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Here is the last week of Car Battle test renders. The one above is our first official Car Battle with a real winner. The winner wasn’t chosen at the beginning. Only after the scene was baked out did we know who would be the last car still on his feet. All the cars are driven purely by dynamic motors and a ton of Xpresso that adds logic to the cars so that they don’t get stuck. The next step is to make different style cars that have different drive properties and have them battle out. I really want to give each car a number and name on their materials as well. We hope to have some tutorials on this coming soon as well. In the mean time, hope they are at least fun to watch.

Camera Rig and Roller Coaster Test

Loop De’ Loop with Free-Fall Cars

Loop De’ Loop Crash

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  • Alexey Konovalov June 13, 2012 at 3:34 pm

    What is a black car won?)) have been those two flip)) is a good idea.

  • I picked black. Yesssssssssss (Napoleon Dynamite style)

  • Please, make a tutorial about creating these amazing motor sounds from the Camera Rig and Roller Coaster Test !

  • This model car obsession has me wondering how your digital pin ball obsession is coming. Very cool!

  • I knew black was going to win! HAHA!!

  • Hey Nick,
    What music track are you using in the Loop Deโ€™ Loop Crash video. Can you dig it? Yes I can!

  • Totally guessed black. ๐Ÿ˜›

  • You guys have seriously way to much time on your hands.. lol Love the roller coaster sound effects.. nicely done!

  • So much fun to watch!!! Way to go guys!!! LOL!

  • Hi,
    wow that is absolut cool.

  • Love the sound effect of the “Roller Coaster” one!!

  • Hey Nick – why not use your Flag Scene File to create a checkered flag for the race ‘winner’?

  • Wonderfull.
    You’re a monster of C4D and Dynamics.
    By the way……. Have you ever heard of Newton’s Cradle?
    I’ve been trying make it with C4D and Dynamics, and it’s been impsoble for me make it works properly. I’m near of the success, but it’s not completly perfect.
    What if you make a toutorial about this?…. Just in case that you success the challenge ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • I suppose the next plugin will be a car rig plugin? like ‘craft director studio’ or ‘hyene drive’.
    (practising and having fun untill then)

  • You got tot much time on your hands Nick… ; )
    Nice project thought!

  • Can you do a quick tutorial on creating the tracks in your Hot Wheels/Roller Coaster tests, please?

  • Love to see the Xpresso for this…hint ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • i choose red one ๐Ÿ™ do it again. i believe red will win:)

  • Im really gona have to get into Xpresso. Im sure we can all make a simple car and motor by now there’s loads of tuts out there but to get them to know if there stuck and kick into reverse. Thats cleaver, and thats beyond me.
    Anyway these are great, and are also a reminder of why I fell in love with C4D. Its kinda like advanced lego, and I get to play with toy cars again.

  • Great job on the videos, especially: Camera Rig and Roller Coaster Test. I couldn’t stop laughing with the “real-engine” sound effects for the car.

    Loved it.!!!!

  • How render an object with the shade on a transparent blueprint?.

  • Daniel Eduardo Veliz Rodriguez June 15, 2012 at 9:40 am

    How render an object with the shade on a transparent blueprint?

  • The sweet chrome rims really set this project off!!

  • I love the self-made car noises! Brilliant!

  • It’s ridiculous how much I enjoyed the car competition – how old am i?!

    This idea has legs. I’m thinking international live TV coverage, dedicated car smash gambling warehouses in vegas, merchandise and a world tour. Just for starters anyway..

  • Your car sound effects just made my day!

  • Truly amazing! The sound, the dynamics, the cars, all create a unique atmosphere. It would be interesting to see a wider stage and car in the style of Tron light cycles.

  • I want a Tutorial for this!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I also want all your plugins for Freeeeeee!!!!!!!!
    Lets hope one of these comes

  • Next plugin…. GSG profesional car rig!! jeje

  • must…have…tutorial…

  • liking the looks of that camera rig on the rollercoaster

  • FUN – love it, maybe we take bets $$$ on the car… just kidding.
    Definitely want to see the backroom info : rig & Xpresso when available, thanks!

  • You should use your latest TRANSFORM to destroy the cars when they go off the edge!!!

  • too much fun!!! I tried building loop de loop crash…simple rig on the car, just a base and connectors for the wheels…I can’t figure out how you guys did the multicars? i’ve tried different triggers, cloners, etc…I’m guessing it’s all in XPresso…best site ever!!!! THANKS

    • have you tried using an emitter? i tried couldn’t get them to go straight though just kept piling on top of each other

  • Hey i love the idea of this carbattle arena … how about a little competition who can create the funniest and best looking arena? I think greyscalegorilla should do more competition stuff because you have a really creative and great fanbase. I would love to see some competitions ;D

    Mfg Vinzent

  • You are simply the “BEST” Mr Nick… I just love your stuff all time.

  • figured out how to make multicars…emitter, just that easy! birthrate at (1) speed at (10)…worked for me anyway…

  • This is really great stuff. Think Chris should put together an Xpresso course for all us subjects of knowledge. Keep up the excellent work and Thanks..

  • Hmm… This is so familiar,
    I’ve watched a Cineversity a year ago or more – that was Live streamed. And they showed how to do the rolller coaster and the camera follower etc. Very easy indeed. Can’t remember the link

  • Hey Nick, I tried to rebuild this and i made a track and everything but i can’t get my car to work on the track. it just falls straight through. I have a collider body on the track and everything. Do you know what’s wrong?

  • I would love if you made a tutorial on how to make the roller coaster! That would be awesome!
    I love your work!

  • Hey Nick !
    Can you please make a tutorial on how to model the rollercoaster ? ?

  • You guys at Greyscale Gorilla have really helped me jump into 3D animation after being afraid of it for so many years. I keep coming back to this test and hope for a tutorial addressing the rigging of the coaster scene. Im sure Im not alone in this! ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Very cool Nick!
    What about having real car damages when they crash! Destruction derby!

  • Hello! What’s music playing in the video?

  • Gaspar Salazar Gattรกs July 3, 2015 at 11:34 am

    Hey, just to say many thanks for all the work you put, sharing your knowledge with the community. You and your pals are a reference in cinema and most important, in the way you are with what you do, fun and educational. Don’t mind the people telling you that you have too much time in your hands. That`s the life, men, doing what you want and with passion. I wish i have all the time possible to try different aproaches, learn new stuff and go after my own dreams. Cheers from Chile, keep on rockin. Also, lovely sound fx. Un abrazo

    pd: looking forward to the expresso rig you made!!!

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