Cinema 4D R14: Our Favorite Features So Far

August 17, 2012 - By 

We have been playing with R14 at the GSG Studios for the last week and I wanted to share some of our favorite new features we are most excited about so far. This is far from a real review, but just a collection of quick opinions and thoughts so far about the new version, some new features and what we have had the most fun with.


The new aerodynamic settings are pretty simple to set up. There are only two settings to play with: Drag and Lift. Combine those settings with wind and you have instant, realistic aerodynamics. Chris has been playing with making planes fly around on their own and he said it was super easy to set up. Excited to learn more about this one.


I can’t model. I won’t model. I’m not the guy to get excited about the new sculpting stuff. But, the modeler types at SIGGRAPH had great things to say about the new sculpting tools. “It’s not as powerful as Z-Brush, but it’s way easier to use” seems to be the consensus. I played around with it and the symmetry settings seem like the most fun for making fun shapes. I definitely see the need for this for “Real” modeling, but I can also see this being super fun to use for making abstract shapes and adding a bit of organicness (is that a word?) to your renders. I really want to see what the Mographers do with these new tools.

Camera Calibration

Super Fast. Super Fun. Very accurate and forgiving, too. I took this photo of books laying on the table with my iPhone and within 10 minutes we had the camera solved, the books projected onto cubes and marbles falling down them like stairs. Being able to pan around a photo this quickly is magic to my eyes. Sure, this was always doable with Projection Man, but it was NEVER this easy and fast. This is the unexpected hit for me. I thought the new aerodynamics my be my favorite feature, but it’s the new Camera Calibration system i’m most excited about.

Shift C

I didn’t know anything about this feature until Chris told me about it. It’s basically LaunchBar for Cinema 4D. Hit Shift-C and type in what you want. No more remembering what menu less used tools are in. No more searching around. Just hit Shift-C and type that rare tool you only use one a month or so and there it is. You can even drag it directly from the search into your interface. Cool, Right?

We have a ton More planned for Cinema 4D R14 in the next month or so and some tutorials for launch day, too. But until then, Toolfarm is having a special if you were thinking about upgrading from earlier versions to R14. If you buy R13 in August, you will get the upgrade to R14 for free when it comes out September 6th. As always, I recommend getting the Studio Version so you can have ALL the new toys to play with. Stay tuned for more R14 stuff soon. Have fun!

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  • The shift C command is spending me so much time… epic

    • The Shift C is cool but it has always been there in a different form. In older versions simply click Shift F12…. I do believe it is the same concept. In R13 it is found under “Window” the scroll over Customization, then Customize Commands and type! 🙂

  • Thank you so much for sharing your experience with us!
    I’m looking forward to R14. Everytime a new version comes out that’s like christmas to me.

  • Thanks for the info.. Always like to here other Artist’s opinions.. I hope to see you at the Half Rez conference.. It’s only a 3.5 hour drive.. I just gotta talk the wife into lettin me =)

  • This looks fantastic! Hopefully it won’t be too long before we get upgraded 😀

  • Gutted that the Camera Calibration tag isn’t available in Broadcast 🙁

    • R14 Broadcast is actually a bit of a disappointment (just got it in). Only new features Broadcast seems to have over Prime is Motion Camera and Camera Morph.
      Kinda sucks really.
      Calibration would be in such demand for a ‘broadcast’ package, I think not including it (and forcing you to get the more expensive Studio) feels like a con.

  • So excited! been playing with the demo and can wait to get the full version 😉

  • I can’t wait to start playing around with this. How is the camera calibration compared to AE6?

  • Sculpting is great in Cinema 4d 14 but it can not be compared to zbrush. What is most important is that they inserted tools for modeling, which is commonly used in zbrush. I hope that with the new sculpting tools work perfectly with GOZ.

  • I’m (disproportionately) excited about guides and snapping.

  • Nice info nick, Thanks for sharing. The expectations from maxon are almost dying since received this update. Besides of the intuitive interface and mograph let point out few things. 3ds Max has got new nodes of TP 5. There are various improvements in TP 5. Such as the vehicle simulation system. The amount of particles to handle with nvidia physics engine. Plenty of improvements. Plus 3ds Max have Iray and mental ray which are again using The power of Cuda Technology. Renderings are fast and much more efficient. Almost every sophisticated studio prefers Cuda or Open CL technology to overcome the rendering challenges with efficiency. Maxon c4d lacks the power. It has the same outdated TP nodes. There is still no improvement i havs noticed in the engine overall. You cant cross the limited number of polygons. If you do then you are doomed. Probably maxon cant code Open CL. Buying m4d is not an option. What actually do you think cinema4d is for high end professionals ? Or for mid level broadcast designers ? I am very disappointed with this release. They could have send an update containing these features. Why a newer version ? I have sent an email to maxon too highlighting these lackings. Hopefully they are not gonna do anything on it. I loved Maxon. But seriously thinking to migrate to Max. Very disappointed with this release.

    • Yes, I think a great thing to do in cinema would be a real RT render engine… We can have it with Vray RT, but the price….

    • AFRICANrtafricanrtafricanrt August 27, 2012 at 2:37 am

      I agree especially with the TP Comment… TP, in my opinion, in 3DS Max is unparalleled in particle simulation, and how well it integrates with so many other plugs for particle simulation. (FumeFX, etc) Cinema 4D TP is really left wanting! I think someone should look into this story!

    • Actually IRAY is available for C4D (Just FYI for anyone reading this wanting to use GPU based rendering. (

  • I can’t wait! I just upgraded to R13 today so that I can get R14 next month.

  • “Shift C” awesome!!!!

  • Okay, looks like the people have been heard.
    Lots of great improvements, as far as I can see. 🙂

    Still, I think a lot of what’s “new” is something that should have happened a long time ago, but better late than never!
    But this release fixes a great many things I’ve lost hours of work time and spent sleepless nights over, such as direct Nuke support and FBX handling.

    can you tell me if the render engine now supports multipass rendering without having to render the Beauty pass as well?
    Also, I’m curious whether or not real RGBA buffers are available (object buffer with RGBA and alpha for shadows). Twiddling around with not quite functional workarounds and using multiply to effect shadows is really something that should have happened a long time ago. 🙂
    Also, do we have a native point position pass?

    I’m excited about this release, but somehow I feel that many things could have been done differently, or at least if Maxon wants Cinema to become a “big boys” program (a term I really hate, since I still do believe that it’s about how YOU find solutions, not how many menus one has ;)) one would think that they’d focus on getting the basic features and such to a more robust and reliable standard, and not add a ton of features that sound really inviting but might prove to be better handled within a dedicated software (I’m not saying AE CS6 3D tracking is a bad idea, but you get my point).

    Anyway, here’s hoping my hair starts growing back soon 🙂

    Best regards,
    Onni Johansson
    LOMA Graphics

    • Ahh, just noticed the demo is out.
      I’ll look into answering my own questions tomorrow when I get the chance to install it.

      Nevertheless, a good concersation is always nice! 🙂

  • Pity the virtual modelling doesnt look great. Stick with Zbrush I think. Rest is pretty cool.

  • Diederik Weemaes August 19, 2012 at 3:38 am

    Why doesnt “shift C” function on my PC ? Is it a mac thing?

  • Hey Nick, would you be kind enough to do a tutorial on the new texture features, I heard of the wood grain and “weathered” options, is there any other features worth exploring?

  • “Shift C”-I like it! Does it like maya’s” Find Menu”?

  • Finally! Slowly but surely more applications are realizing the awesomeness of the omni-dropdown. I always miss this feature from Nuke (tab) while working in other applications like AE.

  • Well as a hobbyist in the UK who can only afford broadcast version , this r14 is a big disappointment . It seems features like sculpting are out of reach as they are only implemented in the studio version.
    Yet in Modo and blender this sculpting feature and many other featues exist as standard for a hell of a lot less, blender for free. Real shame

    Maxon revise the cost of C4d in the UK!!!

    • 🙂 I agree totally which is why I won’t jump to R14 Broadcast this time after upgrading from R8 upwards over the years. I just felt that Broadcast users were being very much short changed considering the difference in upgrade pricing between Broadcast and Studio under the MSA. I went down a different route and went for 3D coat which compliments CInema 4D really well and makes sculpting affordable and very enjoyable. After playing with the studio demo I don’t think I”m missing too much when it comes to sculpting although it would have been nice to have everything in one place. It’s also disappointing that you can’t cross grade to visualize from broadcast and your only option from here being Studio which is a big jump. Guess we were spoilt in the past with the modular system.

      I still believe they could have given Broadcast users something from previous versions of cinema (pyrocluster, real sky) or a cut down version of the sculpting features. I’m not sure though how much extra we pay for cinema in the UK but it’s often the case that we do pay more for software even after the exchange rate. 🙂

    • Having watched the Video Copilot demo from Siggraph, I have new plan…

      Instead of upgrading to R14, instead switch to Element 3D for motion graphics. Still use (old) C4D to create objects, but import in E3D immediately for animating. It’s cheaper and looks faster than R14. What’s not to like.

  • off-topic.. Does this look like Cinema 4d to everyone? A possible tutorial Nick.?. =)

  • Alright Nick it’s time for a video review. Got to make some financial decisions here and want to hear what you’ve got to say before I do that.

  • I’m really curious about the camera calibration. Will it be able to export to AE6?

  • Nick, the camera calibration feature looks very cool. As your favorite new feature, I hope you’re already working on a tutorial on this. You’re very good at teaching in a way that’s interesting.

  • ????????? ?????????C4D???????????

  • Sorry, do not know that your website does not support Chinese

  • will your light kit, texture kit…..etc work with r14?

    sorry in advance if it has been already answered

  • Camera Calibration tag is awesome !!! But I think if using in motion camera is’t still work?? I’m the perspective will changing on time @@

  • I am currently working on a project where 140 pieces of cloth flutter down from the sky…..with soft dynamic objects in R12…let me just say…it has not been easy….and heavy as ****…Aerodynamics…now that is something that could be quite helpful. Big up GSG for all the knowledge you share!

  • Broadcast users…boned again. It would have been marketing genius to include sculpting a basic feature of C4D. Instead, they seem to be “fine” tuning the available features per version just a little TOOOOO much. Seriously, this is starting to look like Adobe’s “upgrades”, adding either minimal new features or features that other programs already have had for years. NOT EVERYTHING CAN END UP >>JUST<< IN STUDIO. And for god sake at least implement particle dynamics like DPIT Effex. This may be my last MSA (not paying $400….for a drop down menu and there's no way to
    determine the UPGRADE differences between versions )…we'll see.

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