Cinema 4D Mograph Breakdowns From Guillaume Combeaud

March 19, 2013 - By 

Québec artist Guillaume Combeaud has recently shared some excellent video breakdowns of two commercials he has worked on. Great use of Mograph and and fantastic animation timing.

V Mobile

V Mobile Breakdown

Vidéotron – Club à Volonté

Vidéotron Breakdown

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  • wow! These are great!! I really need to figure out how to do things like this in Mograph. They look like fun! Not just for me to make, but to watch as well!

  • Excellent work, love the timing ….just wish I could achieve the same quality – will do one day!

  • Awesome! Really inspiring!!

  • Can you make a tutorial about the effector in the second commercial (how to place and set them into the scene). And if you allow you can share with us your project files to investigate them by ourselfs. Otherwise, GREAT JOB as always! 😛

  • Great, luv this kind of stuff that was with Mobile (: Have also seen his showreel 2011 it is great :):

  • He’s talented. Love this! Thanks for sharing Nick!

  • Richie Williamson March 19, 2013 at 4:01 pm

    Just clean and brilliant. I would love a Gorilla breakdown to clarify some of these techniques. it looks so simple and we know what an incredible amount of experience goes into something so realized.

  • It’s look simple to do and amazing as a final footage. Really good job 🙂

  • This is awesome and I am itching to get home from work so I can use some of the inspiration here to learn more. Thanks for sharing!

  • Jeremy Solterbeck March 19, 2013 at 5:28 pm

    Thanks so much for posting, really helpful to see how others set things up. Surprisingly simple for what’s going on. Thank you!

  • Thank you so much for showing us new and different things, please keep informing/ showing new things.

  • As a Quebecor my self really cool to see some Quebec Artist to be known!

  • Been seeing a lot of this technique using C4D to create the basic animation, then those animated shapes are taken into After Effects and “flattened” into a more 2d graphic look.
    Anyone have any insight into this process? I’m guessing frontal camera, external composting tags that are then parented to vector artwork in AE , “color fill” effect on shapes?
    Anyone? Nick?

    • Thanks James – was wondering the exact same thing. Would love to know to to achieve a vector-like render!

      • I don’t have a lot of time for experimentation these days but I’m guessing you could take your object buffer render from C4D and fill it in AE? Or alpha/luma matte that same object buffer on a colored solid.

  • As a supporting Quebecor it’s nice that a fellow one is on the spotlight. I really dig the spline dynamics portion but I can’t figure it out. Does anyone know how he did it ?

    • It’s nice to see fellow Quebecers featured.

      My guess is that he used both the Constraint and Spline Dynamics tags (both found in the Hair Tags submenu).

      Looks like he has a Central Anchor Point to which the end-vertice of splines are connected to using the Constraint. The other vertice is then connected to the shapes using a second Constraint Tag.

      The rest of the animation is pretty much the settings of elasticity/stiffness on the Spline Dynamics tag.

      Anyway, that’s what I think he did.

  • It looks incredible.

  • Please Nick, make a tutorial, this animation is great!!

  • Yes, someone please de-mystify this technique!

  • I’m doing something similar to the icons spreading out attached with spline dynamics. But when I put the object in a cloner and animate with effectors the splines loose connection with the object in which they are attached? Not sure why?

    • After seeing the video I quickly tried to replicate the same segment and kinda had it working. I pre-animated a cube moving outward with attached spline dynamics, put all the elements in a null and then put the null in a radial cloner with some random effector. Looks great except the splines don’t look like they originate from a central point with the random effector applied.

  • That’s Excellent work! Reminds me of the 7up tutorial. You should make a tutorial one this concept one day Nick…

  • anyone know the song at the start?

  • Bravo…thanks!!!

  • Would love to see a tutorial on the icons attached to the splines… incrdeible!

  • Wow fantastic work Guillaume! Nicely animated and a great breakdown!

    I wish this breakdown was available when I created a similar style animation of the objects cloned to a wheel spline.

    Here is my attempt in a project I worked on last year,

  • Awesome work!!! Thanks for this Nick. Digital Tutors recently post new tutorials that cover all the mograph effectors. You should check it out, its really comprehensive.

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