Greyscalegorilla At Siggraph 2012

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In LA? Going to Siggraph? Stop by the Maxon booth where tons of Cinema 4D artists, including Chris and yours truly, will be hanging out, playing with C4D R14 and doing some fun new tutorials. There might even be a tutorial dance party with how loud the Tone L?c is across from the booth this year.

OK. So, you are a lazy bum. You would rather stay home, watch the Olympics and eat Cool Ranch Doritos. I get it. Good thing Maxon is streaming Siggraph on C4DLive. Check there for the full schedule and details and head into the chatroom. This year’s line up is full of great presenters, so you better be there.

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  • c4d live ftw 🙂
    LA is too far away from here

  • Ok, cool. Good luck! It would be great to know how to do somethig like the burguer scene with Transform… will ya tutorialize it there?

  • Nick, obrigado pela dica! Moro no Brasil, não tenho condições de acompanhar pessoalmente, mas com certeza o farei pela internet!
    Agradeço também por seus tutoriais, nos quais já aprendi muita coisa.
    Grande abraço!

    Nick, thanks for the tip! I live in Brazil, so I’m not able to travel and attend to the event, but now I will for sure, thru this live channel.
    I also thank you for all your tutorials, in which I already learned a lot!

  • Nick, please! We don’t have Cool Ranch Doritos in Australia.
    But I’ll pay you to send me some? 😀

    I watched your discussion with Philip Bloom and Blake Whitman last night. Just wanted to say, you are a great public speaker (as is Philip), and I appreciate the honesty of your answers. Thank you

    I am one of those (creepy) people who checks your blog every day, because I love to learn the new, and often seemingly “random” tips and tricks. I have a few small C4D tricks of my own, that would help speed up ANYONE’S workflow, literally, what do you think would be the best way for me to share this info? I can email to you of you like, and you can slip a few things into your tutorials.. Just let me know 🙂
    I spend so many hours, working with C4D, doing MG, and also arch viz, and I have the urge to share as much as I can

  • Hey Nick, have a great time there. I’d like to come to see you, but unfortunately I dont live in America. All the best Nick.

  • Hi Nick,
    do you know, if the siggraph-presentations will be published afterwards on the c4dlive-vimeo-channel? I sadly haven’t got the time to watch them, but there are such great artists talking, it would be a pain to miss it…

  • Good luck Nick! Your tools are great and they should be a integral part of SIGGRAPH!
    Don’t you plan some SIGGRAPH coupon codes for your store?
    Hope you do! )))

  • Nick,

    Saw your Vimeo chat with Blake & Philip…maybe an idea to open a subpage on your site for readers to send in tips & tricks, attach c4d files and write their experiences in how they managed to troubleshoot their process…? Like you said, we don’t all know EVERYTHING but sometimes the answer might just be in the most simplest tip or blog comment. 🙂

    Good luck @ Siggraph 2012!

  • wish u can make a tutorial like in this video….only the modeling and animation of the box in this video

  • Damn… I live in Australia and I just came back from my vacation in America!

  • Nick please let us know, when Maxon will post all of the archieved videos on their web site.

  • Great Job Today..

  • Hi nick, great presentation I’m really grateful!
    One small tip: For the wiggling pins a the beginning of the animation.
    Put the dynamics on at collision. 😉

  • yo Nick, my question is not relevant to the post, but I’m having a hard time with googlin this stuff: any way of doing delay-effector-in-spring-mode effect BUT in After Effects?

  • Nick and Andrew at the same booth, that was epic.

  • It would be nice to be able to visit Siggraph.

  • Hi, where can I see your show Nick?
    By the way, as I write .. Thank you! The world is better with people like you!
    Greetings from Polish.

    • Hi Nemo, All the presentations were archived and will be made available on: .

      At click on the left link: On the Air.
      Then click on Tune In (right of the links).
      At last change to the Archives instead of Chat.


  • Found some time to look through a few recorded presentations and think that your presentation on thursday rocked!

    I truly am a big fan of tuts which rather show the workflow than the techniques and think you achieved a great job at that, thanks.

  • Kinda quiet around here.. ::twiddles thumbs::

  • GSG is awfully quiet these days

  • I can’t see all the tutorials in Siggraph 2012, from now on only 4 of them. Is there any link anyone can provide to see all the Cinema 4D tutorials from Siggraph 2012 live?

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