Greyscalegorilla Plugins are Fully Compatible with C4D R14

September 24, 2012 - By 

We have officially tested all of the Greyscalegorilla Products with the new Cinema 4D R14 and everything is working great. However, we had one small texture issue with City Kit. A free update (V1.21) has been sent out to everyone who purchased City Kit either directly or though a bundle. Check your email or the email of the person that purchased it for you to get your download link to the update. Please update no matter what version you are on, just incase.

Emails have already been sent out. However, if you did not receive it, please contact support. Be sure to include the email address you used to purchase the product or a copy of your receipt so we can send your update there.

Thanks again for using Greyscalegorilla Products, Kits, Packs and Plugins. We love hearing how they help you get your work done faster or make it even easier to make it beautiful. Stay tuned for more free updates of our products.

  • Nick, you spelled compatible wrong 😀

  • Just sent the E-mail. Looking forward to the upgrade 🙂 Michel

  • Hey Nick, I know you said you were starting to play with vray a bit. I have only played with it a couple of times, but do your kits work with Vray?

  • Thanks for being so on the ball when it comes to staying up to date and testing for your users! Your site is amazing.

  • Good title for this video, means I could save time and not watch it! LOL

  • Hey! That guy walking around in the background doesn’t have jeans rolled up at the ankles! How do you let him work there?

  • Hi Nick

    Is there any chance we could have some sort of tutorial about GI and using your light kit / HDRI studios specifically in R14 etc (and some thoughts on multi-pass rendering and lighting with GI)? I’ve jumped from R12 to R14 and not being C4D expert – I’m struggling a bit with my old tricks. For example I’ve always tended to use the ‘use sky’ tab (as you’ve previously suggested) when setting up GI illumination and then just cranked up the settings and I’ve been pleased with the results. That’s gone now and I’m really struggling with noise and the settings like QMC and IR, I’m finding really hit and miss. Also I really can’t get to grips with using GI in multipass renders. (My GI pass just blows out to white?)

    I’m clearly doing something wrong (stupid?) on the multipass but the noise problems seem to be causing issues for others as well. Perhaps it might be worth a sort of catch up tutorial – sort of a rendering pitfalls round up?

    I always check into your site regularly – to be honest it’s been the one of the main reasons I keep soldiering on with C4D. (Maxon should pay you a big fat retainer…)

  • Hi Nick, is there a way to add motion blur to a transforming null-based polygon object in VRay? Adding the tag just wants to make the object vanish from the render. Amazing plugin, thanks!

  • Hi, Nick!
    please help.
    I doesn’t have sky sampler in GI, cinema 4d studio r14
    I can’t find information about this problem (

  • Hello sir, I wann ask you that how to import Cinema4D file to After Effects CS6. I tried so many times but it not work for me and how to use Cineware plzzz really wann your help.

    And Really thankful to you, i learn so much from you in Cinema4D.

    Thank you.

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