New Keyframe Look For R14: What Are Those New Triangle Icons?

November 21, 2012 - By 

In this quick video, I talk about what those new triangle keyframe things are in C4D R14.


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  • Thank’s for that quick info Nick!

  • Whats wrong with Hall and Oats?

  • Here is a great tutorial about exploring the new attribute manager:

    Thank you

  • Great work…much appreciated.

    Here is a humble request for a future tut:

    @ :25 begins flipping triangles. But, the tough part is getting the geometry to blend with two images in transition. Also gives the details on the unique movement of the triangles themselves which is helpful. At :28 it becomes another mesh of randomly selected geometry.

    I am a novice with R13 trying to get some more time with the software and I find your products very helpful (tex/ lighting kits). Thanks and keep up the good work.

    Gobble, gobble.

  • Where can i get that sexy dragon? 🙂

  • I just want to say to keep doing what you do. I admire that you take the effort to make even these small tips into a short clip, they really encourage me to keep watching them all.

  • LOLOLOL….@ “Now its Hall and Oats!” lol!!!!!

  • Would love to know how to use expresso when it comes to lighting. What do you do with the expresso? Enhance the lighting or try to make it look a certain way? I’d really like to learn how to because I want to move on from doing basic-moderate lighting

  • Awsome! thanks!!! very nice and usefull!!

  • I love C4d but I don’t have R14 yet
    link for c4d-14 please
    I can’t find it. ……….

  • What version of cinema you usually work on?
    I am having a tough time finding some tools.
    Can you please link up your layout.

  • Hi!

    So I’m animating the grow parameter in c4dtools gridmaker, which is one of these little xpresso keyframe buttons and my keyframes do not show up in the timeline. Is this a side effect of the nature of the xpresso keyframes? Have you ever run into this problem?

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