Maxon Announces Cinema 4D R14

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Maxon just announced Cinema 4D R14 today. Of course, it features a bunch of cool new features. Check out their announcement page for all the new stuff. I’m still learning more about all the new features, but so far, i’m really excited about aerodynamics, sculpting, built in color correction, and camera matching. Hope to learn more at Siggraph next week and report back to you guys with tutorials soon.

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  • Wow this caught me off-guard, i’m still dreaming of R13!

    Had a mad dream last night which included dynamic scene created audio in Cinema i.e. materials knowing their properties and collisions causing their own accurate audio. Perhaps a step too far?!

    Looking forward to hearing your sum-up!

  • Feels like yesterday R13 came out, this surprised me. Curious about the new stuff 🙂 Awaiting your review!

  • Wait a minute… I’m still learning R12!!! Didn’t R13 get released just months ago. Can’t keep up with you guys. Hope I can skip R13 and jump right into R14. The fun part with maxons cinema is you can’t ever learn everything, not even if you had 8 days a week =D

  • This release has a ton of new features. There are just too many to write in a post!
    But for me the best feature is sculpting and camera matching.
    I’ve outlined a few of these features in this short video here:
    Don’t forget to budget for a wacom tablet! The sculpting tools just beg for a pen input!

  • Darn, site’s down due to heavy traffic 🙁

  • So excited. More new stuff to learn – time to throw out some old knowledge to make room.

  • Sculpting!!!!! no more displacement maps from z brush just pure unadulterated native cinema 4d sculpting. Ahhhh my balls are tingling

    • That may not be R14, you should have a qualified medical practitioner check that out. Perhaps a topical ointment while you’re at it?

    • At a 4.5 mil polycount I am still doubting the superiority of it in this update but I am glad they are pushing it in the right direction. I just wish they would have deeper support for
      UDK and Cryengine within C4D.

  • Just in love with the C4D R14.

  • Hey GG! I really enjoy the blog. I really enjoy your style of teaching and used several of you techniques in my projects. Im very interested in the motion tracking abilities in R14. Is this something that can replace Boujou? It would be awesome to see you do a tutorial on this new feature. The only motion tracking I have seen you do in the past was the logo over the train tracks tutorial ( I think that was it), But that was for AE.

    Boujou is a pain in the butt to get working in C4d in the past. Here is a sample:

    A little ghetto 😉 but it took me a week to figure out how to do that. Have you attempted yet?

    • Boujou was a pain. You had to replace the quaternion value and find and replace all of the parent00002 to parent00001 within the c4d file as a txt doc. A total mess up if you ask me.

      • Also the Cameratracker plugin within AE works just as good as Boujou if not better

        • I have never heard of cameratracker for AE. Ill give a look. But I was hoping it was built into r14.

          • The biggest Issue had was apply the frames to the texture at the time. It seemed like the frame rates were off. I almost Threw the computer.

          • This is probably because natively it starts them at frame 1 and it should be 0. FYI. Forgot about that as well. I got good solves out of Boujou but I also get better from Cameratracker. You also have to have quality footage and a DP that knows how to either put marker planes in or find continuos angles. I worked with Sam Raimi and saw how many ref’s they used. If it gonna be green screen we would use up to 35 “hunting orange neon” targets. If it was a DOF shot we would use a stick that Sam would basically annoy the shit out of the actor with. But it gave the proper depth for a fly or any other creature in the shot. Gotta love learning and those guys and Nicoterro knew how to do it right!

          • I was trying to make the camera shaky on purpose to prove it was done with motion tracking. I relied on the bricks for tracking markers. On the table shot I used little pieces of paper. I just haven’t had the time to get into it too much. I did it with an older version of c4d so dog was a pain in the butt. SO i just kept it simple. But I will strike again 😉 Does r14 do this?

  • It is not necessary, launch the R14 so close to the R13. They should release a new version every 2 years at least. But…

    • People buy yearly MSA service agreements.. so they need to release every year to keep people buying the MSA’s every year

  • Big question… will R13 plugins work in R14, or is they broke?

  • I can’t wait to watch some R14 tutorials later this year by Nick! 😀

  • I’m still waiting for a better particle system and built in fluids. I want to be able to create scenes in Cinema as complex and good looking as I can in particle flow and krakatoa. When will they learn that they need this?

  • I look forward to improvements to the renderer and useful tools. About sculpting i think that unnecessary.It will be bigest soft

  • c4d need to STEP their game up because MAYA has motion tracking and even in this new c4d r14 this camera matchmove seem to be just recreating buildings in the scene……

  • maya & 3mx & Zbrush & . . . <= CINEMA 4D R14

  • Hang on, did I just read someone’s balls were tingling as a result of this release?
    Is that standard or just in the studio bundle?
    Oh I hope its in the standard bundle – that’s really beating out the competition.
    No one would’ve seen that coming. Genius.

  • Looking forward to it – I loved the changes in R13 and from the looks of things they have changed a few things – can’t wait buy a copy!

  • I guess theres still no GPU based rendering and “Pause Render” button. I’d also like to see some particle system improvements like native liquid solvers.

  • I think sculpting is not necessary so much, wish they improved other things…
    anyway C4D is great yet 🙂

  • This is my reaction to Cinema R14 updates and new functions.

  • When will it be available?

  • Mostly excited about sculpting, can’t wait!!!!

  • The sculpting feature being built in is GREAT! Now we don’t have to use something like Zbrush or Mudbox to do our sculpts! I love the camera tracking and the guides. As long as performance is fast, this looks like a solid release thus far.


    no mention of improvements to bodypaint paint tools i.e real time texture painting without having to raybrush.

  • Dream come true

  • so they are copying feaures of zbrush!!!!
    will it be better than zbrush???
    Hope all motion designer will tranfer their platforn from 3dsmax n maya.
    some time max n maya will also release new version that helps sculpting.

  • Aparantly over 200 new features! Link from Digital Artist Magazine

  • Can’t wait for the retail version to arrive at the office 😀

  • Check out the elastic mode hot ,sculptinglooks hot also

  • Goodbye Zbrush, welcome new sculpting feature! 😀

  • Sorry, off topic! I just caught your embedded newsletter signup form, inspected the element w/ firefox and it appears its a mailchimp embed? Its really clean and attractive, any chance its a default code that they generate for you? or did you have to use a plugin that allowed you to nicely style it and just use a shortcode? Anyways looks great, was looking for something similar.

  • Wow!!!! Go Team!!!! You did it right!!!! It’s becoming the all around workstation!!!! LOVE IT!!!!
    Peace!!!! Let’s Get Creative!!!!


  • really cant wait. c4d gets better and better

  • Love the idea of a sculpting in C4d
    like to see the ability to use a GPU to do rendering..
    was wondering if the physical render was a prelude to it guess not 🙁

    • If they can implement it using GPU then thats a very major improvement in terms of speed. Our best hope is to use Octane Renderer using CUDA by Nvidia.

      • Yea what i was thinking but like to have it in Cinema so i don’t need to learn yet even more stuff and be able to use C4d materials.
        guess they want to have it be used on all most any system.
        And a lot of people use mac and i don’t think I macs come with cards with CUDA .
        herd some rumors about External video cards that use the thunderbolt port or some thing.

        may be some day

  • ugh. I guess this is a good thing. But I was JUST getting myself ready to bite the bullet and upgrade to r13. Considering I also wanted to go from Broadcast to Prime, this is going to be extra painful. Yay! sort of…

  • Seems like they incorporated some skechtup thinking in this new version to use as architecture tools, great!

  • i think c4d 14 gonna beat 3DS Max
    Check out this (Growing Water):
    made in C4D and AE
    and tell what u think

  • If you’re on R12 there’s some decent upgrade deals. You pay for an R13 upgrade at the upgrade price (which includes a service agreement) and will get the R14 upgrade (effectively free) when it comes out in September.

  • Gabe C4d doesn’t really ‘compete’ with 3ds max. 3ds max competition is everything else owned by autodesk already. C4d’s field of expertise is most often television and advertising, motion graphics etc. It compliments apps such as Houdini and Lightwave. That’s why they play so nice together (along with after effects and photoshop)

  • Wait! Nick, you’re not a BETA tester?

    I’m super pumped, but kind of bummed as my employer JUST bought me R13 and they’re really not happy about the need to upgrade, a month later.

  • Hey there folks,

    lately I was trying the new sculpting tool in Cinema4D, you can check it out here:

    Its pretty fast and you can do amazing things in really short time.

  • the great thing about cinema is that it seems like every version gets more and more user friendly, unlike maya which is just a bloated behemoth of features. Excited to hear what’s new!

  • I only have the broadcast version of R13 and I’m fighting the urge to say “meh” to this upgrade. Sculpting is nice but for me it’s a $2400 addition. I think I’ll let that maintenance contract pass.

  • At this rate, it’s difficult to learn and invest. I’m sure the new version will be awesome but MAXON is going to fast for me for sure.

  • tried the demo, terribly disappointing.

    mac version is still a windows app shoehorned into a os x window. it laughs in the face of a decade’s worth of OS enhancements, mocking anyone expecting a modern user interface.

    r12 looks like something from the 90’s, and it’s priced that way too. if only there was a better mac alternative 🙁

    • I prefer an ugly interface (C4D ones is not so ugly) that allows me to work correctly and efficiently rather than a pretty interface that allows me .. almost nothing.
      That remembers me the Magic Mouse. It’s a beautiful mouse, its tactile abilities are nice, but it’s a crap to work/play with… so I use an old logitech mouse to work and to play with. (

  • Sculpting? Really? Please… As much as I love Cinema, I don’t think Pixologic has much to worry about.

  • As a lonnnnng time C4D user…since waaaay back when it was all in German, this upgrade to 14 is reallly rubbing me the wrong way. The sculplting should be available in all versions, perhaps for an
    extra few hundred bucks. To upgrade to Studio would cost $3000, not gona do that…i’ll stick with ZBrush for $600.

  • Wow, the new sculpting tool is unbelieveable cool, and the render times triple previous version

  • I too have Broadcast and sadly the features that we get in Broadcast 14 just don’t excite me enough to pay another years service agreement. If they’d have added something like pyrocluster (which I believe should be in broadcast as standard as it’s surely a very handy tool for motion graphics) then I’d have jumped at it but I too will let this one pass as the $2400 upgrade price to do a little scultping is way out of my reach sadly. I still think it’s a pity that Modules were scrapped as I did lose a lot of mocca’s functionality jumping to R12 and would have surely built up my modules like sketch and toon by now but it’s an understandable move I guess. Robert, if you want to do sculpting at an affordable price take a look at 3D coat as I think it’s a really great program and costs $2000 cheaper than the studio 14 upgrade and on the whole is really easy to pick up and integrates well with cinema. Don’t get me wrong… I still think Cinema 4D is the best and friendliest all rounded 3D software out there it just has a bit of a price tag if you’re not making lots of money 🙂

  • I totally agree with Jeremy, I have R13 Broadcast and can not justify paying the UK price for Broadcast R14., especially when most new exciting features like sculpting are excluded in the Broadcast version.

    I too like C4d but I am working more now in Modo!!

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