2013 Reel By Steffen K

January 15, 2013 - By 

Simple. Beautiful.

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  • great job so Professional ^^ keep going

  • Well, there goes my sleep for the next 12 months. Wonderful stuff.

  • The fact that simple stuff can look so beautiful with some texturing and lightning, is pretty amazing.

  • I love what he did with Gil Scot-Heron’s ‘Where Did The Night Go?’.


    Bought the album after seeing it about a a year ago.

    • Weiiiiird. All morning I have had Gil Scot-Heron’s “The Revolution Will Not be Televised” rattling around my head for no apparent reason.

  • That’s a seriously nice reel!

  • Outstanding work.
    Great reel!

  • Wow! very nice job! Im from Denmark, so it was fun to see the creator og the “commercial break graphic thing” for tv2 (danish channel) 🙂 Keep it up!

  • Clean and composed – delish eye candy. Nice to see Denmark represented here 🙂

  • Great design always stands out. Nice job

  • Guilherme Harrison January 15, 2013 at 6:04 pm

    So many great ideas there, so well executed… Admirable!

  • Simply beautiful!

  • Low poly mountains. Wow.!!

  • Feeee reel der Steffen. Du får en olfert næste gang jeg møder dig ? Ha det brunt og kig forbi snart 🙂

  • mind blowing..

  • This guy just gets better & better.
    Inspired !

  • Awesome Stuff!

  • Wow… more fantastic ideas in the last 30 seconds than I’ve seen all year – now that’s graphic design! Be proud Steffan!

  • Sick. That really is a great mix of graphic and motion. Superb tight!

  • Fair Play, That was really good…… where does everyone find this kind of music, they all work so well with Demo Reels!!

  • How did you do the line animation, the texts flashing and everything? would you please make a tutorial for that. Im studying motion graphics

  • one day … I can still be a professional level

  • Very nice! It’s great to see so many different explorations.

  • Bravo, inspiring reel. Thanks for posting.

  • damn…love the track…anyone got any idea who it is from? love that industrial electro sound 🙂

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