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I LOVE the colors, music and theme of these spots for Sparkle. The always great Sebas&Clim say on their site about these spots, “The brief was to make 4 short animations to comunicate 4 different strong points of Sparkle, a telecom italia devision, in a really emotional way without beeing tough and dull.”

I think they nailed it. Definitely not the typical telecom spot. Bravo.

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  • They always have great animations, but that sounded too much like a Nick Jr. TV show.

  • Am I the only one who is sincerely sick of this style of music in every cutesy hipster commercial ever?

  • Gorgeous! Color, composition and sound … Impeccable.

  • Nice animations and color but I think some wordage would help, otherwise it doesn’t really tell me anything about Sparkle. I’ll remember a hip lil ball rolling about, not Sparkle.

  • Amazing keyframing. So smooth man. I can learn a lot from this, definitely going to try and recreate some of those moves in After Effects.

  • How is it inspiring if we have seen the same style execution time and time again. Buttery smooth key-framing with uninspired music and patterned geometry in pastel tones. Done to death in my opinion.

  • In my opinion these are clever, simple & elegant. Maybe not considered inspiration to all viewers but still great work non the less. This style is whats trending at the moment. If I think of skateboarding, it went from very technical tricks back to basic tricks but done faster, higher, smoother. That transitioned into bigger and more technical tricks again but maintaining fluidity speed and style. The next trend in design & mograph will most likely do the same. Who knows. It is nice to see basic animation principals being considered in mograph though. It adds structure to what might just be flashy complicated animations. These all do tell a story which reflects the business’s values in a unique way and that is still rare to see in most advertisements.

  • Love all of them! I wish the “five second projects” were longer than 5 seconds:>}
    nice job!

  • lovely!
    These animations are created in Cinema 4d?
    you know of any tutorials moving to create such animation?
    I greet

    (Please forgive me for my english) >:D

  • when they speak, it sounds almost like “les shadoks” speaking (an old french animation show) 🙂

  • I really like the spots. The have a certain elegance. You follow the story as it plays out, and the last statement sums it up in a way that makes the story you just watched make even more sense. Clever.

  • Well I love ’em. Sure, I’ve seen this kind of thing before but there’s no denying the razor sharp execution. Exquisite design too. What amazes me most is how they sold these in to the client!

  • Fantastic ! Here in Italy we have Telecom Italia. Their spot are terrible also on website. This is very cool! Bravo 🙂

  • Sebastian is the main animator and Clim is more focused on design. It’s all after effects and they use masks, shapes, expressions and the puppet tool a lot. There were AE project files on their website that shows some of the behind the scenes expressions at work (Retrocycling robot). Though I can’t seem to find it them now. Love their work!!

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