Five Second Projects Winner for “Favorite Toys”

January 10, 2013 - By 

Congrats to Ridvan Maloku for winning the Five Second Project for December. A bit of 3D and a dash of 2D animation come together really well in this one. Be sure to check out all the excellent honorable mentions below, or watch all the entries at the Vimeo page. A new Five Second Project will be announced next week.

Honorable Mentions

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  • Brilliant Animations!Especially that Optimus Prime one.

  • Sam gurl.

  • clay play was a funny stop motion

  • My fav was the simon one…..

  • Love the slinky one and the animation of lincoln logs

  • Really nice animation, hope next time ill have the luck and chance to make one too. Also i really enjoy Nicks blog, and may be 1 time a month in the near future, Nick has the time to make a little more complex tutorials like i don’t know but for example i never have the chance to learn more about CLOTH. I am learning all by myself, because no buddy of mine knows S**** about C4D. Cheers!!!

    • Forgot to mention but i like liquid animations a lot, but i know that RealFlow it is a must, and i really like this Adv. “”, and i think all the particles here are done in RealFlow , i will appreciate any other opinion.

  • Love this things! Great work!

  • Great job everyone! I’m really looking forward to the next 5-second project!

  • All the animations are awesome !!!

  • the lincoln logs one cracks me up!

  • Brilliant Animations!

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