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Cinema 4D R14: Our Favorite Features So Far

August 17, 2012 - By 

We have been playing with R14 at the GSG Studios for the last week and I wanted to share some of our favorite new features we are most excited about so far. This is far from a real review, but just a collection of quick opinions and thoughts so far about the new version, some new features and what we have had the most fun with.


The new aerodynamic settings are pretty simple to set up. There are only two settings to play with: Drag and Lift. Combine those settings with wind and you have instant, realistic aerodynamics. Chris has been playing with making planes fly around on their own and he said it was super easy to set up. Excited to learn more about this one.


I can’t model. I won’t model. I’m not the guy to get excited about the new sculpting stuff. But, the modeler types at SIGGRAPH had great things to say about the new sculpting tools. “It’s not as powerful as Z-Brush, but it’s way easier to use” seems to be the consensus. I played around with it and the symmetry settings seem like the most fun for making fun shapes. I definitely see the need for this for “Real” modeling, but I can also see this being super fun to use for making abstract shapes and adding a bit of organicness (is that a word?) to your renders. I really want to see what the Mographers do with these new tools.

Camera Calibration

Super Fast. Super Fun. Very accurate and forgiving, too. I took this photo of books laying on the table with my iPhone and within 10 minutes we had the camera solved, the books projected onto cubes and marbles falling down them like stairs. Being able to pan around a photo this quickly is magic to my eyes. Sure, this was always doable with Projection Man, but it was NEVER this easy and fast. This is the unexpected hit for me. I thought the new aerodynamics my be my favorite feature, but it’s the new Camera Calibration system i’m most excited about.

Shift C

I didn’t know anything about this feature until Chris told me about it. It’s basically LaunchBar for Cinema 4D. Hit Shift-C and type in what you want. No more remembering what menu less used tools are in. No more searching around. Just hit Shift-C and type that rare tool you only use one a month or so and there it is. You can even drag it directly from the search into your interface. Cool, Right?

We have a ton More planned for Cinema 4D R14 in the next month or so and some tutorials for launch day, too. But until then, Toolfarm is having a special if you were thinking about upgrading from earlier versions to R14. If you buy R13 in August, you will get the upgrade to R14 for free when it comes out September 6th. As always, I recommend getting the Studio Version so you can have ALL the new toys to play with. Stay tuned for more R14 stuff soon. Have fun!


Half Rez: A Motion Design and Cinema 4D Mini Conference

August 17, 2012 - By 

UPDATE: Half Rez is sold out.

Friends, Beer, Cinema 4D, Food, Presentations, Learning, Chicago, Beer, Conversation, High Fives.

We are pretty excited to announce, Half Rez. It’s A free four hour mini-conference in a great venue packed with presentations on C4D and motion design, including the newest features in R14. It’s created by ChicagoC4D, Greyscalegorilla, and sponsored by Maxon USA.

We may be a bit biased, but we think it will be pretty sweet. Chicago and the midwest is becoming a sort-of mecca of great Cinema 4D artists and motion designers and we wanted to create a night just for us; for the people that make stuff and have fun doing it.


Chicago C4D and Greyscalegorilla are organizing, I will even be waving my arms around on stage as the MC for the night. Thanks to Maxon USA for sponsoring the event.

Our speakers include:

  • Nick Campbell
  • Chris Schmidt
  • Jack Bransfield
  • Chris Morris
  • Brian McCauley


The Brewers’ Lounge at Revolution Brewing
2323 N. Milwaukee Ave.
Chicago, IL 60647


Wednesday September 19, 2012
6pm – 10pm: Food from 6-8pm


  • Because you want to see the latest amazing work people are doing with Cinema.
  • Because you want to learn more about R14’s newest features from great artists.
  • Because you want to meet and network with the talented, friendly, and interesting folks in the C4D/motion graphics community.
  • Did I mention beer?


Tickets are free, but space is limited so you need to pick up a ticket at You must be 21 to attend. Space is limited, so please only grab a ticket if you intend to be in the Chicago area that night.


Greyscalegorilla At Siggraph 2012

August 6, 2012 - By 

In LA? Going to Siggraph? Stop by the Maxon booth where tons of Cinema 4D artists, including Chris and yours truly, will be hanging out, playing with C4D R14 and doing some fun new tutorials. There might even be a tutorial dance party with how loud the Tone L?c is across from the booth this year.

OK. So, you are a lazy bum. You would rather stay home, watch the Olympics and eat Cool Ranch Doritos. I get it. Good thing Maxon is streaming Siggraph on C4DLive. Check there for the full schedule and details and head into the chatroom. This year’s line up is full of great presenters, so you better be there.


Maxon Announces Cinema 4D R14

August 1, 2012 - By 

Maxon just announced Cinema 4D R14 today. Of course, it features a bunch of cool new features. Check out their announcement page for all the new stuff. I’m still learning more about all the new features, but so far, i’m really excited about aerodynamics, sculpting, built in color correction, and camera matching. Hope to learn more at Siggraph next week and report back to you guys with tutorials soon.

Learn More About R14