Happy Red White And Blue Day

July 4, 2012 - By 

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  • Nice 🙂

  • Nick, what do you think of V-ray for Cinema?
    I’m thinking of getting it. I have Maxwell render and it’s really good but not very fast…
    Is it worth the doe?

  • What’s up with the balls? I like balls too, but this is obsesion ;p

  • I’m prety damn sure it is physical render looking by the little amount of grain in the dark areas .

  • Hi there Gorilla.
    I know based on what you have shown in the past (like recreating nice ads etc) that you have all the skills to get a little more creative with C4D i.m.o. I don’t want to disrespect or nothing because you do have a great site here, but personally i am increasingly getting dissapointed by seeying someone as great with c4d doing so much spheres. Keep up the good work here, but it would be great to see a little bit more growth on a 3d creative level here.

  • Go for new ideas (c)

  • I think there’s more to the picture than balls. Easier for the crowd to get a grip of the lighting, which makes it easier to try to recreate. And during that U might learn something about lighting 🙂 maybe that’s just me. I personally find lighting a scene the hardest if U wanna do it from scratch.

    Thx for a nice site… Nick’s the Man!

  • I very like american people. Each year, they celebrate my birthday.

  • Can’t see any white in there, just grey, desaturated colors on a bunch of balls….

  • Cubes are the next big thing!

  • WoW every one hating on the spheres.

    Think people are missing the point!

    Happy 4th Nick!!!!!

  • Red, White and Blue day… Great Britain? 😀

  • Psychedelic RGB day 🙂


    just a bit of C4D

  • hmmm. Nick, i think you should only use spheres from here on out. Everything you do should be based on spheres. Even teach us how to model a sphere. I think it would be pretty awesome.

    Thanks for the endless FREE tutorials and extremely underpriced plug-ins, lighting kits, texture kits that half the motion graphics world uses on a daily basis. Go Spheres!

  • Hey! bud, just wanted to tank you for all your awesome tutorial specially the Transformer—you ROCK!

  • Heeeeyy! Whaddaya know? More balls.


  • For such a hairy gorilla, your balls are remarkably smooth. What’s your secret?

  • ..Ive always loved Nicks balls


  • 3d_hairdresser July 6, 2012 at 9:09 pm

    probably he did it with the new 3delement from videocopilot!

  • Nice render and I like the spheres but maybe balloons would have been a better choice? Espeically in this arrangement and could have shown off some SSS skills too…mmmm something to try I think.

    Thanks again for all the fantastic, informative and funny tutorials over the years dude!

  • Looks like vray for c4d) My test renders with area lights looks the same. How about LightKitPro for c4d’s vray?)

  • Thanks again Nick. always a treat coming to your site.

    To those who don’t like spheres, try balloons.

    See who can get a great balloon effect in C4D.



  • More spheres? soooo creative.


  • I need to create a amount of balls like that all white , but coming from the side merging together. Any similar tutorials about this?


  • I want to download the tutorials,but I just can’t find the button….

  • Nice renders, liked it very much.

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