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Designer, main title director, and Cinema 4D artist, Aaron Becker presented at the latest Chicago C4D Meetup. We recorded his presentation and it’s now up for viewing. In the presentation, he talks about concept development and creative process for feature film title design and shows some of his recent work for TV and film.

I worked with Aaron at Digital Kitchen back in 2008-2009. He was a great guy to work with; always ready with an honest critique and an incredible sense of design and purpose. Now I’m lucky enough to still work near him at Bomkamp where the GSG offices are located. What a guy. Hope you love the talk.

  • Thanks for sharing. Good to see this kind of stuff. Thank you Aaron.

  • it’s really nice to hear him go through the whole process… i hope all other /future presentations are recorded ! thank you !

  • Thank you for sharing this recording. 🙂

  • LOVE this. Please do more. Where can i find more stuff like this?

  • That track on his demo real was sick!

  • Muchas Gracias!! Por este contenido

  • Bangin’!

  • Great Presentation Aaron! I’m trying to get my foot in the Motion Design/Pitching industry door and this was extremely helpful.
    A million thanks for doing this.

    – Tony

  • can anyone mention a wordpress theme similar to greyscalegorilla..please !!

  • I loved this and hope there is more of this in the future.

  • I love stuff like this. Attended a small meet up demonstration on ‘Smoke’ now that it’s available for Mac, at Autodesk in MI. It had the same type of meet up vibe. Love seeing the processes of how people work and accomplish their finish projects.

  • Loved that he used Francis and the Lights Band for his reel. That’s one of the greatests musicians of our time

  • Great stuff.
    You can’t not learn something from this …

  • Awesome….

    If I drink PBR will I too become a creative genius?

  • Awesome stuff.
    I’ll be coming to this site a lot more if you have content like this.

  • Crazy presentation. The whole process was great. Nice work guys. Really good. I’m sharing because it’s well worth it.

  • Thanks for sharing! this stuff is priceless.
    Look forward to seeing more design process videos

  • Thanks to Aaron Becker and you guys for this presentation. Hope you will continue doing job like this. Im very exiting. Unfortunaly I’m not from Chicago, and from outside the U.S. So this stuff make’s me realy happy )

  • Great video! Thanks for uploading it for all to see. Aaron, your work is top notch.

  • amazing !! i like this presentation much..i hope more presentation like this ^_^

  • How does he manage camera movement like that?

    • Cameron,

      I used cs tools for C4D to make the camera wobble. It’s freeware that enables you to manipulate a null’s movement, orientation, etc. If you make your camera a child of the null, you can do a lot of fun things with somewhat natural movements.



  • Rob in Boston UK April 1, 2013 at 2:22 pm

    Thanks for a valuable insight into your work process. It was a great presentation and very interesting.

    A Gorilla tutorial on horror camera movements and lighting would be pretty cool and greatly appreciated…. just an idea…

    Thanks again.. and keep up this great site…

  • i loved watching this… i usually hate watching artists talk about their own work, rather than their inspiration but this was REALLY collective and inspiring.

    great work, GSG!

  • Very cool presentation

  • Damn that was cool! Thanx for sharing guys, Insidious is an awesome movie! If i wasnt so far away (South Africa) i would be there like a bear.

  • i loved this! right up until he said insidious is a classic… hahahahah, check out the comments on RT and many other respectable review sites… its a terrible movie!

  • What was the name of the company he mentioned? Scioff? They did a single, large storyboard frame.

    • Hey gl,

      The company I mentioned is Psyop. They don’t always do single frame storyboards, but it is something that they employ to help sell a single concept on occasion.



  • Loved this video. Great to hear how others work out solutions and give insite to their work flow.

  • Great stuff, thanks for sharing! I’d love to see more.

  • Please spell the name of the shatter plugin . . . can’t figure out what to search on.
    Really enjoyed seeing the whole process. Not much into horror . . but maybe sometime on Netflix . . 😉

  • Fantastic and inspiring presentation. Loved seeing the creative process behind a piece like this. Thanks to everyone involved getting it up on this site.

  • Great talk! And great movie too (insidious). I think people can get more out of this sort of thing, as it doesn’t just show you how to make an effect – which is the easyish learning the software sort of thing. But the more indepth, concept design stage, the ideas and the story behind the idea – thats where the real talent lies.

    Great stuff guys, hope you show more soon

  • It’s nice to see how human the process is.. Nice to break it down for us!

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