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The release of C4D R17 brings us another identical looking Cinema 4D icon. I find myself never knowing what version of Cinema I was working in. Maybe it’s just me and my need to test products on all versions and do tutorials in different versions, but I needed a way to quickly differentiate between different versions. So, I made some icons. I also added some for the Net Renderer and clients since those can get confusing too. Feel free to use them on your different versions or just change your old version of C4D to the R14 icon just to look cool. Either way, here ya go.

How To Change Icons In OSX

  1. Select the Version of the C4D application you want to change.
  2. Right Click and select “Get Info” from the list.
  3. Drag and Drop the NEW icon you downloaded onto the existing one in the Get Info dialog box. (you may need too enter your password)
  4. Enjoy

Download the Numbered Cinema 4D Icons Here

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  • How can I use for Windows 7?

  • Hey nick thanks for the great icon set. Your a true gent.

    Would there be anychance of posting the 3D model of the C4D logo.. would be great to have a play with the shapes.

    My very best regards

  • Awesome Nick! Was looking for good looking icons for the NET Render Apps for a very long time. The wait is finally over. Thank you very much!

  • Great!
    I remember having R11 32/ 64 bit, R11.5 32/64 bit, NET & Client. and R12 64, NET & Client in my dock at the same time. It was hell, I tell you!

  • Hey Nick ,
    Nice stuff
    Im Jack from NAB , hope you remembered me
    i was hoping to ask you for a favor , would you e-mail me ?
    or i will contact on facebook , on your page !
    this is concerning The Plugin ” Transform ” .
    thanks ,
    cheers .

  • Very nice! Thank you!

  • Hey, Nick mentioned in a video that he does a weekly LiveChat with Q&A, but it seems I’m unable to find it, could somebody help me? (I know the links probably somewhere here right in my face, but oh well. . .)

  • I just rename my app files “cinema 4d 11” or “cinema 4d 12” then delete the old icon in the launcher bar and drag in a new one…. they keep the names when you use shift tab too. Have not run into any issues (yet) XD

  • Hi Nick
    Thanks for the icons very useful. But one question is it possible to install and run Cinema 4D R13 and R14 on the same workstation? Is there no conflict between the versions?
    Have a nice day.

  • hey guys,
    watch tutorial here about how to animate CINEMA 4D LOGO R13/R14.

    if you liked my video follow me on facebook

  • Hey Nick,

    Nice Idea, thanks for the icons

  • Really useful. As always.

  • Nice work!

  • Thank you for another great gift. Very helpful 🙂


  • Nice Icons Nick! But it totally don’t work for me in 10.6.8….

    • Figured it out… ; )

      • I’m also running 10.6.8 and it’s not working for me. Nothing happens when I drop it in. What did you have to do?

        • I’m running 10.6.8 as well and I’ve tried everything. Not working, and I change icons all the time on folders, but even unlocking the permissions doesn’t worked. tried copying and pasting, tried dragging icon…! Would love to use these things!

          Oh well!

          • yeah i couldnt get it either under 10.6.8 .. even tried Litelcon2 app which is an app that facilitates the process. it changes it then changes it right back in the app. i think if we can open then save again somehow in preview then that might work. a new copy run through preview might “clean” the image? lol i dont know just typing out loud…

          • unlock the file in the get info window, add yourself as a “read-write” user, the use the little settings dropdown (still in the info window) and make yourself the “owner”. Then you can change the icon and or name.

  • Hi,
    thanks for these!
    I use the icons from now on on a regular daily basis, i promise 😉
    Shared it on my blog too.

  • Cheers!

    If ever you’d get “R14 net” and “R14 client”… :p

  • i love the icons…. but nock some tutorial about make a model cinema 4d logo? ^^

  • Hi Nick,
    Question I know there is a way to revert the image, which software did you use to create and convert these images to .icon files. Much appreciate the help.

  • Hi Nick,
    Just discovered this post – great idea to differentiate between the icons.
    Is the link still active as when I download and open the zip file, the icons seem to exist only as a file name and are zero KB in size.
    Would be grateful if you could re-upload them.

  • Hey Nick, I’m on Windows 7 PC, where do you get the R13-R14 logo icon, can you help me with that, thanks in advance.

  • Thx nick for the icones !!
    Server & client ico format for Windows attached :

  • Thank You Nick.

  • Has anyone created an icon for R15? Would be useful 😉

  • Thank’s Nick!
    I was wondering when R15 icon would show up!
    How about adding a Cinebench icon too?

  • Every time i try to drag and drop the C4D_R15 icon onto the icon in the Get Info window, it just launches the program, and doesn’t change the icon.

    • Hi Emily, I had the same problem with R15.

      Step 1: Select the new R15 icon and press CMD+C (copy).
      Step 2: CMD+I (get info) on the existing R15 app icon you want to change.
      Step 3: Within the Info window, at the top left, select the small C4D icon and CMD+V (paste) the new icon.
      Step 4: Enter your mac password if it is requested.
      Step 5: Enjoy.

  • GSG rulez. Thank you!

  • Hi!

    Windows icons for R11, R12, R13, R14 and R15 (256×256, ICO). The archive is also the source files PSD and PNG. Link:



  • Thank you! These have saved a lot of hassle.

    Only thing missing was a Team Render Icon. But got that sorted!

  • Quick & easy – thanks for sharing!

  • Here are mine custom Cinema 4D icons. R13 R14 and R15 included in .ico and .png format. Enjoy

  • Here are mine. Cinema 4D icons R13 R14 and R15 icons included in .ico and .png format. Enjoy.

  • Nick,

    I just downloaded the icon set and the only icon is the one for R17. The other icons are empty files.

  • thx! all icons complete until R17!

  • Hello Nick can you please update R17 icon its broken!

  • R17 it slightly translucent icons, you can make it clear up as the other versions are not?

  • Thanks for these useful icons. I felt like making some flat icons, so that my dock looks even cleaner and more orderly. I thought I put them on here for other people to download:

  • Sick….so helpful!

  • Is it just me or is R18 missing from the zip file?

  • I gave ’em a little redesign… download them here:
    It also has a R19 icon ofcourse..

  • Any chance on updating the Icons for R19?

  • Hi Chad, I tried pasting your R19 icon into the info box like I have done on previous versions of C4D, but it didn’t work? I’m on a Mac. Or how do I get back to the original icon ? It’s just showing a blank preview icon now.

  • Nevermind, disregard that comment, found that you have to copy with the icon opened up in preview before pasting…

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