make these soon? It looks like so much fun! I love dynamics stuff but there’s so much information that doesn’t get covered by tutorials online etc.

  • Now this looks like a fun day at work ; )

  • Oh man, this time you guys got me! My faible for moving toys and 3D combined almost made me wet my pants!

  • hard to say this is work 🙂

  • Interesting start. Hope something good comes out of it!

  • Wait.. what..? whut? amazing

  • Looks great I like how they eventually cycle through in the top render. I have been playing with dynamics as well and made a totally dynamics roller coaster. Took me weeks to tweak and it is still not perfect. Check it

  • Hi Nick, great stuff! Love the way they just keep trying to move forward, reminds me of some little battery-powered cars I had as a kid.

    You inspired me to do something I’ve always wanted to do, recreate the hot-wheels loop-the-loop in 3DS Max. Take a peek..

  • Toy Car rig download link is missing ^^

  • Epic collision on the bottom track at :56!

  • Ohhhh.. thats was awesome .. so much fun to see.. grate nick..! 🙂

  • Playing with toys 2.0


  • Really cool simulation. Dynamics in C4D are really superb now. All of my work is done with Xpresso and dynamics also feature heavily, including cloth simulation. Looking forward to seeing more of this project and very interested in seeing how it develops!

  • Looks like a lot of fun.

    I like how the cars seem to “reverse” if stuck for a longer period of time. Is it some kind of “if” statement being used in Xpresso or is just timed (like 25 sec forward then 25 sec reverse)?. Chris did a tut for a dynamic car with motors and it’s fairly easy to receate but was wondering if you guys did some kind trickery with the getting stuck part?

  • Ha you got me inspired I’m making some thing now with little toy cars to 😀

  • I could watch that for hours 😀 especially the last one
    Pretty Epic.
    Thinking about doing this with little skateboards in a halfpipe

    • Dang! I was just about to post the same thing. Maybe it’s the kid in me but I could watch that for hrs too. I was hoping one of those cars would get out of the bowl. They say watching fish is therapeutic, forget that. Give me a bunch of wind up cars on a track/bowl.

  • Had an hour off work right now and made this inspired by Ian

  • You two must have so much fun together with cinema 4d! 🙂
    Awesome stuff!

  • Nice work!)

  • Hey there. Funny stuff. looking forward to the result. There is a car-rig at … maybe it helps or you guys can build up on it.


  • hey gorilla your video’s not working on my pc this is the mgs…
    “This website/URL has been blocked until further notice either pursuant to Court orders or on the Directions issued by the Department of Telecommunications”

  • would it be possible to write Xpresso so that the cars try to avoid each other?

  • A test I did a while back with Dynamcis, just marbles though

  • Love it Nick! Just curious, how long did it take roughly to render the 2nd video? (The one with the balls and cubes shooting out of the middle).
    I’m rendering on an i7 quad (8threads), and am currently building a 8core(16thread) mini farm to assist it. Please reply 🙂

  • Snazzy music meets Great physics and rendering.

    Best combonation invented!

    Nice work, nick!

  • Needless to say that you guys have no limits in your creativity :O

  • Hi! How did you get the track to stay an equal width? I tried making the track with sweep nurbs and a spiral spline but for some reason the top of the track was very wide and the bottom of the track was very slim, I tried everything I could to fix it but the track still won’t stay an equal width 🙁

  • Paschou Constantin July 1, 2015 at 12:43 pm

    looks really cool… Could it be possible to put a health bar on top of the cars, and with every hit the bar goes down until it finally stop the car?

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