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Texture Kit Pro is finally out. We have been working for the last month creating over 300 new textures to add to the 200+ already included in the original Texture Kit. As you may have read before, this is a new step for the Texture Kit. We will now be updating the Texture Kit Pro ourselves, creating high quality images, photo-real procedurals, and ready-to-use textures for all types of situations including architectural visualizations, mograph animations, or product stills.

Organized By Type

We have also updated the way Texture Kit Pro is organized. Now you can search by type of material including metals, fabrics, brick, hair, abstract, plastic, man made, and more.

Current Customers

You should have received an email with a link to donwload your free update to Texture Kit Pro. If not, please contact our customer support and we will get it to you right away. Be sure to include the e-mail address that you used to purchase the original Texture Kit.

New Pricing

Texture Kit will now be updated “in house” with professional photographers and Cinema 4D artists, instead of relying on other artists. For this reason, we are raising the price, but not for a week. Now is your chance to get the new Texture Kit Pro at the previous price of $69. It will go up to $99 at the end of next week. UPDATE: The price is now $99.

Get Texture Kit Pro for $99

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  • Feel free to comment on new textures you might like to see in future version. We’re always looking for inspiration! I’ll be taking notes.

    • This is a very professional product, well done.

      As a suggestion, how about making physics presets for these textures too!
      i.e. a cloth texture might have a soft body preset that acts like cloth, might use aerodynamics and less mass for silk etc…that way you could drag and drop onto a plane and not only does it look like cloth,. it acts like it too!!

    • I’m a bit disappointed that more than a few of the supplied bitmap textures are not seamless. An example would be the “Chicago Wood Floor” texture that is rather visibly of different brightness from top to bottom and edge to edge. Sure I can tick off the “seamless” box on the texture attribute pane, but the end result is “not optimal”. Some of the metal textures also display rather obvious tiling issues as well. Even the more abstract textures like the “Superlight” texture doesn’t tile properly end to end. I’d sure like to see more attention paid to how these kinds of textures will likely be used. For example, floors are of usually of indeterminate size and scale, and so should seamlessly tile no matter how the texture is applied.

      • Thanks for the feedback, James. We are trying to be sure as many of the textures are as tillable as possible. Many of them were created to use the “Seamless” checkbox. However, moving forward, we hope to have more textures that render seamlessly or are at scales that don’t require tiling. One last thing, there are over 150 procedural textures that don’t require any tiling.

  • man, you are THE BEST….

  • Since you talked about the update in one of your earlier podcasts, I was wondering if you’d raise the price since you’re investing some more resources and money in it. However since you didn’t talk about that, I didn’t think you’d do it. So this comes as a surprise. However, since you’re giving people another week to get the pack at the old price, I think you’re giving everybody a fair chance. I think that’s a very nice gesture and you should know that there are those of us who appreciate this very much 🙂 Thanks!
    Good luck with the pack. Nice render of the room btw! Looks fantastic. Can we get our hands on the scene file? I’d love to check out a few of the things you did to make it look like that 🙂

  • Got the update today, really a step up in production value.
    Keep it up and don’t forget VRay! ; )

  • These are outstanding! Kudos guys! Been waiting for this! One tiny suggestion…Balloon? I saw someone had managed to create a realistic inflated balloon texture but I believe it was in 3DS Max using a 2 sided Vray material. It also seemed to have been created with nodes. Dunno if it’s possible to do it in Cinema NOT using Vray, but I thought I’d throw it out there. I may take a stab at it as well. Regardless, you guys rock. Thanks!

  • Your are amazing man! Nice fucking work

  • wow these will be awesome, i cant wait to get mine and try them all out

  • Hi,
    I wonder why there is no update pricing?


  • The first room is from “TheC4DVault ‘Introducing VRay’ by Stuart Lynch”, you can’t model your own? only using free models?
    p.s. in VRay by Stuart Lynch it looks much more better.

  • Hello Nick!
    I would love to see you make a tutorial about how to light up a room in cinema 4d with the new texture kit, I never get it how you should light a room scene in the way you do it. When i do it, it never give me this realistic feeling. Try to make a tut with the new texture pack about it if possible.
    Thanks and Have a nice day!

  • Chris, did you model the phone? Would like to see a modelling tutorial on that, has some pretty good challenges with beveled straight edges meeting curved surfaces. Cheers

    • I DID model the phone, but it took me forever to do and wouldn’t make for a very fun tutorial. Hours of pushing and pulling points and polygons. It’s nice to know I could model the phone, but I wouldn’t want to be modeling everyday!

  • Thanks guys!! You are the best. Can’t wait to use all these great materials. What a gift.

  • You guys are my heroes. Consistently amazing work

  • Hey Nick,

    The training video “Procedural Materials” says it’s a private video and can’t be viewed.

    Great job on the update!!!

  • Recently discovered Greyscalegorilla. Man! You guys are awesome! Proud owner of the lightkit and in a few minutes, owner of the texturekit as well. What a great resource. I’m in arch-visualization and would LOVE a tutorial on using the light-kit to light up a room.
    Can’t wait to use the textures!!!!

  • Really looking forward to use this on a couple projects I’m currently working on. Another 4 minutes til my download finishes. HURRY!!

    • I’ve been playing with the Texture Kit Pro for the last hour and a half or so since I downloaded it, and have come to the conclusion that this may be the best $69 I’ve ever spent on anything C4D related.

    What would you say about making tutorial on paper-low poly animations? They look soo cool, however I can’t find anywhere the right way to do it….

  • Hi Nick & Chris! Amazing texture Kit!
    I have a question I really need an answer to, Please answer! I will be really grateful & Happy!

    The Question is What exactly do you do Motion Graphics or Animation? I am going into University in a few months, I have a few days left to submit my application and I am not sure which to study, I am into Cinema 4D stuff & I follow most of your tutorials, been paid little for some of my work and one was in a Music Video on TV. What course do I need to do that will relate to the Cinema 4D stuff here on the GSG blog because I really want to learn more! But I am quite confused as to what category this type of “thing/work” is.

    A reply would be really help 🙂 & Your an amazing tutor in Cinema 4D, a true visionary!


  • I have learned a lot from this website. I have also heard Nick mention he is not a modeler. With that being said the appropriation of the Stuart Lynch VRAY scene is not respected in this case. Being that you can create basic scenes and models and you sell studio kits. I don’t think it would hurt to make a quick scene to promote and sell a product that you have created that is of your own creation. I feel like the kid in the classroom that highlights the one mistake the teacher makes, But it needs to be reiterated and stated.

    *still a fan Nick. keep up the great instruction and Awesome podcasts.

  • Are all future updates going to be free for current customers?

  • first off, great stuff!!
    but hey, havnt run through all the textures but found at least one missing in the metal folder and whats with the tiling issues on several of the materials?

    keep up the goos work

  • Gorilla, what we really need is more materials with the transparency (scratches for example). Things like dents, rust, energy glows, peeled off paint, weathered/stained walls, burns, dirt, moss – generally things that add WAY more detail to just a simple material.

    • We have a category called “Overlays” that are just that. I should have a full list of all the textures available to see very soon.

      • I dl’ed a model from turbosquid of some studio lights, and they included an overlay for fingerprints and smudges, and its genius. I’ve used it on so many metal/shiny objects and it really gives them an extra bit of realism.

        Production’s always trying to polish things up we’re trying to make everything dirty. So strange.

      • Powerful Greyscale Gorilla

  • I just bought the texture kit, and I must say that the first impressions are very disappointing. The non-procedural textures don’t tile. The lighting is uneven on them, and there has been no attempt at dressing the edges so they are seamless (just checking the ‘seamless’ option on the c4d texture tag is nowhere near good enough). And it’s not just one or two of the non-procedural textures that are like this. Every one I tried had the same problems.

    With all due respect, it takes more than pointing a camera at the carpet at your feet to get a good texture of that carpet. I had hoped this kit would be saving me some production time, but, with the exception of Chris’s procedural materials, it looks like it will cost me more time than it’s worth.

    • By the way, Chris, the procedurals are excellent.

    • Sorry to hear, Kevin. Have you tried the “Seamless” feature in the texture tag for the image based ones? Many of the crops and textures were made with that setting in mind.

      • Yes, I did, Nick, as I mentioned in my original message. Not useful. Most of the photography-based textures are unusable without a lot of work, as they don’t tile, and they are shot too close up for application to any non-trivial model. I simply have no use for a photo of a 1′ by 1′ section of granite countertop, say, or a similarly-sized tarp (or carpet, or ….). How many countertops are 1′ x 1′?

        With this economy, money is tight for a lot of people, and I don’t feel good about having spent $69 on this product.

        • Thanks for the feedback, Kevin. I have been creating many scenes with these textures and certainly, many textures won’t be able to tile over 10x or so. But most of them work well for the scale I needed them. There are also many different scales of many of the textures. Keep me updated with anything else you find.

  • Nick,

    I just bought the textures, and look forward to some great results.

    I’m a student at Ringling College of Art and Design, and a while back I sent you a note asking if you would be interested in coming to campus and speaking to our Motion Design students. You said it sounded interesting, and to contact you when school started. I mentioned that to my Motion Design department head, and he did a few back flips in excitement, so we would like to pursue the next step in getting you to Sarasota FL.

    As you may or may not know, we are a top college in the country for computer animation, game art, and traditional illustration. We are working to have our motion design department top rated as well, and our first 4-year class graduates this Spring.

    We had David Lewandowski visit us last semester, and he really had a great time. His presentation really rocked. Also a while back, we had Ryan Woodward here. Another great presentation by a great artist. He even conducted a class at the beach!

    Your interests and talent would be a perfect match for our C4D and AE studies, as well as an inspiration to us all. If you will let us know what time frame might work for you, and details supporting such a trip for you, we would like to get one step closer to seeing your smiling face here on campus. Think, winter in Florida!

    I look forward to hearing from you soon!


    Lon Lancaster

  • hello, purchased the texturekit, and, as others comments above, found that pretty much all the non-procedural textures wont tile properly (even with the “tile” function)… if i could post images here, you would have seen examples. pretty disappointing!!
    nick/chris, will this issue be fixed soon (now)? if not , sorry to say, i will demand a full refund.

    on the other hand, i want to give my appreciation to what u guys are doing for the community.

  • Got mine. Thanks for all your hard work Nick!

  • hey gorilla..

    can u upload new video sound effector 🙂

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