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It’s been over a year since we released the original Texture Kit. It came with over 200 custom-made Cinema 4D textures and a big promise of frequent updates from different artists. Well, it didn’t quite work as planned and frankly, the updates I promised never came. I dropped the ball and I’m sorry. I figured that there would be a never-ending supply of textures from artists that would keep the Texture Kit growing. I assumed that everyone had their own collection of textures that we could buy and incorporate in future updates of the Kit. I was wrong.

Most artists do what we all do when we need textures…

1. We use Google images to search and see what we find. That works, but we end up using images that don’t belong to us, and could potentially breaking copyrights of the original image holder. Not good.

2. We find free pre-made ones on free sites. Some of these are good, but the quality can be hit or miss and they can be hard to keep organized.

3. We make our own at a HUGE cost of time. Making custom textures often look great, but it can take a long time to tweak them to make them perfect.

So with that in mind, we are looking at Texture Kit in a new way.

Texture Kit PRO

We have taken texture building into our own hands. New, professionally built, textures made in-house, specifically for Cinema 4D. First, the numbers. We have more than DOUBLED the texture count with over 300 new textures with about half of them being procedural. We hired professional photographers to take high quality photographs of real textures. Then we created cropped images, bump-maps, reflection-maps and put them all together to just drag and drop into your scene.

Texture Kit Pro will be a free update for any current Texture Kit owners. And, of course, if you get the texture kit any time before the launch, you will get the update with everyone else. C4D textures have been our world for the last month and we are excited to get this thing in your hands in the next week or so. UPDATE: It’s out!

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  • Excellent news, although I’ve still only used a fraction of the first lot! If you are taking requests thought, I’d kill for a nice vinyl texture (almost rubber, used in two inch high collectable figures like pokemon) and a real nice plasticine or playdough would be fantastic. I’ve seen these for max/maya but never a C4d equivalent. Cheers Chris

  • You guys are my heroes. Your dedication to a good customer experience makes for a hell of a product. I’ll definitely be a repeat customer as the budget allows.

  • I must say I’m pretty excited, right now i am working on a problem where i see that texturing will be a problem, hope it comes out soon! :3

  • *on a project that i see texturing will become a problem

  • Looking really cool. Wish I could see some close ups of the textures though. Excited for it to come out

  • I think if everyone in here should start using vray also we can make cinema 4d look more realistic then plastic look.Not everyone into motiongraphics there also companies into visual eflfect that want cinema 4d to grow stronger.

  • If you guys cant wait or can’t find what you are looking for, check out these textures I have made which you can download for free here I’m also currently taking request for my next volume.

  • Yee ha! Killer.

  • look nice Nick 😉
    please add “some liquids” in this pack..
    etc; wine,olive oil,milk,fruit juice …..
    you know liquids are very rare for C4D,
    Thank you.

    • Wine, olive oil, milk, fruit juice – If you have Visualise or Studio all 4 of those are in the contents browser. Might be worth a look 🙂

    • If you want good liquids, you can’t really texture them. They’re more of a shader. Wine and olive oil would be more like a coloured glass shader, whereas milk and fruit juice would be more of a subsurface scattering approach shader. Liquids depend mostly on reflection and refraction, hope that helps a bit : )

  • Great… so now not only will everyones lighting be the same but also their texturing

    • Dear fdsfds, (nice name by the way)

      It’s not Nick’s and his team’s fault if people are using the light kit in its default settings, without tweaking according to their needs, the scene they work on and their own creative skills. Actually using something in its default settings (even ‘life’) is a sign for a huge lack of creativity.

      Personally I don’t think everybody’s lighting looks the same. Sure, when I see a piece in vimeo or elsewhere, sometimes it *resembles* the light kit pro a lot but then again it’s just resemblence. Even if it’s *obviously* light kit pro, so what? You look at the composition and say if it’s good or not, regardless the tools that have been used to create it.

      Again, Nick Campbell and various other kit/material/object/plug-in creators are producing stuff, selling them, earning some money. You buy it, you use it. Everyone’s happy. If you’re so sick of -say- light kit pro being used everywhere, let’s see your original and super-creative work first and then we can take your words serious.

      • Full in anger, I forgot to thank Nick for the effort he puts in creating materials for Cinema 4D. I will surely take a look and probably be one of the first purchasers.

    • Stop using default settings. The lightkits are an amazing tool — especially for C4D beginners like myself.

    • So use HDRs to light your scenes then – you’ll get far greater variety if you use some of your own shot HDR maps.

      Tweak settings like crazy and once the render is complete, bring it into AE or PS and tweak it some more!

  • Awesome. Looking forward to getting this system in.

  • Hi nick! Before I say anything, your products are VERY helpful and i love the website; about the texture kit, it had a lot of textures however most of them weren’t ‘good’ at all, what I mean by that, you should include textures that will help everyone – wood, stone, grass, metal etc. Instead of taking textures out of somebody else’ library, because it may of helped THEM but not necessaries us. If you know what i mean?

  • That is awesome news. And I’m so happy to hear that it will be a free update to those that bought the previous kit. Thanks again.

  • Awesome news. I always thought Texture Kit was a little thin, glad to hear your continued support and dedication to those of us who already bought everything! : ) Excited for the new textures!

  • I hope it rocks and I’ll make the purchase!

    Do we have a timeframe? I’m a very impatient person 🙂

  • Looking forward to this update Nick!
    How about making som great looking VRay textures too? Now there is a market void that needs to be filled!
    Keep doing the serously awesomness you do!

  • I am having a great time learning more about textures from the Texture Kit, as for lighting I am also learning from the lighting kits. I have had more fun with Cinema 4D with these products and have learned an awful lot from the tutorials by Nick and Chris. I am not a pro, probably never will be, but GSG has given me tools that are so useful right out of the digital box. I am grateful to have found GSG.

  • I dont think you should announce it just so we can wait longer.. best to announce it when its actually available

  • Hi Nick,
    Will these be compatible with version 12? If so count me in.

  • Wow, just simply awesome! Made my day, I’ve enjoyed the texture kit tremendously, looking forward to this!

  • Awesome. Especially that it’s a free update for existing users, but awesome even without this.

  • You should make a tutorial on how you actually make the textures and have us go out and create these things and share them. You might get some useful ones 🙂

  • Awesome news Nick! Any chance of including any liquid materials/ shaders? I’m sure it’s something we all C4D users need quite often and would be really appreciated.
    Also, I think it’s cool that is free update for all of us who bought the first version. Thanks!

  • Sounds great 🙂 look forward to the new textures.

  • wahooo!! thanks!!

  • Thanks guys,

    I just bought the first texture pack and I’m so pleased that you release this update for free !!!

    You really are cool, serious and professional at the same time and that’s really rare in this business !

    GSG really rocks !

  • Great stuff! Can’t wait for this puppy to come out already, sweet patterns there…

  • Hey Nick,

    If you include some gummy bear and sugar textures I’ll be your first client.
    I am current working on some gummy textures and models and i am crazy to get the right sugar texture. A tutorial would be awesome on how you would approach that!


  • Nick, you are awesome. Thank you so much for the free update. I was happy with the kit before, but now I’m in love with it.

  • Finding out about this update from the email was the best news I’ve had all week! Thanks guys, awesome. 🙂

  • Thanks for the update Nick! Downloading as I type this. Used the last batch a ton, and if anything they are an incredible resource for getting a starting point with a texture then allowing me to play and make it my own. Cant wait to play with the new ones. Btw is the room that was rendered in the email using the built in render engine or Vray? looks incredible.

    Thanks again for a killer product.


  • Amazing set of textures 🙂 Really impressive and I agree when I got the email it really put a smile back on my face. Textures all look lovely and there’s a wide variety too and nicely sorted into subject folders. Can’t wait to use these with light kit pro…

    If anyone hasn’t purchased this yet I’d strongly recommend it as it’s a very useful and versatile collection of materials. (Technically they’re materials right?… )

  • Wow, many thanks! This is realy amazing.
    Greetings from Switzerland

  • just another way to scam money from followers it seems like…what exactly is special about this pack? all of those can be created simply with standard tools

    • Scam money from followers? He’s not forcing you to buy it man… I for one can say I’d rather pay for these being made and not have to spend hours creating them from scratch and taking professional photos… Thats like going to a house and saying you don’t want it because you can build it yourself. Thats great, but not everyone has the same mind set. Why not keep it positive instead of hating?

  • Hello Nick,
    Wonderful textures – thanks! I will find lots of uses for these.
    Zebra skin – should that be giraffe!!

  • can it be used on c4d 11.5? I tried, seems not working

  • Alejandro Dominguez November 6, 2012 at 4:40 pm

    wow another awesome product by GSG ilooks so good by the way where can i found that bunny 3D model? 🙁

  • I’m too poor 🙁 especially because I’m only using them for mock ups.

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