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As Half Rez got closer and closer, we realized we needed some animations to play between speakers and during cocktail and food breaks. So, after a few concept brainstorming sessions, we came up with these. The interstitial concepts centered around using the Half Rez pixel as a character in different comical situations with the Half Rez speech bubble logo.


For sound design, fast turn around and cartoonish whimsy were paramount. The office took turns doing our own vocalized sound effects for each animation. Then, each performance was blended together to make the final, silly sound design.

Interstitials “Sound Design”

These background animations were, more or less, glorified screen savers that played during breaks. Mostly eye candy to feature the logo and remind the guests where they were.

Background Animations

The scale of a project like this is just perfect for tackling in a day or two. Small, bite sized animations are fun to work on, fun to concept and quick to turn around. I wish all work was limited to ten seconds of animation.

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  • I really want ot know how did you do that with the ballon animation. I think it’s Soft body, but it is more than that.
    Looks brilliant. ^_^

  • lol your having too much fun with the sound effects 😛 ehhehe

  • Looks like a blast! These little animations get me psyched to make things without feeling like I’m in over my head. You guys are a wealth of knowledge and inspiration! Thanks!

  • WOOOW amazing job!
    I watched it 20 times lol its perfect.
    Please if you can teach how to make some of it it will be great

  • I have an exhibition coming up soon and I am sooooo going to be using this idea…. LOVE IT! 🙂

  • The sound effects are amazing, great job!

  • Amazing sound desing 🙂 and animation very cute 🙂 Please Tutorial :):):) Thanks !

  • Haha, interstitials are hillarious! Really fantastic job. Love it. And superb sound design 🙂 Reminds me how I made sound for my first 3D animation ever…

  • I can honestly say that I was in tears at Half-Rez while watching the “sound design”

  • chris is really good at it

  • We need a tutorial on the Half Rez speech bubble thing!!!! Soft body?

  • I’ll try to stick to the comment rules and be nice by saying this, hopefully I will manage… While there’s been a lot of talk about creativity in this blog, your entries lately begin to lack the very same thing. I mean, even if the turnaround is short i’m sure you can avoid the usual random solids and the striped reflecting spheres. It’s kind of a hipster fashion, not creativity per se.
    Sorry if i’ve been harsh but it’s just my opinion.

  • I prefer when Chris does sound in solo. He’s the simply best for that.

  • Absolutely love these… inspiring.

  • great job! looking forward for tutorial!

  • Can you do some tutorials about how to do those balloon effects , anyway this is AMAZING like always Nick ..

  • I love how the ‘cheap’ and silly sound design seems like a perfect way of giving character to these animations 😀 I love it!

  • hey quick question did you use GI ? for first and last videos of this post

    anyway, nice work !

  • Wahou ! I love this bubble ! Pleaaaase a tutorial to know how to do that !

  • Haha, tooo cool 🙂 Thats sound design i like! Great short clips and really cool sounds 😀

  • I wonder how that drop of fluidlike substance is created.

    I’ve tried with soft body tag but did not manage to get that smooth feel you guys have on that.

    love some insight on this….

    • Looks like a sphere with a Displacer deformer set to animating noise. The texturing is key so that you get a semi-transparent feel in the center and a fresnel falloff around the outside.

  • Hi Nick,

    I loved the animation of the cube jumping onto the soft body HALF REZ ballon. It feels very controlled and not just dynamics working away.

    Is there anyway we could get a tut of that?! 🙂

    Loving your output.


  • Could you tell me, please. Is it possible to create a fluid like water in c4d with standart tools? Thx.

  • It’s fantastic, actually. Also, thanks for tutorials and sharing.

  • Hey Nick,
    I’ve seen your tutorial on how to reduce color banding on backgrounds which was great for my exports, but the compression guidelines on Vimeo cause the banding to look horrendous on their site. These Half Rez spots have the same background look as mine but on Vimeo yours looks perfect…any suggestions?

    • Add a little noise/grain in the gradient background. This will cause the compression to take more steps in between the pixels and should help you get rid of the banding. I *think* Nick once explained this in a tutorial but I can’t remember which one that was (if any). Good luck!

  • Heyyyyyy NICK
    Look this Video
    can u make a tut please?
    Greetings from Germany

  • Anxiously waiting for a tutorial on this looks fabulous !

  • Would love a tutorial on the link ace posted above as well!!! Or anything similar as how to make realistic clouds/terrain!


  • how did you get the half ref text on to the speech bubble / balloon thing??


  • hi nick , i will watching your tutorials a logn time ago and i upload some vidios on mi web page i hope u enjoy the sound creation and enjoyit thr videos too … i lve these shortcuts thay are really fun

  • it’s hilarious xD

  • Hi, I really like this animation. I was trying to do something similar with soft body with bumped up pressure, but I don’t know how to create that wiggle affect that your balloon has. Do you have any suggestions? Thank you!!!

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