Winners of the “Command-Z” Five Second Project

September 13, 2012 - By 


Congratulations to nik faulkner for winning the latest Five Second Project with his destructive reversed masterpiece with built in behind the scenes footage. Of course, thanks to everyone who entered. Each and every 144 of you. You can watch all the entries at the vimeo channel and check out the honorable mentions below. Look for another Five Second Project announced very soon.

Honorable Mentions

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  • These look really nice. I’ve gained some inspiration from these. Thanks to all that entered and GSG for hosting

  • Great stuff.

    Always fun to see the inspiration and results…
    Thanks Nick.

    ~ Rich

  • These are absolutely fantastic! I have to say that overal quality of entries is just going straight up. If it was up to me I’d have insanely hard time deciding the winner 🙂 Really great job from all participants.

  • EXCELLENT! Very impressive and creative work.

  • Certainly a worthy winner, i’de love to of seen more than 5 secs..:)

    Fantastic work..:D

  • wow, very surprised (and more than a little pleased) some great entries well done all.

    my project file (and render sources) are avaliable on the vimeo page for download BTW

  • Me gusta esto

  • Very fun competition, had a blast with this theme! Congrats to Nik for winning the competition, and thanks to Nick for hosting!

  • Congrats to the winners! Very creative works, keep it up!

  • Medreza Assegaf (Matth Segav) September 13, 2012 at 9:25 pm

    Wwhoaaa…thank you for the honorable mention :),
    congrats for the winners and all the participants.
    it was REALLY fun project!

  • They’re all amazing but I thought the Eve one was brilliant.

  • Great entries, I liked very much this subject and everyone has done some impressive works!

  • That Hippo and Chicken one are really top drawer…guess I’m just drawn to animals…but not in ‘that way’…I hope…

  • Thanks for the honorable mention! Great theme and nice to see all the different animations.

  • Red or Blue wins, in my book. <3 Good job everyone!

  • very nice vids, had a great time making my entry. although i dont rly understand the bottom video, but maybe thats just me.

    nick, could i get some feedback on my entry?
    its the red car with the michigan g0r1la license plate.

  • I watched the pink trinagle and the Titanic one over and over. Very funny 🙂 Fantastic entries!

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