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A quick look back at the Half Rez Festival held in Chicago on September 19th. We had over 100 people show up to the event to network, learn and help. Plus, we had a great set of presentations that showed off what you can do with this incredible software we have access to.

I honestly believe that it’s events like this that help put the people together in the same room that need to be together. In a time where you can learn stuff from hours of training videos online in the comfort of your own home, it’s easy to ignore the importance of a festival like this. However, having all these people in the same room, all with similar goals, all in different parts of their career, and all helping, meeting and learning as much as they can created an personal event unlike anything you can get online.

A HUGE thanks to everyone who came out and to MAXON for sponsoring the event.

Video by Dave Kiss and Sergio Salgado

Song: Train To Hometown by Katsuhiro Nagasawa CC BY 3.0

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  • Why only US? Make it worldwide! That’ll be cool!

  • I wish i lived in Chicago..:)

  • Why does that super cute guy have such a small head?

  • Hey Nick, any recording of the event that you can post..?? i would love to see 🙂

  • Yup, definitely coming next year. 🙂

  • Video turned out great… I unfortunately am only in it when I have my back turned haha

  • Greetings from San Francisco. Wish I could have made it out to Chicago for this. Maybe next year. looks like a lot of fun.

  • Hey there folks,i really wished i could be there,but you’re too far away for me (i live in poor Greece pun intended haha ) I have really grown from learning from GSG,I’ve done big projects that can give me an income to live.. So i just wanted to thank the whole GSG community! Keep it up guys! By the way Nick,I really liked the pixelated portraits you have done there.. Any chance to share tips about how to come up with that result..?

  • when i grow a bit older, and i graduate, im going there, its decided 😛

  • Looks cool… Will try and make it out next year.

  • Looks like it was a great success. Congrats guys. Hope to see some presentation clips soon.

  • Looks like a lot of fun. We would also like to have been there. Unfortunately it is very expensive from Germany by plane. Do you already have a date for the next event? Maybe we can be there.

  • Poor users of C4D in France we are ! No such thing in our country, i’m fighting against people which hobbies are: bread…cheese…wine… I hope u’ll make classes one day, i’ll get a plane (too expensive but worth the trip) to come to US, land of the brave hahaha :-))))

  • Man, bring this to Bangkok, please…

  • I will have to fly out to the next Half Rez meet up to join in on the fun. Great chance to meet some cool people and learn.

  • Greeting from Chile, every week i check this site for to learn, thanks for all =)

  • Greeting from Chile, every week i check this site for to learn, thanks for all =), nice job guys

  • When is the next Half Rez date ?

  • Amazing! This is great that you guys are doing this. I would love to go to the next one.

  • Nick,

    What camera was used to shoot the half rez video?

  • Hey Nick! Let me thank all this guys for their job. And you know, especially you and Chris!

  • To all those who are saying, “I want to leave France” or NYC or Rhode Island, you’re missing the whole idea. These guys are showing that you just have to be proactive and get people together. Don’t act like they have any more right to do that than you to. Make it happen in your town if you want it!

  • Beautiful, beautiful, so beautiful

    to see how people share their knowledge, not expecting much on how much they will earn in the end of the day and tomorrow.
    Focusing on one single matter: Giving!

    The only reason I stick with this community is, that there still a FEW people who think and live this way.

    Sharing, is living!
    Only taking, is a tombstone!

    Cheers to the People of the world who can make this a better World

  • sweet !!!

    fortune cookie this evening was > something something … giving for a better receiving … hahaha !!!.

    cheers !!!

  • Amazing, to the future don’t forget latinamerica C4D designers…

  • Nick has the best hair in the business.

  • Great Beer! Great Presentation! Great Atmosphere! with Great People. I was really glad that I made it.

  • Philadelphia and Soulmagik Studios want to be apart of Half Rez

  • Awesome Nick!!! any idea on how or where they created the avatars?

  • Woow that should have been awesome!
    Hey do you know where I could find those awesome Cinema 4D t shirt? they are soo coool!

    Peace man

  • I am new in Motion graphics en Cinema 4D can i go to the next half rez???…..I will have to fly like 8 hours but i do it…. i am from ecuador….

  • I’ts really cool event!!!

  • man! We get nothing like this where I live!

  • If you ever want to do a London Half-Rez, I think you’d have a lot of customers!

  • When is the next one? I would love to come to the next one. Even if D.C. isn’t next door… Love your work and help Nick. Thanks.

  • Something like girls are missing there 😉
    ! Nice event !

  • When’s the next one? Do it in NYC!!!

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