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New HDRI Tools From Greyscalegorilla

January 21, 2013 - By 

It’s a big day for HDRI, Image Based Lighting, and Cinema 4D. Greyscalegorilla just released an update and a brand new collection of HDRIs that allow you dozens of ways (over 140, actually) to light your animation or render in Cinema 4D. Great lighting can easily be overlooked in 3D, but I hope these tools make it easier for you to make great looking renders. I hope you have a few minutes to watch and read about what’s new and to see if it’s a good fit in your workflow.

HDRI Studio Pack Update

HDRI and Global Illumination have been a huge part of my lighting toolset over the last few years. If you have followed along with some of the latest tutorials, you may have seen my HDRI Rig being used all the time. It comes with the HDRI Studio pack and it’s been my number one lighting tool of choice lately. Well, I just updated the HDRI Rig in the latest HDRI Studio pack with some really cool new features that we have been wanting to add to make it even easier to make great renders.

Helpful new features like a preview mode, reflective floor and an instant fill slider allow you to tweak and adjust your lighting and background just right for that perfect render. You can see all these features in action in the demo video below. Of course, all of these things are included in the latest update to the HDRI Studio pack.

Please check out the demo below or visit this tools page to see if it’s right for you.

HDRI Studio Demo Video

New HDRI Collections: Pro Studios

I am also announcing a brand new HDRI Collection called “Pro Studios” that features over 70 MORE HDRIs that can be used with the HDRI Studio Pack mentioned above. Think of it as an add-on pack that gives you even more lighting options to choose from when lighting your scene.

These HDRs were captured and developed by real lighting artists that work professionally in 3D lighting and compositing. They have a TON of detail and work really well in creating different types of looks in your scene. I made a short video below that shows off some of these studios.

You must have HDRI Studio to use the new Collections. It’s $69 for the new Collection, and I have been using it in many of my recent renders that you have seen on the site. Visit the new page for more details.

HDRI Collections Demo Video

Get Them All With A New Bundle

Finally, the HDRI Bundle. You can get both the updated HDRI Studio Pack and the new HDRI Collections: Pro Studios for only $119. This is $20 less than the price will be tomorrow. Get both of our HDRI Tools for one price and get over 140 different custom lighting studios to add reflections and light to your scene. Visit the Bundle Page for more details.

Learn More About HDRI Studio Pack

Learn More About HDRI Collections: Pro Studios

Visit The Bundles Page

Thank You

Thanks for taking time to check out all these new tools. Image based lighting has become our number one way to light recently and I hope these new tools find their way into your creative toolset. Thanks again for checking this all out.

Note To Current Customers Of The HDRI Studio Pack

Current customers should have received an email with a free link to the latest update. Please contact Support if you haven’t received it yet. Don’t forget to include the email you used to purchase the HDRI Studio Pack.


2013 Reel By Steffen K

January 15, 2013 - By 

Simple. Beautiful.


Five Second Projects Winner for “Favorite Toys”

January 10, 2013 - By 

Congrats to Ridvan Maloku for winning the Five Second Project for December. A bit of 3D and a dash of 2D animation come together really well in this one. Be sure to check out all the excellent honorable mentions below, or watch all the entries at the Vimeo page. A new Five Second Project will be announced next week.

Honorable Mentions



January 2, 2013 - By 

Happy New Year! Now, I’m not big on huge, sweeping resolutions when January rolls around, but just maybe this is the year to try a daily project to get better bit by bit. Here are a few reasons why:

Removing Fear

Short projects remove the fear of posting your work for others to see. It can be hard to show your work to your peers, especially early on. But with a new project everyday, you have the freedom to post and move on. That giant six month project can be fun, but not when it comes to learning fast and trying out new techniques. Especially for a beginner, aim for small projects that give you the freedom to fail often and learn fast.


Daily projects get you accustomed to deadlines. Deadlines are what force you to finish work. They keep you on schedule and give you a hard deadline to deliver your work to the world. With a long project, work can flounder and it’s easy to wait until the last minute to make big decisions. Instead, make every day the last minute. It won’t always be a work of art (it can’t), but delivering small projects every day will build a HABIT of creativity. Deadlines are a part of every project that matters. Might as well get used to delivering work now.

Fast Feedback

Learn faster by asking for feedback often. Honest feedback from your peers can be hard to get. Most people want to be nice and tell you, “It’s good”. That is death for creative work. Make one thing every few months and it’s, “That’s nice” from everyone. Make one thing a day and suddenly people are more willing to give you their honest opinion, and that’s more helpful to you. How is that? Well, It’s much more useful to receive feedback on short projects because you can use the critique right away on the next piece. Also, it’s easier for your viewers to give you feedback because this isn’t your life’s work. You have more work coming tomorrow, and people giving feedback know they can be honest without killing your baby. “I don’t like the color choices,” or “The lighting is to dark,” is much easier to hear when you only spent a day on it, and when you have something to apply that knowledge to tomorrow. Side note: Don’t let your friends say only nice things about your work. A “nice” comment doesn’t help anybody. Cultivate or even demand constructive criticism, and don’t defend yourself when you get a rough critique. Say thanks, write it down, and get better next time.


Daily projects allow you to try something different every day. Building your taste and your style takes a lot of experimentation. With daily projects, you get to hone your style and interests bit by bit instead of burning out one technique on one huge project. This is HUGE early on or if you have a job that isn’t as creative as you would like. If you want to try a new piece of software or plugin, download the demo and make your daily project with it. Same goes for new techniques, and design ideas. Your interests don’t have to wait if you have a daily way to try them.

Better Work

You will end up with a TON of new work to choose from to show off in your portfolio. They won’t all be masterpieces, but you will be surprised on how much great work you will have 365 pieces later. The bonus? You will see your work getting better. This was HUGE for me. I posted a photo a day for over three years and became WAY better at photography than when I started. Daily practice is recommended with anything. Even if it’s a little bit. Work every day at what you want to get better, and you will see results.

Here are some other daily and weekly projects to check out to get some ideas.

It’s easy to get started. Make a tumblr blog or start a page on facebook. Then, post your work every day and ask for feedback. Don’t miss a day. Here are some good rules for a one-a-day photo project, but the ideas will work with any daily project. Post your page in the comments and ASK for feedback. Tutorials and learning is always a good idea, but only by making your own work (and your own mistakes) will you actually learn how you really work, and find your true style.