Five Second Project Winners For “Made Of Paper”

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Congrats to Jonathan Van Roosbeke for winning the Five Second Project for January with his beautiful animation called “Paper Island”. He links to a ton of great animations that inspired the piece and even to a few tutorials over on his Vimeo page.

Congrats to everyone who submitted and to the honorable mentions below. Look for the next project soon.

Honorable Mentions

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  • wow . congrats.

  • Awesome! Congrats people and thanks for the HM 🙂

  • Guilherme Moreira Sousa February 1, 2013 at 6:31 pm

    Very muito good bom!

  • Awesome! Congratulations to all the winners! And also to everyone who put in lots of effort to get their entries ready to submit. I know how much work I put into mine! There is so much talent out there! Great job, everyone!

  • Amazing work.

    This was my first attempt at a 5SP and the entire process from theme-post to now has been a great ride. It really forced me to learn more about Soft Bodies, Vector Motion Blur and animating inside Textures. I’ve got the bug now. And yes, it gets you out of the day-to-day grind of your 9-to-5; to think creatively about something other than a clients requests.

    Congrats winners – very, very inspiring work!

    Thank you!

  • Nice work by so many here! There are plenty that deserved to be in the honorable mentions–too many to post, I’m sure. Thanks for having these friendly little contests, Mr. Campbell and co.

  • All projects made on C4D? Amazing!

  • The winner did a great job but still too close to that mostyle tutorial according to me… same colors, same technique and if you go through the tutorial you’ll find out the idea is not original either. Beside that (if it can be ignored), it’s really a great piece!
    As for the honorable mentions… would really love to hear the reasons for choosing those. Hate to sound so critical but I feel that some of the best were not selected and some that did not deserve it are there. No offense to the its creator but… Captain America??? C’mon!!

    • Well one man’s opinion is another mans reason to complain.. Thanks for the kind comment on my work 🙂

      • like you rightfully mentioned, it’s just my opinion and a negative comment is not necessarily disrespectful. It’s cool your piece is out there but I feel that in this case others deserved it more. That’s all.

        • Well that is why we are all in this line of work, to strive to become better at things. I love these little projects that can challenge you to do something different. Thankfully in the world or art there is always another day to try and put your best and hopefully better foot forward. Good luck to you in the future

          • Thank you kevin, luck is always welcome but it’s not something I can base the success of my work on. I sympathize with your words but do not see the connection between them and me being a bit “disappointed”. I completely feel the spirit of the 5 sec project and because my purpose is that of getting better and learning more, I’d like to know what Nick saw in your piece that I’m not seeing. Don’t take this personal, like I said, I just feel that there are quite a few projects that deserved being mentioned more than yours. At this point I’d like to know your opinion too. Do you honestly think your work is better than these ( just to mention a few)?

          • I have to agree with gingianni on that one.
            Some of the honorable mentions seemed like they have been picked out randomly without considering the thought put into the projects.
            And there are other pieces that definitely deserve more appreciation. I guess its a matter of taste.

          • It is just my opinion and my taste for sure.

            My hope is that the spirit of the 5SP is one of getting better, making cool stuff, and pushing each other.

            Besides, everyone who participated can look through ALL the entries, pick their own top 10, and make sure everyone gets the credit you think they deserve.

            I wish there was a perfectly “fair” system, but for now, I pick entries that catch my eye, make me laugh, or tell a good story.

          • Thanx for writing Nick. You made your point. BUT!! …there’s always a but… I think that the 5 sec project is very stimulating but the fun gets killed once the winner and H. Mentions get picked. I know you’re a busy man : ) but I feel that your selection needs an explanation. The “it’s a matter of taste” statement is ok but a bit obvious and superficial. Taste cannot be underestimated. It’s something one develops with time, belongs to your education and in most of cases (always I guess) has an explanation. And know you know this better than I do. This could be a good chance to say: “Ok no more reel critiques which were a bit too demanding, long, etc… but hey! we got the 5 sec project winner + H.M. critique!!” I’m pretty sure that all the people who submit (and all the others too) would enjoy it and learn a lot from it. As for the picking criteria you mentioned…ok, cool. But still…, prizing pieces with lack of story telling, bad editing, and closure absence is a bit disorienting. I Know you do a lot for the Motion G community and I’m really grateful for your precious help, but I think it would really take little to turn the 5 sec project from “good practice” into “something really constructive!!” but that needs your critique since you are the one who chooses them. Since GSG has become such an important reference point for newbies and pros alike, I think you cannot draw back on this one!!
            Otherwise perhaps the submitters should choose the winner ; )
            Besides all that…great job Nick.

  • What incredible work by all. Just awesome to see the talent around here. Can look at these animations all day!

  • Very impressive. These are the works of talented people. Congrats to the winners.

  • awesome work! i never finished mine 🙁 was working on building and destroying a card house/building

  • Also, I’m i’m really curious about how the New York Times one was created. It looks amazing!

  • Hi Nick,
    Was wondering if something as detailed as this can be made in c4d or not, have never tried it out, but would appreciate if you could help us out with a tutorial for something like it, specially texturing. Useful when somebody simply can’t get the right photograph for that.

    Love your work, thanks cheers

    – Sagar

  • Again, I am always so impressed with everyone’s creativity!! Great job to all of you!! It makes me realize I have a lot of work to do to stay in the industry.

  • samurai video is the best by far

  • Great work ! wow.. so much talents !!
    I’v done something interesting i think about the subject “Made Of Paper”:

  • Loving the amount of stop motion in the HM’s. the winner is astoundingly beautiful.

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